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  1. That's an old school exchange like Justcoin. They've been around awhile.
  2. https://github.com/ripple/ripple-blobvault http://docs.blobvaultv1.apiary.io/#
  3. This could mean they will have sub domains with charts for different currencies so they don't have to be all on one page... e.g. usdcharts.ripple.com, btccharts.ripple.com, etc.
  4. That was a joke. Which one is the Microsoft validator in the list? https://charts.ripple.com/#/validators
  5. I think btcxindia.com is the Microsoft validator. LOL! https://charts.ripple.com/#/validators
  6. What happened to Bitstamp BTC/XRP on the frontpage? Seems to have been replaced by Gatehub fifth.
  7. It's not only Jed. There are other founders with B+ holdings. They would never dump but there's got to be some additional selling pressure from them as well.
  8. Asked about it back in August. This was the response: http://slack.ledger.co/
  9. It could be done on Ledger. Know a programmer? : https://www.ledgerwallet.com/ https://github.com/LedgerHQ http://slack.ledger.co/
  10. When you tell all your friends to get on the Ripple train. Merry Christmas from Ripple.
  11. What UI are people currently using to trade XRP on Bitstamp?
  12. So trading on Bitstamp as an exchange as opposed trading on a gateway? Current trading on Bitstamp is like trading on Gatehub? I guess it's the way the announcement is worded. As it is first thought is "What's new?"
  13. Isn't there already Bistamp BTC XRP and USD XRP trading pairs on Ripple Charts?
  14. hmm it has to do with "decoy solutions". Equivoe-T: Transposition Equivocation Cryptography https://eprint.iacr.org/2015/510.pdf I don't claim to understand this, but if someone comes up with three solutions or decryptions of the message that works in the war general situation, but in this situation, can't they just try all three solutions?