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  1. This thing and process looks like a protocol capsuled in another protocol. Somthing like VOIP. Maybe someone just calling. Anyway, would like to see what the max output of the network would be if lets say 100 bots will talk together.
  2. As I understand that article from GuildOne web page, it looks like they are extending the Corda network by offline settlement confirmation because the blockchain is an online "limited" solution only. They commented the hyper super innovative features of crypto as well... tss tss tss... we are years away from adaption hype. https://guild1.co/2019/06/19/r3-and-guildone-announce-inclusion-of-manual-settlement-on-corda-settler/
  3. I've tried to make some gains. I've jumped in at 0.27 few days ago and got out at 0.35. I did some trades back and forward too. In general I'm a hodler and that was just a experiment. Actually it is fun to see that the price is really unpredictible. You'll feel it for real when you push the sell/buy button and ask you when to make next step. At least there is some action in charts. Better to see it bumping than going slowly sidewards, stay steady or slowly down.
  4. Ich habe die Frage zum Einkaufsort nicht gestellt. Das Hätte ich machen sollen. :-) Mache ich mal dieses Jahr. Wenn die Kartoffeln mal 4660€ pro Kilo kosten und du sie in London lagerst und außerhalb von Österreich kaufst... dann passt es doch oder? Ich habe z.B. ein VPN Zugang mit XRP bezahlt. Die Firma ist in USA registriert... Ich denke es geht in diese Richtung.... Sukrim, musst du dann versteuern oder der Dienstleister? Wer muss es gegenüber dem Finanzamt deklarieren? Bei wem liegt die Beweispflicht? Zahlt nicht der die Steuer, der es in EUR tauscht? In D sind XRP und Kartoffel
  5. Also, ich bin letztes Jahr direkt in mein Finanzamt reingelaufen und habe direkt gefragt. Nach einem Jahr ist der Gewinn steuerfrei. Es gab dann noch ein paar lustige Stories vom Beamten, der wohl Leute beraten hat die mit 3 Jahren alten BTCs ankamen die auf einmal "richtig" Geld gebracht haben. Sie wurden alle steuerfrei in EUR getauscht und ausgezahlt. Ansonsten fallen die Gewinne von den Kryptos (handel in jeder Richtung ) unter "hochspekualtive private Veräußerungsgeschäfte". Ab 600EUR ziehen die ordentlich was ab, ich denke so ca. die Hälfte. Anlage SO wird es dann eingetragen... Di
  6. The personal costomers data were leaked 2017 by that service. They have an flewless credit card payment procededure but they supplier got hacked twice back then in 2017. I recon to check the news here and there for passed histories and security topic as well when choosing plattforms. 2017 news link Hope its expand the big picture here. Electronic handshakes
  7. At 0:54 it has been said, that they met Ripple one and a half a year ago. I would assume that this is a time frame in which a motivated company need to implement xRapid for live use. It would be interesting what exactly kind of steps do you need as company for such payment corrdors... Additionally this is the time frame for adoption of the new technology... hopefully others are faster
  8. Beside the R3 integration, there was still one interesting answer given. Most interesting question to SWIFT was: "Why not using Ripples tech to do what GPI is providing? And it was said that they were evaluating blockchain vs GPI-API with 40 banks outside IBM (it was IBM right?). On the end they were not clear of advantages giving the migration costs vs GPI. It works, for sure, it was much easier but no cost advantages on the end. See time line at 11:15. The cons from Brad in short : SWIFT controlled API, central database for traceability, internet of value are not only the banks. On
  9. Oh... Thanks for linking. Looks like I've missed the search before....
  10. on 35th ccc congress there was a pretty interesting talk about weakness of hardware related crypto wallets such nano s or trezor black and others. These guys are also explaining few generals facts of crypro coins and wallets and possible coin storage. I suppose, that a lot of people here are storing their coins on some hardware so please enjoy this nice talk. It might be interesting to see how that kind of hardware is build and programmed. congress video and talk This talk shows precisely where the security is implemented and where it is missing. In my opinion they combined ver
  11. Thanks for the insider link @BruceWhale I think the last slide is most interesting one. The titel of this presentation is: and last page contains the conclusion: Do I get it right, that we are mooning in Germany when "much work in progress" is finished? So lets say 2020 with 50/50 probability when you look at next sentence explaining that there is huge gap of "capacity or performance" to become a standard needed even for US markets?
  12. How about a "man in the middle" attack? how safe are we actually in this topic?
  13. And 2,5M to Bitfinex, 5min before that https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/transactions/2755AD4A74DEAF41B3196CE928C5530B0A9E629B9CC073D92BAF2F74FAA629C8
  14. As I remember Fidor bank is already connected to bitcoin.de since few years. Taken from bitcoin.de front page: The flow and transfer of fiats was arranged and automated by Fidor bank between the users. Otherwise each of them had to transfer the payments manually to target accounts and wait for verification..... It is cool so see that they are expanding for more platforms and more coins.
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