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  1. @brianwalden I 100% agree with you. Stupid is, as stupid does an' all that. It's more the **** sh0w it creates for main stream media I was leaning towards
  2. if true, how many others fall for 'Elon' scams ? https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-57102038?at_medium=custom7&at_campaign=64&at_custom4=6708A85C-B40D-11EB-9E20-EF273A982C1E&at_custom3=BBC+News&at_custom1=[post+type]&at_custom2=facebook_page&fbclid=IwAR0n1CFFdQrgFdWOXcOIkRjUFq7nb8Yz2HT0uZZFktLpjsTfp0QkBP-Cp24
  3. honest Q. If they do 'accidently go Offline' what does that do to orders that have already been set ?
  4. anything to do with this ? https://www.cryptopolitan.com/ripple-partners-moneytap-to-connect/
  5. This. Even a few years ago you were thinking it. How many people around the world has this happened to and thought the exact same thing? It's a global problem that affects everyone and isn't a new problem. It has to and will change. Just a matter of when and with whom.
  6. remind me never to let any of my kids rent a student property if I see your name on the Lease Agreement. It's Landlords like this that give the genuine ones a bad name.
  7. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-43070849 even getting scrutinized in Divorces
  8. Thank you kind sir. Quick one though on that, which I had been thinking about previously. What if you were to use this with the average Data ? say, a chart created with the Data from the likes of Coinmarketcap Is it a good\bad idea ? This has had me now looking way back last year to when i first started purchasing XRP in the May run and seeing how much different my purchases would have been if I was in the know.
  9. @XRPto50dollars, it's great now to be able to half understand some of these things, thank you. Even though I'm on the holding boat, it would have helped from making some costly mistakes early on. The only issue is the difference in how the Chart looks using Data from different Exchanges. Allbeit the overall pricing is similar, at times a small Green candle on one can be a small Red on another resulting in starting the 3\4 day cycle over again.
  10. Is anyone even getting to the login page ?
  11. @RegalChicken , the current uncertainty with the Market, prices etc also has me thinking more about this the last few weeks. I think it may have been yourself (could be wrong) had, or talked about a Spreadsheet they kept a few months ago with percentage sells\prices etc. I too used one that lets me see what sort of money I could take out at certain price ponts with percentages of XRP held, and it definitely is nice to dream and see it with different Prices. I'm not thinking so much of Retirement, but more completely Debt free (with some left over of course). A life with no Mortgage, Kids University, Car, Credit Card payments etc. sounds really tempting, and as I am not Retirement age just yet think would leave me feeling pretty well off and secure. Maybe that, and enough for a year or so in the Bank to enable training to do something different would also suit. As you mentioned, sell at 10 knowing that is not as high as it will go. It's these 'what if's' that are the thing (well, for me anyway). E.g. If you're feeling pretty damn well off and pleased with yourself when the price is at 10. You decide not to sell, hoping for 20. Go to bed one night and it's at 15. Something catastrophic happens or comes to light while you're sleeping and when you get up it's at 3 ! The reverse is also true, and you sold early. You'd probably spend quite a while kicking yourself lol. I think it is a good idea to have a "plan". Doesn't have to be set in stone though. Momentum of the Market and more importantly Ripple\XRP will be the deciding factor for me when I decide to sell the lions share of mine, but I am starting to weigh up strategies for selling at certain prices in order to pay for different things. If Ripple continue to do as they are and XRP begins to get utilised as we hope, I will never sell 100% and will keep a percentage. It may not be a large percentage but if XRP gets to the dizzying heights as some people hope, it will only take a few hundred in 15 years time to be worth a pretty substantial amount of money. At the end of the day, we bought XRP to make money down the line but also need to be realistic. Honestly, I have no idea how high the price can go and in what time frame. This last 6 weeks though have shown again how unpredictable it is. The May\June\July scenario bothered me a lot more than this one. Although then, it was the first time experiencing it, resulted in me losing quite a few XRP trying to time things and play the market. Needless to say, this time I just watched ! A few cent swing back then against a few Dollar swing now lol. Anyone getting caught up this time, won't be bothered with the next one !
  12. The sooner we see more Exchanges coming on board offering other pairings and the option of buying with Fiat the sooner we can stand on our own. There's still a lot of money sitting on the sidelines waiting for an entry point as well as people still waiting on verification in Exchanges. I know some here that are waiting since the beginning of the madness in December to be verified. The likes of these, once verified, will be cautious and wait for a bit of momentum before jumping in.
  13. Hopefully alright, or it could turn in to a complete and utter $h1t $t0rm ! The only thing that I keep thinking of is that it should\would have been exposed earlier. Maybe there's a bit of a difference in what's 'printed' and what's in the Bank to cover but I hope that difference isn't too much
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