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  1. I'm still here since 6/24/2018 i sold and gonna rebuy
  2. this is kind of bad i hope something good happens so i can buy again
  3. i did and i will not buy untill august or end of july because i think thats when we might see a bounce during july we will see correction there are some stuff that made me do this sell 1st im still winning if i sell i bought like .17 2nd i think its the end of bitcoin so many mistakes made doing forks 3rd hacking news in southkorea 4th regulations and ethereum sec 5th in the previous years july was a bear correction month and august the bull month 6th august is the month of good events like swell but if i was losing a lot of money i probably would just
  4. lol now lets go back to august 2017 abd october 2017 yes? when xrp was the only one going red it was not a problem why? because if xrp is the only one getting red thats gold to xrp case cuz that means it will go up in a massive way and it did but when everything goes red thats bad cuz that means the crypto market is going down as a whole meaning
  5. actually isnt everything down a great problem than only xrp going down?
  6. thats too easy to respond because xrp number of coin is way superior even with the escrow now if u understand why diamond and gold are more valuable than silver u will get this
  7. probably its something like that thats why im buying all that i can now also the future xrp could be worth 100 usd by the end of 2018 so yeah im hodling and buying i dont plan to sell when its low i plan to buy
  8. tuesday and also after 10 we will have ppl speculating for swell and as u all know 2 or 3 days before swell price gets crazy almost 100% green we prob see a crazy pump and depending of what they say the pump will continue or go back to the levels it was before
  9. @WallStreetWolf ur nickname is wallstreet watch the movie again and go to the part where the guy gives leo advice thats my advice to u. no one can predict the future. but let me tell u something u can make less mistakes have a strategy u gonna hodl? or day trade? if u are trying to learn indicators to day trade. before u day trade do ur homework and know all about that coin. everything!! day of birth, who made it, how much they premined, market cap, exchanges trading, actual price, hardcap, algorithm, their competence, important dates of the coin ex. swell in the case of xrp, h
  10. soon the 4usd+ tuesday why? because all the bad stuff has ended this month its time for only good news here we go boys!!!!!
  11. Because its crypto market Its a temporary dip prob its going down to around 2.3 usd reasons: the release of the 1st escrow 7th january the coinbase not adding news the ppl spreading fud because they have bitcoin and new ppl panic selling with all the reason mentioned above but after what happens on 7 or 8th about the escrow release it will go up again with a huge rally to 3. something or stable 2.something and then around the q4 swell it will pump again to 4usd + and then after swell depending what they anounce pump news after swell are som
  12. lol i love this guy rofl hes always wrong and im 8 out of 10 right if i was betting with him about xrp price he would be my slave lol
  13. welp we will see guys we will see @RegalChicken @retryW but i have done pretty good predictions like 8 out of 10 but u guys might be right ppl will have the swell q4 inmind and as every swell there will be a pump and depending on the swell news there will be a dump
  14. to 1000 dollars u need alot of market cap or ripple destroying the xrp they got that would make hugeeee hype in price
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