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  1. I think the board needs a sticky "Ripple" forum at the top of the list. With sticky posts that are constantly refined with concise info about Ripple, the tech and the progress. But it should also include counter arguments and responses that could be referred to whenever they come up. If the sticky is constantly refined with new info and properly organized, it would be a great resource. Currently this kind of info is hidden all over the place. The noob forum is too focused on being a noob to the site and focuses on secondary things like how to setup wallets and how to get XRP. Noobs and all of us for that matter need a concise resource for compiling info about Ripple and XRP and addressing any concerns. That would be so much more efficient than random noob hype, echo chamber and playing criticism whack-a-mole.
  2. To criticize banks for adopting Ripple tech by pointing out they aren't initially using XRP is short sighted. It's not going to happen all at once. Banks are extremely conservative. The first step is for them to replicate exactly what they are doing now with new tech. But it doesn't take a genius to know what happens after that. The fact that they are adopting Ripple tech even without XRP use at this point is extremely bullish for XRP. Is that good enough for you @hodor? Got to counter
  3. It's an exaggeration. But I hope you get the idea. Look at market depth, there is not a lot of buy support. As previously stated, the reason for the criticism is that we're getting excited by hearing the same thing we've heard for years but reacting to it as though it's something new because it's coming from a new person that is having those same initial realizations. Sure it's great to re-live that feeling again. But hat's an echo chamber, there's zero countering. Would much prefer to hear a balanced discussion and be realistic instead of patting everyone on the back for repeating the same things over and over. Shouldn't we be discussing important things like: Is there really enough momentum at this point to continue higher without a downtrend? Are we identifying, analyzing an posting about potential competition. How big of a threat are they? Totally agree that the basics of Ripple technology should be stated. But in an msc posts all over the place? Why isn't there an easily identified Forum or sub-forum that is clearly defined and constantly refined with sticky posts to explain all the great things about Ripple? All the newbie stuff here is about wallets and how to get XRP, with an emphasis on being new to the forum.
  4. Have to play devil's advocate and a be a bit cynical here. It's pretty clear because it's copy and paste straight from wikipedia. He even states it at the bottom of the post. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Credit_risk#Counterparty_risk All of his posts are annotated copy and paste. Including his response to Tiffany about interledger. https://interledger.org/rfcs/0001-interledger-architecture/ OP is blowing smoke. Why is a bunch of copy and paste that says nothing new received as some kind of revelation? It's like... "hmm I'm in the financial industry and kind of know what counter party risk is."... puts 2 and 2 together, copy and paste, and "wow this is the next big thing". Everyone goes wild. XRP being volatile and illiquid is a bigger risk than counterparty risk. Stability is a catch 22. The price won't be high unless it get's used, and it won't get used unless the price is high. How mature, stable and liquid is a 10B market that you couldn't take 10M out of without crashing it to almost zero? At the same time we're pointing the finger at how inefficient and non liquid all these fiat pairs are and talking about counterparty risk. And while we're posting verbatim from Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liquidity_risk#Causes_of_liquidity_risk The thing that will boost XRP at this point are major partnerships and announcements, not re-announcing features that have been well known for years.
  5. Mumbo jumbo alert. Why all the language and phrasing designed to bewilder noobs? e.g. wtf is that supposed to mean? I'm supposed to be surprised that they are part of their own alliance? lol! The phrase "Trusted Internet of Things Alliance" is only from that article. Trusted by whom? Here's my token, it's trusted, by me. I'm glad they trust themselves. Very confidence inspiring. hah Is it also true that Bitfinex isn't allowing deposits? To keep the price jacked up? The way this token is being released to the market reeks of a piggy backing Ethereum hype exit scam.
  6. Early Warning's Zelle site: https://www.earlywarning.com/solutions/payment/real-time-payments-solutions.html
  7. BTCXRP Poll for Sunday June 11th 2017.
  8. Think I'll wait for JK's wallet. Only use a wallet from a trusted, reliable, known source.
  9. Why does it look like a 4th graders book report. lol
  10. Considering the popularity and demand for this shirt, what about some unsigned Ripple shirts at normal price?
  11. That doesn't make any sense. Why would you have to convert XRP to BTC, etc to send it out of Gatehub? Kind of defeats the whole purpose.
  12. Dude that bounty is just gravy... oh wait a minute you got that covered. lol
  13. That's an old school exchange like Justcoin. They've been around awhile.
  14. This could mean they will have sub domains with charts for different currencies so they don't have to be all on one page... e.g. usdcharts.ripple.com, btccharts.ripple.com, etc.