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  1. So slope of wallets... I don't know what that means but according to this man's regression analysis when slope of wallets goes up so does XRP.. the other charts don't correlate well. R squared too low.
  2. I’m not trying to be a jerk but again, some of the things you are saying are wrong, IMO. If you have sources that describe the tax law differently than what I posted in response to you, can you share them? I’ll gladly admit I’m wrong. We are all on the same team here, trying to figure this all out together. I really don’t want to see people mislead because they think day trading between crypto’s is a non-taxable event. It could be but based on the articles I’ve read, trading between crypto’s is a taxable event. You can do whatever you want but just be ready to pay the piper when the IRS comes to collect their due.
  3. You’re thinking of it wrong. It’s profit on the coin. So for example if you buy $100 @ $1 (so you have 100 XRPs) of XRP and then when you go trade that XRP to BTC, the tax applies to the XRP appreciation. When you go to trade and the price of XRP went up to $2 you only need to trade 50 XRP ($100 worth) but you will be taxed on that profit, in this case $50 ($2-$1=$1.. this is your profit. Then 50 (number of XRP traded)* $1=$50) hopefully this clears it up?
  4. Careful man... but I think you are totally wrong https://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/news/new-us-tax-law-closes-loophole-cryptocurrencies/
  5. Why aren’t you selling on bithumb and buying on some other exchange and then repeating that over and over? It’s not like this price differential happened overnight where they couldn’t set up other accounts across different exchanges due to the recent user signup influx. I’m not sure about rules/regulations/taxes but seriously you could make so much money by doing this process aka arbitrage. I don’t know, perhaps I’m missing something blatant? Please excuse my ignorance...
  6. To quote anchorman, "I'm not even mad, I'm impressed!" I didn't know you could make a post of that physical length.. I thought it cut off at some point!
  7. Haha y’all are too funny. Me and her are in XRP together! Obviously!
  8. Someone pinch me... my engagement party is tonight but all I want to do is watch ripple charts.. ut oh
  9. Yeah! It’s crazy. Unbelievable actually. I just happened to randomly wake up for the ride from$1.72-$1.90. It was off the chain. I think i woke up because I got little zerps in my blood. Something similar to the jedi’s Midichlorian..
  10. It’s either.. XRP being XRP, Korea suffering from some serious FOMO, or Aliens...
  11. This is insane!! I keep telling myself that this is unsustainable.. that it’s going to crash yet it keeps climbing to new ATHs! I cannot believe it. I think I’m dilerious, suffering from extreme motion sickness, from how fast this rocket ship is moving.
  12. Korea worries me lately with all their regulation threats.
  13. @Noovy I read all your points and agree. Fantastic write-up too! But one more “naysayer point” is: why would banks adopt something so volatile i.e. the XRP token? Banks love stability and right now XRP (and all other cryptos) is anything but stable. Are we to assume that with XRP utilization by big banks (transferring billions of XRPs daily) will bring a stable price point? Because if we don’t make this assumption, why would banks risk it? Sure, they save money on the transfer but because it’s so volatile, they could lose that money saved just from the price fluctuations... I’ve been wrestling with this point for some time now and I cannot figure it out. Any and all input is greatly appreciated
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