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  1. I don't believe this. The price has fallen so low in spite of the conference. Were we conned? Literally losing it, so unbelievably ******.
  2. This is like the invasion of Normandy
  3. I reckon it'll reach at least $3 by January. Exponential growth aligns with exponential fundamental technological growth. Over 100 financial institutions signed up and multiple have already started using XRP? $3 is on the low end.
  4. The price could reach $5 or it could hit %0.05. We don't know. I'll hope for the former, in which case, I won't be here next year.
  5. How high or low do you think the price will rise or fall and why? Will we actually get close to $2.00? Heck, will we even pass 30 cents?
  6. A fantastic lineup of speakers was recently announced and XRP is reaching new lows. It's pathetic. Why? When will we reach independence from bitcoin? At what point will the masses realize the follies of their own ways? Why won't they HODL? The closer we get to the October conference, the more I believe that any price increase from it will be merely marginal at best. I just don't see the moon in sight.
  7. Dear lord. Vitalik Buterin will be there? That's GREAT NEWS! You know what that means. The price is going to go down.
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