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  1. Chicken or the Egg

  2. Chicken or the Egg

    If the queen had balls. . .
  3. National Cryptocurrencies

    The US already created their own. It's called bitcoin. 😀
  4. Chicken or the Egg

    Currently when a bank uses Ripple software they don't need to own any XRP. So where do you get the idea there isn't enough?
  5. Chicken or the Egg

    I said I wasn't going to argue or explain the Ripple network. His logic is not logic. His statements clearly explain he doesn't understand how the transfer of funds operate via the Ripple network. Didn't realize it was the point of this website to educate people on XRP/Ripple. All the education anyone needs is on their website. FYI: there is currently enough Ripple to facilitate all payments transacted on the entire swift network. Price is not relevant to facilitating cross border payments.
  6. Chicken or the Egg

    Please read up on the Ripple network. You don't understand the process of global payments based upon your comments. Happy you're doing well with your investment.
  7. Chicken or the Egg

    Didn't realize it was the job of the community to explain how the network works to people who don't do their own research first on the topic they are talking about. Pretty sure they teach people in higher learning to be prepared before they start talking.
  8. Chicken or the Egg

    Do you agree with his comments? If not, you are welcome to explain why his comments are incorrect.
  9. Chicken or the Egg

    Have you read his comments? I'm not going to explain the Ripple network to someone who comes to the chat room and makes comments before reading the rules. Isn't there info that explains how the network works.
  10. Chicken or the Egg

    You really don't understand how Ripple network works.
  11. Chicken or the Egg

    Not sure if you understand the Ripple network if you are talking about running out of Ripple to facilitate payments, but I don't want to explain/argue about it. There is all the info on their site.
  12. Chicken or the Egg

    I'm confused as to why you believe FI's need to hold that much XRP to facilitate payments?
  13. Chicken or the Egg

    This was a good conversation and thanks for sharing the video. 👍
  14. Chicken or the Egg

    Also, we need to remember that this is a totally new asset class for CBOE/CME which may entail a whole set of new regulatory guidelines for capital requirements and ability to deliver the underlying asset(XRP, BTC, etc). There may be a whole new set of rules specific to crypto. . . Unchartered territory. We will have to wait and see. . .
  15. Chicken or the Egg

    When financial institutions/market makers are trading regulated derivatives they will have USD on deposit in their accounts to speculate/make a market/trade. In the event they were to not close a position, made an error, etc,they would be obligated to purchase or deliver the actual XRP. To do so they would need a way to accomplish that as they are not necessarily holding crypto on their books in a wallet. These institutions are not usually dealing in small amounts and would need somewhere to fulfill their contract obligation such as a gateway setup to Ripple. Probably why he used the phrase lender of last resort, but I'm not gonna speak for him. Liquidity is not always the way that most retail investors think of it. If a financial institution has to buy $25,000,000 worth of XRP they are gonna have a tough time getting that done on a crypto exchange without running up the price versus going direct to XRP who will give them one price. When these contracts are listed on a regulated US derivative exchange you are trading the derivative, not the actual XRP, however if you get stuck on a position for whatever reason you are gonna have to come up with the actual XRP. That's where Ripple may come in to play.