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  1. It's quite obvious for me that this guy follows Chinese Communist Party.(CCP) He's been posting nothing but negative perspective. CCP, They are everywhere.
  2. Can you distinguish the difference between "infrasturucture" and "platform"? I think you may have misconception. Xrpl and interledger was built as infrastructure when ethereum and other similar projects were built as "platform" "Infrastructure" aim for national security, reliability and "platform" aim more toward openness, experiments. Xrpl could also be used as "platform" but it natively leans toward specific use case (finance infrastructure) and reliability. It seems you are criticizing xrpl for not behaving like a platform. Xrpl is financial infrastructure layer and ethereum is smart contract platform layer. They are simply different layers. Each have their own role.
  3. You have no idea how much fund is needed to set up the new infrastructure. It takes billions of dollar. The FED couldn't even attempt to change the antiquated financial infrastructure for the last 20 years because it was too costly.
  4. Xrp is monetization of an infrastructure. it can never be a security of a single entity. Period.
  5. So if you don't know about it, it's an unsubstantiated claim? It is a common knowledge for the early investors. David gave up the huge stake of xrp to prevent possible legal issues . David was the only inventor of xrp who is still working in Ripple. David received 1%(could be 2%, can't recall exactly) of the ownership of Ripple for giving up his xrp. The xrp he has now are bought with his own money. (Which is a fraction of what he used to have) Thank you again David for your sacrifice of giving up billions of xrp for the company. Maybe you can ask David about it on quora yourself.
  6. The value of assets always broke the last high after the crush. I think xrp will break out much higher than the last high after the crash. This crash may last up to 6months so you need to prepare for it. If you are over invested in the times like this, your asset value may shrink significantly, forcing you to sell your asset at a cheap price . So be careful.
  7. I tend to look at the fundamental much more than the short term view. There will be a winner that takes all in the end, that works as the social infrastructure. I will not try to convince you, if you think the xrp market will sustain itself by speculation only. It make me wander why you are still speculating on xrp with weak trust in the company. I think we are heading down lower from here. The algorithm of market will corner holders to sell. This bear market may last at least 6month from now. If you are still speculating on xrp without enough cash, you can face a catastrophic disaster. Even now may be a good time to liquidate your asset.
  8. I guess you are not joking. Let me give you some critical thinking topics. -Can a coin without utility last? -How did the gifted xrp gained value? By itself? -There is nothing wrong with selling their asset and using the fund to expand the ecosystem. The plan has been announce from the beginning. -Should Ripple just hold and do nothing about xrp to increase the value? Then how does the intrinsic value created other than speculation? - How much money does it costs to rebuild the global financial infrastructure? Let me tell you the FED and the US Government could not even think about changing it for the last 20 years because it costs too much and net work is too complicated.
  9. I'm not sure whether you are joking or being serious. Ofcoarse what I meant by 'invest ' was Ripple investing on building the ecosystem for xrp. Building ecosystem is where the tremendous amount of money is needed. Coin itself is worthless without the ecosystem.
  10. Then what are you trying to say? If you can't come up with your own analogy to counter mine, then just remain silence. What is the point?
  11. So How does that make xrp a illegal security? Can you explain?
  12. Chris larson is not one of the inventors. He is the entrepreneur who helped founding the company. I just wrote that david gave up the billions of xrp he received as the inventor. What david has now is the xrp that bought in the market with his own money. So what's your analogy?
  13. When they created xrp, it was before ripple was created. The inventors, Jed is fired from ripple, and David gave up all of his xrp that he received as the inventor. (David later purchased xrp with his own money on the market. Which is a very small amount of xrp compared to the billions of xrp he had) So, none of the inventors who work in ripple now are major stake holder of xrp. Why don't you try giving your own analogy? If you are so confident with your knowledge?
  14. Your thinking process is same as the media that writes false information. Let's say, someone invented a bottle opener and a company saw a huge potential in it and bought most of bottle opener from the inventor. This case, even if the company market and sell the bottle opener, nobody would consider bottle openers as the company's security. Strangely, when we replace the bottle openers to digital asset, people tend to confuse it as the company's security. Just like you did. Ripple invested in xrp (bottle opener), the xrp( bottle opener) is not the company's security, but an investment and marketed product. The misunderstanding is suppressing Ripple from marketing xrp freely on the market, hurting ripple's business model.
  15. Yes, they did. But still many people and media think ripple had an ICO and issued xrp. Ripple needs to raise their voice to clarify their position, Which is an investor of xrp, not the issuer.
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