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  1. My name is Bruce I live in the mountains of the greater Salt Lake City, UT USA area ... MST timezone I'm a Software Engineer and XRP enthusiast. My background is about 15 years of J2EE and Relational DB's plus the last 4 years devoted to Javascript/React/Redux. I worked for years as a full stack dev and since most back-end guys didn't want to deal with the front end or "the client," I always ended up doing a lot of front end work. About 4 years ago, with the emergence of SPA's, I decided to become a full time Front End Engineer. I am focused on the best UX possible for the user. I write software and lead a team at a non-profit FinTech dedicated to helping people save money for university via 529 Plan Management (US IRS Tax benefit). I worked on Western Union's first web based payment system over 15 years ago for the EMEA. So, Ripple and XRP caught my attention right away. I fluently speak English and Portuguese (Brazilian). I can be reached at @szv6y0 on Twitter. I am interested in learning to develop on top of the XRPL, in particular wealth management using Interledger and Codius. I am looking for the right opportunity or even creating the right opportunity, but have yet found that golden project. I am a big believer in what Ripple is doing and would like to evangelize the XRP Ecosystem as much as possible as well. What I think would be helpful for the DEV community would be a set of video tutorials explaining testing and developing within the XRP Ecosystem.
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