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  1. I don't like the message this sends. I think/ thought that ripple is a good product that sells itself, obviously not. still believe and holding though ?
  2. I am also supprised there has not been a bigger move, what does make me happy is that there is no hype on price so any news should be deemed positive in stead of going to 70 cents before and falling because expection ls were not as expected
  3. Plus it's physically impossible to fold a piece of paper (of any size) more than 8 times ?
  4. I don't want to sound too inthisatic bit all have to run pilots before going live an any system how ever big or small. I agree it's a stop in the right direction, let's just hope it's a success ?
  5. Good point. To let you know, I am not suggesting this would happen just adding a topic to discuss. On a side note, I believe that PayPal now own swift and their market cap is neck and neck with bitcoin, just saying not suggesting anything ?
  6. So ripple have billions in a war chest!! Could they not just buy the completion ( SWIFT)? just putting it out for conversation ?
  7. Cuallix is the first institution worldwide to pilot XRP as a liquidity tool to lower the costs of payments from the U.S. to Mexico. As Cuallix advances from its XRP pilot to commercial deployment, it’ll make history as the first financial institution to unlock the full value of blockchain and digital assets, solving the inefficiencies of both processing and liquidity in global payments
  8. All I meant by my comment was that it's not always about the product. It who's behind it. MP3 players were out for years yet apple is the defacto standard.
  9. Didn't bill gates do the same to ibm for DOS?
  10. Now that Korea are planning to ban ico ( internally or externally not confirmed yet) how would that affect the price xrp, I see over 60% of the trading volume is Korean (happy to be told I am working in this) so wonder what would be impacted ? What's you thoughtS? coindesk.com/south-korean-regulator-issues-ico-ban
  11. No just a random year date for my account, I am not very inventive when it comes to user names ?
  12. I wouldn't be buying more if went over $1. i am a small holder so would need over $10 to make any financial change...
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