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  1. Banks starting to adopt. Now no one can say "banks will never use xrp" ever again
  2. Engineers sharing their experiences on the currently available blockchain platform products. https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/blockchain-platforms You can only read 5 full reviews.
  3. In order for xrp to become the global reserve digital currency, Fed needs to hold xrp as well. The interest rate is heading to zero. Fed needs a new vehicle to drive the economy. It is a good timing for ripple to give offer.
  4. I want Ripple to write an option contract to gift Fed 30B xrp in escrow. And Fednow to provide liquidity for xrp as a trade off.
  5. The guy from Token said "crypto is a myth and not necessary at all" His solution is to get all the central banks in the world to join hands under his company's API. I have no idea what made him think it's possible.
  6. They are sending & receiving bitcoin as well. Big hint ?
  7. Only factor that makes bitcoin valuable is through demonstrating the ritual of burning tremendous amount of resources. BTC’s value comes from religious belief. BTC is also mined 80percent in China, which breaks the decentral title. China gov. probably controls the miners already. It’s the country of no freedom. I have no idea why btc maxis still calls Btc as the most decentral and liberal asset, when it is the total opposite position: fully controlled by Chinese miners, and total dependence of the current financial market. What an ironic asset. It is time to make the decision bitcoiners, Time to wake up or burn in hell of eternal poverty. Think objectively, follow practicality!
  8. Yes true for gatehub. People don't realize gatehub is a wallet. I have a question, for the engineers. I'm an artist who wants to open a business that sell digital art file within xrpl dex, that enables renting the file or buying&selling the right of the ownership. I should also be able to issue copy editions of the digital art that self destroys after promised period. In this case, How should I store and trade digital art that is fundamentally digital and valued digitally in xrpl? I like to hear from engineers' point of view. Here is what I thought. Case for Digital painting (or 3D sculpture, digital visual works, even meme) wallet platform. 1. There should be an immutable cloud server that stores the original art. And a wallet that grant access to the server. 2. The original art file stored in the immutable cloud is tokenized into single coin that represents the art. 3. The coin is also the only key to access the original art in the immutable cloud server . 4. The coin that represent the art piece behaves same as other digital coins. It can be transferred to other 'wallet' or stored. 5. The 'wallet' has smart contract function implemented. It enables users to issue sub-coin of the original coin with certain restriction or condition that seller and buyer agreed upon. 6. The sub-coin is granted with access to the art as long as the sub-coin is in the wallet until the contract expires. 7. When the owner of the original coin sells the coin or removes the coin from the wallet, the right of the ownership also transfers to the new owner of the coin. Previously issued sub-coin is not affected even if the original coin owner is changed. 8. The sub-coin is tradable before expiry 9. When the original coin is destroyed (burned) the sub-coin is erased as well regardless of the contract expiry, eliminating the access to the associated artwork forever immediately. Can this be realized on xrpl?
  9. I don’t believe there is a polished dex app for xrp that can be commercialized, marketed. binance is in the position to dominate dex market. I’m pointing out that Ripple could be missing out the opportunity in the Up coming trend.
  10. But it’s just the ledger with capability of making Dex. There is no wallet for xrp that functions like Dex, is there?
  11. Making stable coin using xrp as the collateral is an awesome use case. however, Binance seems to be using BNB coin to pegg the value of other digital assets. This makes the BNB wallet as a Dex, and could increase the liquidity of BNB coin significantly considering they are the dominant player, most of the investors have account with them. I think binance is trying to achieve IoV in their own method. And it’s quite threatening. Any reason why ripple is not building their own Dex?
  12. There is a coin called Bitshares, i think binance dex is the same idea. It looks like binance is working to increase liquidity of bnb. I call the era of liquidity war has begun.
  13. Whether or not this is true, it doesn’t matter. It is inevitable to accept interledger for any existing corridors. interledger has already became part of the new global financial INFRASTRUCTURE. The game is already over, i’m just waiting for the rest of the world to catch up.
  14. Just to add up to your knowledge, In order for financial institutions to use xlm, compliance is needed and since Stellar foundation is not a company for profit the user have to apply for the compliance themselves. Xlm is made for small companies but due to the expensive compliance fee, small companies cant even attempt to use it. Very ironic asset Jed has made again. He has always been making awkward result: Edonkey banned for stealing creators intellectual property, and Mountain Gox hacking due to the lack of security. This time he betrayed ripple and made stellar, a digital asset without compliance. Stellar’s only plan is to hope to be drag up with other successful digital assets by luck.
  15. I my humble opinion, CRC=group of idiots who has no idea on the legal landscape. CRC already lost their credibility on the first day of the launch by giving EOS score of 3.75 on the same day SEC announced EOS was a security. The leader of the idiots, Coinbase just demonstrated its stupidity again since it called xrp a security 2years ago. Funny how Coinbase tries to act smart and important but always turns out to reveal how thoughtless they are.
  16. I never liked the name of the products anyways. Xvia, xcurrent, xrapid sounded like marvel characters. On Demand Liquidity sounds great and easier to understand intuitively.
  17. SEC’s hammer was made of cotton balls. And we saw that yesterday. Eos was security but 25million settled every trouble in the future. This is green light for the market.
  18. You lost me at “equality” There is no such thing as “equality” in the world.
  19. The Plaintiff is still holding his bag. He never confirmed the loss yet.
  20. The services could be already connected with Interledger.
  21. In case you haven’t aware, major US banks will be the last group to adopt xrp. US Major banks are under more strict regulation than the smaller banks. Ripple’s plan is to adopt xrp from out side of the US first.
  22. Good for you. I’m sure Ripple is also glad you are not buying anymore.
  23. Did Everyone watched this video? she is the global head relation of Ripple who used to work in SEC. Know that you are in good hands. https://www.ripple.com/insights/digital-currency-regulation-around-the-world/?utm_source=insights_newsletter&utm_medium=email
  24. As I said, It seems you are missing too many puzzle pieces to provide a reliable information.
  25. For me, The reply confirms your argument is decisional from misinformation. Xrp is not meant to replace dollar and it was never issued from Ripple. This has been argued many times in the past. You are just a misinformed guy. That’s all. Your argument is nothing new. “Garlinghouse and Larsen believe that cryptocurrencies have the opportunity to “complement” fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar and “not replace them,” and that the U.S. has the chance to lead in the space.” https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/ripple-ceo-writes-open-letter-to-congress-over-regulatory-uncertainty/
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