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  1. Like @DjemDiamond said, Ripple can't force banks unless they acquire all those banks and make them use those solutions. What they do is to set up the stage so that more and more banks are using their products, in effect creating a network of banks that are compatible with Ripple solutions. The larger this bank network is, the more attractive the products are. So the goal is to create a FaceBook for banks and other financial institutions who can easily send money (value), not status update with pictures of their cats/dogs or children, to each other. Technically, yes, each bank can create their "own XRP" but that means they have to pay for development cost and then force other banks to use their tech to be compatible with each other (we're back to the very first problem on how to do this), not only that they'll need to support the global system and ultimately they'll want to greatly profit from it -- this is what SWIFT is. There are too many blockchains focused on speed and other technical features, but financial institutions who run real businesses don't have the same excitement as hobbyists.
  2. Many individuals build their careers as content creators on YouTube. Some of those left their previous jobs/careers to focus full-time creating contents that others find worthwhile to watch & follow. Sky's the limit http://www.businessinsider.com/highest-paid-youtube-stars-2017-12
  3. There's no special favor for XRP here, it's just mentioned as example. The notion of ILP is to bridge various blockchain and treat them equally so long as they can meet the functional requirements.
  4. Thanks for sharing the video. The way I understood him using the term "network" most of the time was in reference to partnerships between Ripple and financial institutions as well as common thread between participating institutions (i.e. XRP users) instead of the XRP consensus ledger network of validator nodes & codius hosts.
  5. Forget the prices, forget volume. We go to the moon whenever we like, however we like! X for XRP!
  6. I’m mostly in agreement with @cmbartley though recommending rejection signifies bias against. However, ripple’s @peebo38 put the community in difficult position by displaying prominence and sending strong message of their “vote” with their marketing and PR budget. Capitalism at work, nothing more. I feel the community driven effort was dead as soon as they submitted their “idea”. Oh well.
  7. For a legitimate company, integrity is a major factor to gain trust from customers and succeed in doing business.
  8. Per my understanding ILP is a token/coin agnostic protocol. It's great that Ripple is the one initiating it but I still don't understand how XRP is even relevant in the protocol. On different thread I was told that XRP is the "native" token for ILP but I still can't find proof that substantiates such claim. Searching for the term "xrp" in ILP repository yielded no results: https://github.com/search?q=org%3Ainterledger+xrp
  9. Dumb question: ILP sounds like a great technological breakthrough that enables many use cases and strengthens Ripple brand. But how does a protocol that has nothing to do at all with XRP help increase the value of XRP?
  10. Yes the MCU is what was vulnerable and Ledger released firmware update to address it. To be fair, that's a specific darn smart (not "any") 15 yr old
  11. From tweets i read so far, Abra is selling XRP index fund. So no, it's not the same as "buying XRP".
  12. Is there a planned maintenance or known operational issue with the Data API v2 endpoints? Trying their example (https://ripple.com/build/data-api-tool/#get-account-balances) out-of-the-box, no input changes, returns HTTP 500 with response body {"result":"error","message":"unable to retrieve balances"} Update: it seemed that the issue resolved itself.
  13. Awesome user name. Sounds like it came straight out of DragonBall franchise, one of those special moves. Respect!
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