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  1. To be honest, I didn't even realize CB was adding xrp. After over a year of "not gonna happen", i tuned CB out completely. I also haven't been adding to my stack so i wouldn't have had a reason to pay attention. *reaches for wallet to buy more xrps*
  2. Please....please....don't turn this political. I'm practically begging.
  3. Exactly. At one point or another, people scoffed at almost every technological advancement that has come along. From the light bulb to the newest gadget, disruptive technology is usually met with a lot of resistance and misunderstanding by those who don't see the change coming. Digital currency will be a "thing". Eventually. I'm not saying it will happen in 2019. But it is going to come. Efficiency, security, frugality, and convenience will demand it. XRP might not end up winning the day, but the technology itself will happen.
  4. Very true. At one point, he tried to "cash in" on the typecasting in his stand-up comedy career. Do a search for "tom wilson the question song". Its hilarious.
  5. Your avatar...Biff's sister sang at my wedding. She and my wife and I had a bunch of mutual friends. I never met Tom though. But that whole family is outrageously funny. Good people.
  6. I'll PM you with the details. I'm not looking to start a war here. I usually do capitalize Jesus' name too. Was just in a hurry/too early in the morning. No offense intended. ?
  7. There's no way i could have explained my rationale any better than you did. Thank you!
  8. Some of you won't want to hear this part, so feel free to skip this paragraph. I have known that digital currency was coming since i became born again thru jesus back in 1983. The concept is in the bible, one of the hallmarks of the last days. I'm not saying we're there yet, but like every other major shift in the world, it has to start somewhere and eventually becomes commonplace. I've been watching for this for a long time. I had heard about the bitcoin for pizza story, which was the first time i had a specific technology to match with the concept of digital currency. But the idea of digital currency that runs "off the grid" doesn't square with the concept of globally managed commerce as it relates to the subject of my first paragraph. So i passed on bitcoin...didn't think it was going to be "the" digital currency the world would standardize on. I really regret not looking into it...woulda, coulda, shoulda...but ugh! I really let an opportunity get by me. Fast forward to late last summer and i was having fun with my metal detecting hobby. I had a rather decent treasure chest of finds and i was looking for something to do with it, rather than let my stash lay around idle (gold and silver haven't exactly rebounded to previous highs). Someone on a metal detecting forum suggested XRP, which i hadn't heard of before. As soon as i started reading up on it, i thought that this thing has great potential to be "the one". It didn't turn me off at all that it was a "banker's coin". In fact, that just solidified my decision all the more. I'm waiting for global adoption. This might not be "the one", but it has all the hallmarks of what a global digital currency should be able to do, and it was cheap enough.
  9. ...just when i *finally* kicked the habit!! Welcome back, sweet addiction!
  10. Yup...I'm still all in. I did hit the "all I could afford to lose" wall some time ago. I'm hodling, with the help of the US tax code that taxes the stuffing out of short term capital gains.
  11. I have a big suspicion of financial educators. I know that they're not all nefarious individuals, but my first reaction to that article is that he wanted some extra cash so he infused his world with a fresh round of fud to motivate his followers to buy more books and take more courses. He could be the most upstanding guy ever, but I tend to be very suspicious of people who claim to know the future. Just my 2 zerps. If he's right, I'll be first in line to admit it. I'm sure gold will do well if he's right. As for xrp, and crypto in general, I think an economic downturn would put the brakes on companies if they're pursuing new tech. Unless they're already all-in, I think those companies that are just dipping their toes in will pull back until things even out. Again, just my 2 zerps.
  12. Couldn't agree more. We typically have stuff in the development pipeline for a year, and we get one or two partners as early adopters to help us shake down the bugs. That process could take another year or two before we're ready for wide release, and then another year or two for market traction to build. But once we've done our homework and the legwork, the results are outstanding. There is definitely pressure to shorten the development cycle, but our customers are all Fortune 500 companies that you've heard of...the biggest of the big. They don't change quickly. They are subject to audits and government regulations, so they need to cover their butts and protect their own customers.
  13. I work in a tech industry that runs adjacent to the financial industry, with some overlap. The company I work for is extremely successful, widely used, has a sterling reputation, and has been in business for several decades. Even with all this going for us, our new offerings take a VERY long time to see wide adoption (our customers are other companies). Our customers need to follow regulations and are subject to scrutiny. I don't blame them one bit for taking time to change. I've come to expect it at my job. Doesn't mean that the new tech is bad. Companies need to protect their customers. I see so many parallels to my job that the lag in adoption doesn't worry me in the least.
  14. I just wanted to bring some additional perspective to Dubai's all-in commitment to progress. Last year, i attended an international users conference for the leading Geographic Information Systems (GIS) software. Dubai was featured as a groundbreaking pioneer in their application of GIS software to build an intelligently designed future for their country. I won't belabor you all with the details, but these folks mean business on all fronts. As they concluded their presentation, there were some snickers in the crowd at their stated goal of colonizing mars in the not-so-distant future. But let's not forget the power of a common vision. If they're aiming that high, it's not unrealistic at all that they would meet other goals along the way, such as 100% renewable energy use, autonomous vehicles, 3D-printed buildings, and a cashless society (XRP?) About 15 minutes into this video, there's a graphic that shows Dubai's intentions of being blockchain-ready in the next year or two. And this was recorded in July of last year. If only I had read between the lines when I saw this! I could've gotten in on xrp 2 months sooner!
  15. This random internet person cares. Here's my two cents...a lesson I learned as a kid and I'll never forget: My dad always wanted fruit trees. He wanted to have a small orchard in our yard. So did I. Every year, I asked my dad if we could plant some fruit trees. Every year he'd say the same thing: "It's too late. I should have planted them years ago. It'll take too long to get anything out of it, and I'll be dead and gone by then." The next year would roll around and I'd put it out there again..."Hey dad, let's plant an apple tree this year." Again, the same answer. This went on for........25 YEARS. At which point, his "prediction" came true. He was gone, and there was still no fruit. Friend, get a picture in your mind of what your normal, healthy self would be doing...and do it. Do a small piece of it today, and add to it tomorrow. It's NEVER too late to take a step toward improvement. You might get to enjoy a whole orchard, you might not. But making good choices for yourself pays off immediately in self esteem. And your future self (and those who love you) will thank you. Plant a tree already!!
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