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  1. I think the correct is: "Invest in FIAT only what you can afford to lose" ?
  2. My favorite parabolic chart. A Great 3th wave going to the top of this beautiful Channel. First 2.xx correction and then Moon
  3. Hello guys! I would like to hear your thoughts on this article in which the IMF warns of a possible systemic risk in the Japanese banking system, including the Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group which I believe is a Ripple partner. Is it the IMF plowing the ground to bring the solution when things turn dark? https://jen.jiji.com/jc/eng?g=eco&k=2017101100951
  4. On youtube one can see the crazy videos on the ACC Chanel, the token for asset digitalization. I think that the discussion about the SDR token started after the Lynette`s Zang videos on youtube that claims basically that it will be the way the Global Elite will control every asset on the planet through the digitalization of things (conspiracy theory - who knows???)
  5. It does not matter the price I bought XRP. The logic is that the people who have bought at .006 (and there are many of then around you) think it is a good moment (60x increase) to take some profits and take a breath, new people comes in and the old people buy again and prices would goes up again. It is how market works and I suggest you to take a look at Elliott Waves Theory just to understand that markets moves in waves (you dont need to believe in the theory). And if you have an example of a market that goes up without retractions let me know! (it is crazy to search for reasons why prices are going down - in that specific situation - or think it is undervalued after a 60x increase, and ETH is a good example for what Im talking about). If you bought ETH at about $1 (jan. 2016) may you have noticed that the price goes up to $21 and then crashes to $6 (up 20x and crashes 65%) in the first wave up. Then it goes from $6 to $200 (50x) and retracted to $100 (50% down). And the last wave goes from $100 to the actual price $340 (3,5X) and not crashed yet. (waves up and down, tops and bottoms). I think the difference between XRP and ETH relative to price increase is about TIME. Speculating about why prices is going down or better said, retracting, after a huge increase like that is just a waste of time. Just take a look at the first ETH wave, because it is how markets works - tops and bottoms. Ripple makes the first important wave up and now is retracting to take a breath (60x increase and retraces 65%, just like ETH did!). ETH chart: https://www.tradingview.com/x/y2uGfPyE/ I quote Joe Ross: "Markets consist of a series of hysterical bursts, with pauses for recovery in between. The hysterical bursts are real, caused by rumors and news, or false, caused by intentional manipulation by those traders able to move the market."
  6. Maybe it is because Ripple peak is something about 60× or 6000% since march!!! If one seeks to undervaluation is just because the eys are focused at tops. Sicerily I ve never see a 6000% increase in just 3 months except the cripto market. A natural correction in prices is what one should expect after the huge wave up. Now we are about 45× the prices from march and it is just astonish. If prices were just around 10 cents it would be very impressive anyway!
  7. @teeisme99 buy what you can for now and forget about short price fluctuation. And if you could save some money to buy if it goes down is good too. Sure, if you think, like most of us in the Forum, that XRPs will hit prices much higher than we are now. Good luck, tell us when you join our team!
  8. It is weird how I fell much more comfortable in this last pump than the last pump crazy sunday. Just let the profits run an forget about! Particularly, I have a rule that I can trade only with 2 - 3% of my zerps (but most frequently 1%). And how we have new members and I always read that they sell cheap and lost the train, I would recommend the Mister Turkey`s story. (A post that I`ve made some days before our zerps start his Moon Voyager lol): Good days ahead!!!
  9. Somehow I agree with you but on other hand the fact that people doesn't have certainty if XRPs will be used make then affraid to buy even when great news like today (eZforex partnership with Ripple) are released. People dont buy if they think XRP will not be used and prices stay the same level even with great news.
  10. I found that article explaining what is same day ACH: https://www.dwolla.com/updates/what-is-same-day-ach/ "Same Day ACH is a new rule adopted by NACHA, the “managers” of the ACH network, allowing for payments to be processed within 1 business day (rather than the next day or day after). Doing this, moves money in this ACH network in the same way, only faster. Rule change does 4 big things: It creates a new ACH entry type for banks and providers to distinguish Same Day payments in a batch file. It will eventually open two additional “windows” for a provider or financial institutions to send an ACH file. Currently, the file is processed once in the afternoon each business day. Now, that frequency will double this year (see times chart below) and triple in 2018 when another window opens. It requires all financial institutions to receive Same Day credits (2016), and eventually Same Day Debits (2017) It requires all financial institutions to make eligible Same Day funds (i.e. sent before the cut-off window) available to the payee by end of business on the same day."
  11. JPMorgan calls it too: Same Day ACH https://www.jpmorgan.com/global/cib/treasury-services/faster-ach-payments "The payments industry is changing rapidly in response to client needs and the speed the market demands. Nowhere is that more evident than with the launch of Same Day ACH on September 23. This new ACH payment option gives all ACH clients the option to initiate and settle payments on the same day within the US. The result: Your payments and collections occur faster than ever."
  12. Indian Retail Giant Future Group to Support Blockchain Startups http://www.newsbtc.com/2017/04/16/indian-retail-giant-future-group-support-blockchain-startups/ Is it linked with Ripple?
  13. But Fatcat the fact is that for the market does not matter if people get tired, waiting 3 or 4 years in sideways, and if they read every daily XRP news or they know the code behind the technology. The market is so cold about our knowledge, feelings and beliefs. A guy who doesn`t know nothing and bought 1 day before the great pump makes more money than those who lost their faith and get tired - and I am not recommending one to know nothing about his investments. So, its comprehensive that you are questioning yourself what is wrong with people who hold XRPs ("speculators", "whishful thinking") while you, that held tons of coins and believed since the beginning, you that knows how the things are and knows that XRPs has no utility because banks are not using it (or at least no one can prove to you), its comprehensible that you think that is important that someone must prove to you that XRPs has value because banks are already using it. And if banks will touch XRPs in the near future and the prices spikes just because the market knows that it is going to happen soon? Maybe, the thing is that you are looking for the wrong side of the story. That you simply aren`t understanding what is going on in the market. Maybe your story will be among the saddest, the people who lost their faith, and lost the profits because the wrong way of think about the market. Maybe people who are looking for a proof of banks using XRPs will realize that when you get what you want (Banks using XRPs) prices have already skyrocketed. Its i the way markets work (with expectations and anticipation). In the beginning all the great business, leaders in his markets, is just small and difficult to see all the results that one are expecting to see. Those who wait to see the "big things" before the right time, those who do not have the necessary patience just stay behind the big profits. I sincerely wish that you find what you are looking for and make huge profits on the market! But maybe what you are looking for is not the right thing to explain XRP utility and value. Maybe it is just your mind that needs a reason to justify to yourself that you are right in your decision to leave XRP market.
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