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  1. They've sent an announcement a week ago I believe, letting us know that they're changing their USD bank account. There were some dates where the deposits would be halted but can't remember, but I believe that's the reason you're unable to deposit.
  2. I'm just wondering what if Ripple somehow knew the date when BTC ETF will get approved so they've set up the Swell right on it. I'm just thinking if Sep 30th is the day when ETF gets approved, and I believe market will respond great on such news, following, Swell can be a great catalyst for an imminent XRP bull run if only Ripple decides to pop up some great news on the conference. First time I've put my tin foil hat on, so let me be. Cheers and hold strong on these bloody times.
  3. Hi, I've set up two servers running codius, however I've tried running the upload test which can be found here : https://upload.host1.codius.live/ Both my servers return a 504 error, that's a timeout error but has anyone figured it out how to get around this and why does it take so long as to trigger a timeout? Help would be much appreciated.
  4. So this guy really believes it, exchanges list coins because people really want it. Cool story.
  5. The official website of Mr.Ripple now is http://mr.exchange Also one of their xrp addresses. https://bithomp.com/explorer/rB3gZey7VWHYRqJHLoHDEJXJ2pEPNieKiS
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