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  1. This. Even a few years ago you were thinking it. How many people around the world has this happened to and thought the exact same thing? It's a global problem that affects everyone and isn't a new problem. It has to and will change. Just a matter of when and with whom.
  2. remind me never to let any of my kids rent a student property if I see your name on the Lease Agreement. It's Landlords like this that give the genuine ones a bad name.
  3. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43070849 even getting scrutinized in Divorces
  4. Thank you kind sir. Quick one though on that, which I had been thinking about previously. What if you were to use this with the average Data ? say, a chart created with the Data from the likes of Coinmarketcap Is it a good\bad idea ? This has had me now looking way back last year to when i first started purchasing XRP in the May run and seeing how much different my purchases would have been if I was in the know.
  5. @XRPto50dollars, it's great now to be able to half understand some of these things, thank you. Even though I'm on the holding boat, it would have helped from making some costly mistakes early on. The only issue is the difference in how the Chart looks using Data from different Exchanges. Allbeit the overall pricing is similar, at times a small Green candle on one can be a small Red on another resulting in starting the 3\4 day cycle over again.
  6. Is anyone even getting to the login page ?
  7. @RegalChicken , the current uncertainty with the Market, prices etc also has me thinking more about this the last few weeks. I think it may have been yourself (could be wrong) had, or talked about a Spreadsheet they kept a few months ago with percentage sells\prices etc. I too used one that lets me see what sort of money I could take out at certain price ponts with percentages of XRP held, and it definitely is nice to dream and see it with different Prices. I'm not thinking so much of Retirement, but more completely Debt free (with some left over of course). A life with no Mortgage, Kids University, Car, Credit Card payments etc. sounds really tempting, and as I am not Retirement age just yet think would leave me feeling pretty well off and secure. Maybe that, and enough for a year or so in the Bank to enable training to do something different would also suit. As you mentioned, sell at 10 knowing that is not as high as it will go. It's these 'what if's' that are the thing (well, for me anyway). E.g. If you're feeling pretty damn well off and pleased with yourself when the price is at 10. You decide not to sell, hoping for 20. Go to bed one night and it's at 15. Something catastrophic happens or comes to light while you're sleeping and when you get up it's at 3 ! The reverse is also true, and you sold early. You'd probably spend quite a while kicking yourself lol. I think it is a good idea to have a "plan". Doesn't have to be set in stone though. Momentum of the Market and more importantly Ripple\XRP will be the deciding factor for me when I decide to sell the lions share of mine, but I am starting to weigh up strategies for selling at certain prices in order to pay for different things. If Ripple continue to do as they are and XRP begins to get utilised as we hope, I will never sell 100% and will keep a percentage. It may not be a large percentage but if XRP gets to the dizzying heights as some people hope, it will only take a few hundred in 15 years time to be worth a pretty substantial amount of money. At the end of the day, we bought XRP to make money down the line but also need to be realistic. Honestly, I have no idea how high the price can go and in what time frame. This last 6 weeks though have shown again how unpredictable it is. The May\June\July scenario bothered me a lot more than this one. Although then, it was the first time experiencing it, resulted in me losing quite a few XRP trying to time things and play the market. Needless to say, this time I just watched ! A few cent swing back then against a few Dollar swing now lol. Anyone getting caught up this time, won't be bothered with the next one !
  8. The sooner we see more Exchanges coming on board offering other pairings and the option of buying with Fiat the sooner we can stand on our own. There's still a lot of money sitting on the sidelines waiting for an entry point as well as people still waiting on verification in Exchanges. I know some here that are waiting since the beginning of the madness in December to be verified. The likes of these, once verified, will be cautious and wait for a bit of momentum before jumping in.
  9. Hopefully alright, or it could turn in to a complete and utter $h1t $t0rm ! The only thing that I keep thinking of is that it should\would have been exposed earlier. Maybe there's a bit of a difference in what's 'printed' and what's in the Bank to cover but I hope that difference isn't too much
  10. @jtusa I agree. I'm just thinking that maybe it's a timing thing. Is it possible that they are "printing" in "steps & stairs". Now, I could be way off and completely wrong also but they can't be expected to run off a new USDT each time they get an extra $
  11. is there a chance that Tether could be strong and everything 100% ? There's been a lot of money coming in to the space over the last few months of 2017. Maybe every single USDT is in fact backed up with a corresponding $. If Bitfinex released the necessary documents tomorrow for example that backed up their Claims, what do you think would be the outcome ?
