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  1. Yep.. correction is evident after such a great I’ll run...I am all braced for correction...??
  2. Bittrex, Binance,Bitstamp,btcmarkets etc... depends on from where you are...
  3. Same here...moved my 50% XRP to cardano...
  4. Yep.. supply is an issue. But still it seems like good project and I am looking for 100-200% profit. I think ADA is capable of that.
  5. Lot of things changed and a reply to the same article from Cardano foundation seems legit response.
  6. No matter what... I moved 50% of my holdings to Cardano (I think I already missed XLM train.). Will move remaining ripple to other coin slowly. I was patient enough... ripple is more like a dud “at the moment “...
  7. bitstamp is the solution..stable, clean and good enough volume...
  8. hope everyone remebers huge sell walls in poloniex back in august and September. Polo always have blockers for XRP.
  9. IBM is not the right place for innovation or doing anything exciting. It’s old school consulting company. Though they try to show off that they are working new technologies it’s next to impossible to produce something innovative by working with them. It’s just hard for this kind of consulting companies. Just my 2 cents.
  10. It’s from July?is this the report causing uptick???
  11. Any links about “smart contracts on their roadmap”? Never heard abt it.
  12. After XRP, my next big holdings are in XVG. Hope it’s a successful crypto.
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