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  1. No it's not that they are transferring the wealth. That was an example of what could happen if a person isnt prepared to manage wealth. There are so many people that have been blessed with big fortunes and mismanaged it to the point of being broke. There was a woman that was a billionaire and now is in her 60's broke. It's hard to imagine, but it happens..
  2. Swift will announce their partnership with Ripple at the Sibos conference October 22nd thru October 26th. Connect the dots!
  3. Well crypto has been a great opportunity to change your life. Probably one of the best in most of our lifetimes. Especially with the access to information that was never available in the past. I guess my point was fo spend more time learning about managing wealth, than worrying about daily value. Good things are coming, so when it does, keep it good.
  4. I may be overthinking this, but it was said that 5% of the world holds 95% of the money. If you were to give all that money to the bottom 95% , within a few years, the original 5% would have that money back. Could this all be a carefully calculated shift of that money to us 95% thru crypto? Because it is the bottom 95% that have the 1st mover advantage. Who in the bottom 95% knows how to manage wealth??? If so, I'm trying to beat those odds by learning as much as I can about managing wealth to be able to. Just incase I'm lucky enough to have that headache.
  5. Cheer up, make it a beautiful morning, and increase your holdings! These opportunities are fading away soon...
  6. Personally I dont think it is a knock off. I think it is xcurrent. And I also think Xrapid is being integrated via Teminous (sp). To much info supporting this. Read up on Sibos. October 25th and 26th. Hopefully they announce using xrapid as settlement on the GPI.
  7. I just sold enough to get my initial investment out. Holding now isnt a big deal knowing where this is all going. I put a plan together and am sticking to it. Next sell is to wipe away all debt without compromising the next step. So far it's working. It wont be long before we see a half cent to $3.90 all as great buying opportunities. So if you bought at ATH and held, you'll be thankful you did!
  8. I really dont remember too much because it was only one small article. I read alot about all this. Maybe there is some sort of taxation change or something But there is alot out there about how Asia orepares for the lunar new year and how its an important part of their lives. I imagine when crypto becomes this big in the US you will see similar dumps before Christmas. Im sure when all the regulation happens patterns and predictions are all going to change. Probably will be more like a wall street game
  9. I just vaguely remember reading something about 2019 being last year without capital gains tax there. I was searching for why did crypto dump so much this year in January. There was a lot of stuff out there about an established pattern before the lunar new year. I stumbled across an article about the tax platform changing after 2019 in japan. I wish I would have bookmarked. Like I said it was one writing of it. If I find it , i will post. If you google different ways of wording about these dumps, you will find all sorts of data. Hope this helps
  10. They probably aren't set up for the volume or maybe there is a calculated timing by them and Ripple as a part of the big picture???? It will all play out and make sense whenever it does. Any huge influx of money has to come from somewhere. Its not under matresses. This would have a negative impact where it comes from economically. Especially at a very rapid pace. Limiting and or choking these avenue's might not be such a bad idea. Like a dam holding back water. What happens when the levy breaks? Devastation. Just put into perspective that if all of a sudden 10 trillion dollars left the stock market over night. So I think all invloved in the internet of value, continually and carefully calculate all the positive and negative reactions of what is about to happen. Dont think that I support XRP not listed on coinbase. I just support well calculated decisions to avoud any kind of global meltdown because of something happening too quick.
  11. Seems like crypto including bitcoin is following XRP movement instead of bitcoin movement the last few days. It is nice to see a new leader for a change!
  12. There is an established pattern of dumping of crypto before Lunar New Year. Google it. This year might be the biggest dump of all in January. I believe I read something that 2019 is last year tax free in Japan for crypto gains. It was a long time ago I read something along those lines , so dont quote me. Do your own research. Also dont forget this January there will be much bigger things happening with crypto, other than pumpers and dumpers. Next year will be much harder to predict because all of what is transpiring and being implemented before then
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