  12. @RegalChicken agreed, but XRP seems to play by its own set of rules and is extremely difficult to predict. When it was at .25 in May the total CryptoMarket was in and around 60B I think. We stayed at that until the 2nd week of December. By the time we took off on the run, the Market was nearly $500B. Gonna be a hard one to figure out and keep on top of !
  13. Pete


    Agreed @Mr_Cambridge. @zerpdigger really ? @Ivan I'm not sure if there is an issue. I know it happened to me ages ago. If I remember correctly, I simply needed to refresh my browser after clearing cookies. (don't hold me to it though, as it was a while ago)
  14. Good question @XRPto50dollars and a particularly good answer\analysis @XRPcalling. I started buying around $.33 on the way down in May. Watched it go down to roughly $.12 in the following months. In that same time I lost a quite a few trying to trade, jump in and out of other coins etc at the same time. Honestly, I would have quite a few more now if I had done nothing. Right before the rise I decided to buy again, and bought via Credit Card (good bet this time as I got them at $.25 (phew!)). Probably not advisable, but I had already invested and made a calculated decision based on what I personally believed. I watched the price shoot up and I'm now watchng it do what it is doing with the rest of you. However, thinking about then and now it isn't bothering me the same. Before, a 5 cent drop and you panicked but now I'm starting to read it more and accept that this is the way it goes. How I think about the Company, concept and real-world use case for XRP hasn't changed since I began reading up on it in May. It it has reminded me that this won't be happening overnight, the whole market is pretty crazy and, it won't be plain sailing from here on in. I have though, just now, put some sell orders through in anticipation of the next ATH. If filled, I won't be cashing out, but waiting for another correction so that I can buy more for the same money. It might happen, it might not. Everyone wants to increase their holdings at the end of the day and I'm no different. I'm not thinking of cashing out as I still believe in the bigger picture now, as I did when I first started investing.
  15. lol @Chewiecoin you are pretty much spot on with that. Damned if they do, Damned if they don't !
  16. was having a look at the whole Korean setup and came across this from 10 days or so ago. Apologies in advance if already shown : http://www.trustnodes.com/2017/12/30/south-koreans-can-not-sell-ripple-certain-price-bithumb-buy
  17. @Mrecho we can but dream ! I see\hear the "can it", "will it" arguments all the time. I bought in to it at the beginning (the whole Market Cap argument (token amount X quantity)) However, no-one has any idea. They can't, and anyone that tries are just in the guessing game. Apple is worth $X (shares X share price). In no way is this related to the amount of iPads, iPhones, iPods etc. that are in circulation around the world. Apple products sell for an awful lot more than the value of their Share price. The products have a use\utility that contributes. Granted, XRP has an approximate ceiling price. What it is though, I have no idea. It may fail and be worth Zero. It may succeed, be the best invention ever, and be worth multiple time more than where it sits now. Personally, I think we're gonna settle somewhere in between. How long that takes is another question. This also poses questions such as what the landscape will be when we get to that stage as it will possibly look a lot different in Jan '19 than what it does today.
  18. a lot of 2's (same here). Was mentioned to me in May by a friend who had been told by a friend of a friend .... (you know the score)! Spent some time looking in to it and came to the conclusion that this was going to be a pretty safe bet. Although, I wish I had jumped all over it imediately but it is what it is. Started buying around the $.30 mark on the way down. Lost quite a few over the following couple of months trying to trade. Unless you can watch things 24\7, it's really not a good idea. Started to get extremely twitchy finger with the drops down to the $.15 mark, but thankfully closed the Laptop and walked away from the Desk. Decided the week before the meteoric rising to load up on the Credit Card buying more which has worked out pretty well.
  19. @captainjack i couldn't agree more. It takes all sorts. Live and let live as all these individual situations help at the end of the day
  20. They operate via the Faster Payments direct to the Bank Account. Honestly, if you're waiting on Fiat to clear and think the price is on the up it won't matter. I know they've been crazy busy this last few months due to the whole uptake in the Cryptosphere. I'd have no qualms recommending them due to my own experiences and at the time I did use them to buy quite a few.
  21. @Geospectrum yeah, great site and a sound bunch. I was using them back in May and for anyone in the UK \ Ireland they really are the quickest way in.
  22. not sure if it's been posted, can't seem to get caught up here : http://www.sigbanc.com/MarketInsight/NewsDetails/44728
  23. @RegalChicken it's pretty amazing that the chat in the last few weeks has moved from "will we hold above 28cents?" to everyone thinking about how much Tax they're gonna have to pay !
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