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  1. Another interesting related development is CodeTsunami's HotPocket, which seems to be being reimplemented in C++.
  2. David Schwartz said two days ago on Twitter about Codius: Maybe it's no incompatible with what he said in October about a team of DeFi devs working on it, maybe it is. The public repo development does not look good, thats for sure. It could be that it has been superseded by another project (maybe something ILP-related?), or even that they felt like they do not have enough resources to develop Codius for now, but that sound strange to me. Any opinion on this?
  3. Thank you. I'm looking at that, but the reports seems to include only transaction counts, accounts created, etc... but I don't see anything price-related. Regarding Big Query, I have never used it, I have to take a look at it.
  4. I would like to retrieve the historical prices for some pairs like XRP/USD from the data API, but all I see is Get Exchange Rates. Is there any better method that I am not aware of? Because Get Exchange Rates seems to show 0 for the last 3 weeks and weird values for dates like one month ago. Is polling the ledger for every data point the common approach? I expected some timeframe (i.e., 1w, 1y, 1m...) method to achieve something similar to what XRPCharts does.
  5. So, what's the proper (and simplest) way to do a currency exchange (i.e, I want to send at most X USD to buy Y XRP). Is it neccesary to create an offer in the order book or is there any automatic way of doing it? Should I call path_find and use the result in a new transaction?
  6. Thanks. There's still something I don't get. The first first comment in that thread says "circular payments are when the source and destination currencies are the same IOU but with a path that is not empty", but that differs (as I understand it) from what the documentation states: "Currency conversion: consumes offers in the decentralized exchange to convert one currency to another, possibly taking arbitrage opportunities. The Amount and SendMax cannot both be XRP. Also called a circular payment because it delivers money to the sender. The Data API tracks this type of transaction as an "exchange" and not a "payment"." If I understood it correctly, currency conversion lets you send some IOU and get another, so it's an automatic token exchange, right? The source and destination addresses are the same, not the source and destination currencies.
  7. You mean only in TestNet, right? Or not implemented as in "not implemented also in the MainNet"? Thanks for your answer.
  8. I'm trying to test currency conversion (circular payments) on the TestNet, but I'm not sure where can I get the issuers from (for example, for USD). I've tried using get_top_currencies (Data API) within the TestNet to check if I can get a list of token issuers to test with, but all I get is "unable to retrieve top currencies" error. Any idea?
  9. That's the thing. The main goal for Xpring seems to be bringing the XRPL to as many devs as possible to boost utility, no matter how experienced they are, and for sure they are achieving it. I used to think that I should have a lot of experience to create even little XRPL apps, and watching great programmers like Wietse made me pale , but now I'm starting to believe anyone can contribute. For sure this has been like a breath of fresh air. And even fot those who are starting, or know little to nothing about programming, but feel like this tech is a great opportunity, please don't doubt to try. It's totally worth it to start playing with.
  10. Thanks! I wanted it to be as simple and straight-forward as possible.
  11. I've uploaded a brief video about why the new Xpring developer platform is such a a big deal and how easy is now to start coding for the XRP Ledger in any language you like, even if you don't know a lot of coding. I can't stress enough how simple this is now. As an example, I developed a small example app, Zerpy (github): an account manager to check your balances, transactions and send XRP to other accounts. It was developed in a day and ~300 lines of code (~200 for the UI and~100 for the rest). I used the new XRP-API, Python and PyQt5 (my first time using it and creating a '"real" UI). For those interested, I also released a small python wrapper for XRP_API (github). This is all it takes now to get your balance, transactions and send a payment: a mind-blowing 20 lines of code. This is a really huge step towards developing for the XRPL. from xrp_api import XRPAPI api = XRPAPI() # Addresses and api key myTestAccount = 'rNnvVcpyM33o1rCuE3J4PQVj1xXa2ZgfPt' myOtherTestAccount = 'rNnvVcpyM33o1rCuE3J4PQVj1xXa2ZgfPt' myApiKey = '605fd0c524f2a19a5d1777b97776b818' # Get account info account_info = api.get_account_info(address=myTestAccount) # Get account transactions transactions = api.get_account_transactions(address=myTestAccount) # Send payment api.submit_payment(source_address=myTestAccount, destination_address=myOtherTestAccount, amount=10, api_key=myApiKey)
  12. You can use Coil in your mobile phone through Puma Browser, for example. I am currently using it on iOS, and works great. As Stefan Thomas said in his last AmA on Reddit, in the future the logical thing is that more browsers support it natively.
  13. Welcome December (almost)! In this coming month full of traditions, gifts and good-will, I would like to propose the creation of a new annual tradition to share with all the XRP family. In a similar way Wietse Wind organized the XRP Cup last summer, I would like to organize the Xmas Stocking Filler game. The Xmas Stocking Filler is a lottery-like game: send 1 XRP to the game's address before Friday, December 21th at 23:59 CET to buy a ticket for the lottery number you like. You can choose any number between 0 and 99,999 by specifying it in your deposit's destination tag (don't forget it). On December 22th, 2018, the second longest continuously running lottery in the world, the Spanish National Christmas Lottery (a.k.a. "El Gordo") will be distributed (official website), and the Xmas Stocking Filler participant whose number is the closest to "El Gordo" winner number will get all the accumulated jackpot minus a 10% that will be donated to several charities (for now Unicef France and St. Jude, but I'm looking for more charities accepting XRP donations). If anyone is interested, I've created a new section with a wider explanation for this prize in ZerpLotto's website (which I released a couple days ago). Don't worry, this is a fee-free prize (only the 10% charity donation will be subtracted). Basically, the rules are: You must be at least 18 years old and your funds must be legitimally obtained. To play, just send a 1 XRP deposit to the address rHDHFbDRNvGjbJ6QncFcdorFGcLHiLotto before Friday, December 21th at 23:59 CET. The deposit will be processed, the charity donation subtracted and, if you are the winner when the prize is distributed, it will be sent to your address. Set your deposit's destination tag to the number you want to participate with. This number can be any number from 0 to 99,999. Non-valid destination tags will be assigned random numbers, but nonetheless set your tag carefully as some tags are reserved (i.e, tag 1,000,000) and may result in your deposit not being processed. It's important that you send your deposits from an actual XRP account under your control, not from an exchange or similar service. Exchanges usually rotate addresses and/or require destination tags to identify their clients, so sending from them may result in the prize not reaching your account and you having to deal with the exchange support team. You can create a software wallet using Toast Wallet! or use a hardware wallet like Ledger wallet in order to participate. Also, you can send your participation from Wietse's XRPTipBot. Note: you can actually send from an exchange IF AND ONLY IF it supports source tags. If you don't know what this is, please ignore this message. You can send as many 1 XRP deposits as you like, but please bear in mind this is a game created for fun purposes only. Play responsibly. The prize will be distributed after the Spanish National Christmas Lottery Prize is announced on December 22th, 2018. You can check it in the official website. The winner will be the participant whose number is the closest to "El Gordo" winner number. If several participant numbers are equally distant to "El Gordo" winner number, the prize will be split among them. The winner address will be announced here and on ZerpLotto's twitter. He/she can remain anonymous if he likes but it would be great to celebrate with him here! I would appreciate any feedback on the game and the rules. Good luck!
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