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  1. Other alts I like are some of the ones TT just shilled. They're doing well against BTC right now. SNT, SOLVE, ZRX. Also like DGB which seems to want to keep heading north. I actually recently sold 40% of my XRP to put it into some alts that actually move. First time I've ever sold any XRP since I got into crypto almost 4 years ago and have watched many other opportunities pass waiting for XRP utility to move the price. As of now I plan to keep the rest of my stash but it gets harder and harder to justify it. Only thing that keeps me from selling it all is this is exactly how I felt before 2017 giant pump.
  2. IMO the time to do that was March 13 when it crashed nearly 50% during peak corona paranoia. It really has pumped from there, now up around 140%. That's why I lean to this just being one of those flash stop hunting drops that happen on the way up. If the whales are smart they'll keep pumping to get media coverage and bring new money in.
  3. I agree. If BTC whales were smart they'd pump the s out of BTC so that it would hold the spotlight in this time of turmoil and the store of value narrative would attract a lot of new capital. Coordinated dumps damage that narrative. I'm considering this a flash sale and buying here. Long term, I think BTC continues to move up.
  4. Right on, man. I'm scooping up more too. Ready to be done lawyering.
  5. Decision time would be right near the halving
  6. I'm too nervous to follow your lead but I think it'll pay off for you. Hard to see us moving anywhere but down with the chaos going on right now. I also don't want to restart my long term capital gains clock. Will definitely try to double my position at $0.10 though!
  7. I think the global reaction to Wuhan Virus doesn't invalidate anything. Time will tell but this was not an anticipated event or a structural issue. Who knows. I'm just a lawyer and not as smart or handsome as I look. EDIT: Buy these low prices.
  8. @automatic solid posting. Good to see posters like you are still around and sharing good info.
  9. If was a whale that controlled BTC, I would have called my other whale bros and pumped BTC hard starting on Monday 2/24/2020 to make it look like big money was moving out of equities and into crypto as a safe haven due to the Coronavirus. The idiots in the mainstream media would have lapped it up and reported on it nonstop because they are idiots and retail investors would followed suit moving money into BTC. Could have started the next mega bull run and get super mega rich. I wonder why BTC market manipulating whales chose instead to drop the price and damage the perceived notion that BTC is a safe-haven and store of value.
  10. @Eric123, what do you think about Bob Loukas and his 4 Year BTC Cycle analysis? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivWdOztDkv4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZvOhJYW_Hw
  11. I thought these videos were interesting regarding BTC market cycle. He was spot on at the time he made the video and we are still on pace. This is for Bitcoin but everything else will follow it. We won't see gains like we did in late 2017 until there is mania in the market again and everyone and their mother is trying to buy crypto. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivWdOztDkv4 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZvOhJYW_Hw
  12. I meant with zero utility and based solely on speculation. Now there's almost no price action even though XRP and Ripple are fundamentally stronger than ever before. I agree with you that it seems the only way we'll ever see ATH+ is if Bitcoin generates news and people come back into the space.
  13. This is something I've long wondered about. What allowed XRP to soar to ATH back in 2017. I wish I would have sold and paid off my house. Alas, here we are, waiting.
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