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  1. That was Kitao, not Garlinghouse, and he said it in the context of launching SBI VC. Nowhere did he say XRP would he number one.
  2. He confirms in the comments that Jan19 (January 2019) is the month the video was made.
  3. I may have used the terms wrong, I was talking about max supply. If all validators agreed, the XRP supply could be increased constantly. (Currently, the code doesn't allow for that but with the consent of all validators you could implement any code change. We could even erase all the code and replace it with Candy Crush if we really wanted ). Wouldn't a flexible supply of XRP solve your problem? Maybe Ripple or the IMF could step in as a lender of last resort?
  4. I'm sure validators would agree to add an inflation rate if it ever became apparent that the deflationary aspect of XRP would be a danger to the world economy. With the current adoption of XRP it makes no sense to propose such a change but in the future it may become necessary.
  5. Not for me, I can't see it . I guess @Fleshmeister was right, he disables all negative comments.. Let's hope this video and channel get removed soon.
  6. No, there's only one transaction (deposit of the 20XRP). Which is funny because the address is supposed to dash out thousands and thousands of XRP every second
  7. LOL check the address on the account explorer! It has a balance of 20XRP
  8. I think the point is to move away from X (no country) RP (Ripple or Ripple Protocol) towards something that belongs to the community. Also a name for the coin would be nice I think.
  9. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Veni,_vidi,_vici
  10. u/kenta-_- has started an effort on Reddit to give the abbreviation "XRP" a latin name. His suggestion is Xenium Rapidae Permutationis (The gift of rapid exchange). In short, XRP could be called Xenium (The gift), like Ethereum for ETH and Bitcoin for BTC. What do you think?
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