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  1. I have lost a lot of interest in xrp the last few months. I am getting great gains off other coins almost daily. I will move on soon.
  2. That's true... no good deed goes unpunished. Thanks for the charts x5977. I thought about trying to open a Huobi account just too be able to watch it there, but no time. I was ready to buy 30,000 xrp if it started to rise, and then put in a limit stop behind it to catch a little cash while I sleep in CA. Looks like that's not going to happen.
  3. As soon as I saw all the sell orders I thought, "these folks had their opportunity to sell their XRP taken away by their government (communist dictators) for a couple of months". XRP is higher now and maybe they just want to take profits.
  4. Looking at x5977's chart, it looks like maybe the chinese were just waiting for a chance to unload XRP they had previously bought lower. Is that a bot placing multiple sell orders for 329 xrp each?
  5. I have no idea since this is the first time I have watched an exchange add a coin. I kind of expected to see 5 or 10 satoshi jumps pretty quickly. Whether or not it is a wise buying opportunity for the chinese, I figured there would be a lot that would jump in right away. Maybe they can control their FOMO better than the rest of us? Maybe it's been delayed?
  6. At least for Android, there is a free app on google play store called Bitcoin Checker. You can set up as many coins as you want, from any exchange, and set alarms for each one. I use it to check all my coin prices about... oh, I'd say... maybe 100 times a day.
  7. I give you guys kudos for being so dedicated to XRP. But, keep in mind that crypto is a highly, over-the-top, speculative investment. Those with fewer than 7-10 coins might consider diversifying a little more. Thanks for your responses so far.
  8. I thought this might be an interesting and fun topic to break up a hum-drum Saturday. How many different coins do you hold, and what percentage DID YOU INVEST into XRP, not current value. I hold 15 coins and have put 25% into XRP. Obviously, only share if you wish to.
  9. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Your post was very well written. I have had some similar concerns. I have watched a close friend of mine quit his engineering job to design and market a complex electronic device. He has spent 2-3 years and $100K on it. It is a very good and marketable product. But I warned him to get on it harder and market it quickly, because when you have a good idea, there are usually 10 others with the same idea. He has now abandoned the project because others have released less capable models, but beat him to the market. I am becoming more concerned that Ripple is not progressing at a fast enough pace. As the writer expressed, there are others that could get a leg up on Ripple. I hope not, since I have been holding.
  10. That is funny and put together well. I love the added paltry pun.
  11. I do not, short of any true Ripple news. I figure flat or slighty down (maybe a penny) due to money flowing into BC to grab the fork coins. Not sure what happens after.
  12. Yea, I sold. Then got back in and made a little more. Now waiting to make something on my last sell so that I can get to bed.
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