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  1. They're not going to do performance testing of their xRapid integrations in a live production environment.. they'll performance test their own systems integration with xRapid in a controlled test environment but they certainly can't do full scale end-to-end performance testing in xRapids production environment unless all the exchanges involved in the process are collaborating and have their own production like test environments available to each bank testing - which I really doubt. So I don't think they'll be "pumping up the volume" with live transactions for testing purposes. They'll pump up the volume when they actually begin to use it for real. Plus.. the process for sending 1USD to be converted to JPY would be the same for sending 1mil USD so as long as the required liquidity is there they're good to go.. also, banks won't be performance testing all the fully operational exchanges either. It would be more along the lines of System Integration Testing. Exchanges have already gone through rigorous performance testing.
  2. I also got banned thus week For retweeting XRP related + making fun of bitcoin on a coindesk thread.. Twitter is absolutely pathetic
  3. I was thinking the exact same thing... especially after watching the Ellen show when Ashton Kutcher appeared to transfer 4million USD on his phone... I'm sure that wasn't a live transaction but more of a demonstration for marketing purposes but something simple like that that promotes Ripple / XRP would then also not only add to utility but increase demand from retail investors as more and more people become familiar with the concept and can put a name to the technology.
  4. Well to be fair this was one of the biggest misconceptions for most people.... remember when Stephen Colbert announced Ripple donating 29mil to donors choice? I remember he said on his show Ripple created XRP. Then again this is Revolut, not someone that knows 0 about crypto lol.
  5. Similar to release 1.0.0 - there's always room for further product enhancements / bug fixes etc. 1.0.0 doesn't mean 100% final and 100% bug free. 1.1.0 is just the next release to be worked on. As soon as 1.0.0 is released the developers will start working on 1.1.0. As soon as 1.1.0 is released the next incremental version number is used. SDLC
  6. Why the hell would another iteration of Rippled have an effect on price anyway. I get it that "1.0.0" sounds cool and all but seriously read the release notes it's not ground breaking rippled has been live in production already for years. Influence on price will come with further solid xRapid partnerships and positive media coverage to retail investors & further institutional adoption. So no, version 1.1.0 of Rippled should not have any effect on price.
  7. To begin with.. who the hell even said that 500-5,000 is a "lock" and why would you believe someone's speculation. Anything is possible but nothing is "locked" aside that Ripple have an outstanding world class team working at solving one of the biggest payment infrastructure problems in history. @SuperTronk ever heard of pursuing your own dreams and building something of your own? Which actually happens to to even further boost the overall utility of XRP anyway. I wouldn't be worried unless there was some sort of mass exodus of key players of Ripple.. then you could say "something is up" yes.
  8. That's exactly what I'm getting at... Rippled 1.0.0 doesn't mean that xRapid is now out of beta. Rippled 1.0.0 is a significant milestone as it signifies a "final release" in most software development methodologies but I guarantee it won't be the absolute last release for Rippled either. Over time further enhancements / bug fixes are inevitable.
  9. Forgive my stupidity.. but I can't find anywhere on that tweet that states "xRapid is now out of beta and ready for production" ?
  10. Oh does it? I must have missed that point... where can we read an official source to confirm this? xRapid software itself has its own set of releases too ya know..
  11. Do we know when xRapid is coming out of beta officially? TBH I think most major bugs were already ironed out prior to 1.0.0. I just see a lot of XRP community people expecting HUGE things now that 1.0.0 is released. I don't believe its some sort of "Full throttle XRP production now boys" type of release? I do think that a lot of xRapid clients will emerge into production as their own testing is confirmed as the year progresses but was the 1.0.0 release a dependency for that?
  12. Why is there so much hype over 1.0.0? I understand that 1.0 in version control is usually considered a more "complete" version... but Rippled has been in production for a long time now. Did I miss something... does this now somehow mean that xRapid customers will all of a sudden start going live now? Was Rippled 1.0.0 a dependency for that? If yes then let the games begin Don't get me wrong - amazing job from the Ripple team. Any release requires a celebration but is version 1.0.0 really some sort of massive game changer for customers of Ripple given that many customers have already been in production for xCurrent already? +## Version 1.0.0. + +The `rippled` 1.0.0 release includes incremental improvements to several previously released features. + +**New and Updated Features** + +- The **history sharding** functionality has been improved. Instances can now use the shard store to satisfy ledger requests. +- Change permessage-deflate and compress defaults (RIPD-506) +- Update validations on UNL change (RIPD-1566) + +**Bug Fixes** + +- Add `check`, `escrow`, and `pay_chan` to `ledger_entry` (RIPD-1600) +- Clarify Escrow semantics (RIPD-1571)
  13. Fair point - in that case @AlexCobb it would be wise to seek permission before asking for forgiveness in this case!
  14. I wonder how many people have fallen for bs like this... Don't trust anything online unless you've triple checked everything!
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