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  1. Yeah I guess we will have to tax the profit no matter what :/ https://www.mesec.cz/clanky/jak-se-dani-virtualni-meny-cast-zisku-odvedete-vzdy-bitcoin-je-pro-bernak-vec/
  2. Yeah, I've noticed a few moments ago. Maintenance or overloaded by the increased interest.
  3. refreshing like crazy https://giphy.com/gifs/eYilisUwipOEM/html5
  4. The English version of the last SBI presentation. https://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/investors/disclosure/presentation/pdf/171130presentations.pdf
  5. You are right! I did not choose the right words but was thinking exactly this. English is not my first language. That is why I poorly expressed my thoughts.
  6. We all have seen the interview. I think what the OP is trying to say is that it will not be a 3 to 5 years WAIT, which for me means the price will stay $0,20ish for 3-5 years. He is trying to say it is going to appreciate as opposed to Brad saying he does not care about the price swings now but focuses on imo a big gain in xrp price over the 3 to 5 years. Just my opinion.
  7. SCT Inst is coming and we are wondering whether it is a Ripple solution? I think that we will not find out until European Payments Council, EBA Clearing or Ripple announce it. However, there is a small connection to be found. Through CGI banks will be at least Ripple enabled. 14 October 2015: Ripple and CGI team up https://ripple.com/insights/ripple-and-cgi-team-up/ 19 April 2016: CGI today announced the company has successfully integrated Rippleā€™s distributed financial technology into the CGI portfolio of payments solutions to assist in the digital transformation of
  8. European payment council mentioning Ripple in 2015 https://www.europeanpaymentscouncil.eu/news-insights/insight/ripple-internet-protocol-inter-bank-payments Ripple mentioning SEPA in 2016 https://ripple.com/insights/sepa-age-real-time-payments/ November 20th 2017 SEPA will be using RT1 pan-European instant payment solution, which btw UniCredit is testing. https://www.ebaclearing.eu/news-and-events/media/press-releases/25-july-2017-unicredit-prepares-for-multinational-roll-out-of-instant-payments/ Unicredit is a partner of Ripple too. Soooo..... is RT1 based o
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