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  1. nearly noone could foresee the top ...how someone would be able to see where the bottom is?its guessing around........what really counts is the risk and money managment ! i would say..........the time is better invested in thinking about knowing at which price levels it makes sense to add to your position and how much risk you are able to carry without getting busted!
  2. Don't forget.... South Korea and Japan are using ripple technology for transferring money! So it won't get banned! Only better regulated
  3. Voted.....keep on voting and the Indians will buy xrp
  4. I am using the Ripple desktop client and I am full of xrp. Now I want to send a friend bitcoins, before I start doing this I wanted to ask you. Changing xrp to bitcoin and then send the bitcoin to the bitoasis.net. Does has anyone experience by doing that? Cheers Lumpilumpe
  5. ah, didnt know that a dude who is resident in uae can use the gatehub gateway,..... .So he won't have problems to connect his bank account from dubai to gatehub, really nice. thx
  6. i am already in xrp and a friend who lives in dubai was asking me if he can use poloniex to buy from dubai xrp. I dont know so much about that because i went very simple with bitstamp on the xrp party-wagon! How can my friend in dubai can join the party without the need of my help? If there isnt a good possibility i need to bring him in . hopefully there is a solution..........the only area which isnt connected to the ripple network, a little bit strange because the national bank from abu dhabi is using the ripple network. cheers lumpilump
  7. How i can check if my account was rekeyed to be sure that my account is still save? Or maybe you can check it for me? rKkws3Po6TDnMWYoocwhKmRbGFdQ4YSDk. I am working with the desktop client from rippex too and getting always the tejmaxledger error.
  8. yeah.....it worked! Thx , now i can sleep much better!Now i have 1 more Questions which popped up after i accessed my funds! Mo money mo problems....... i couldnt find the option to send via gatehub from 1 ripple wallet to another ripple wallet? I have to admit that i didnt take enough time to check if it is possible .First i am asking my dudes here while i am trying to solve it alone! but it is a nice feeling to know that i am riding the wave with you together because i have access to my account. cheers lumpilumpe
  9. thx for the help....will try gatehub andhopefully respond with a positive answer .....Wish you the best! cheers lumpilump
  10. i made a cold wallet with ripple trade and deleted my user name and password, but when they started the verification process i couldnĀ“t recover my account by my secret key .....!I noticed the support team at ripple and they admitted that there is a bug!they tried to solve it but after a while i recogniced that it will take longer. i dont have any problems with the situation because i have the secret key, but the thing is that i dont know how i can access them right now! With rippletrade it wont work because they stopped new account registration and without knowing the username there is no chance to gain access with only having the secret key! the desktop client would be nice but i couldnĀ“t find a safe compiled executable file of the tool. Now i hope you could give me some alternatives to regain access to my funds.... Cheers to the very nice community here lumpilumpe
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