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  1. Look at the author. It’s him again. Why does he hate ripple so much???
  2. I have no idea why sbi was involved with bch at the first place. Not sure if sbi has the ability to manage the innovation.
  3. Xrp enables trasaction fee of zero. clients use xrp for zero fee transaction and the liquidity adds value to xrp, where ripple can profit. This is the win-win business model.
  4. How much does JPM charge their clients? Is remitance a profitable business for JPM in the market where the fee is heading to zero? With the risk of maitaining the nostro account? Will the current clients of JPM stay with JPM even if there is an alternative option that is cheaper?
  5. Xlm= stellar foundation holding 90% + plan for free distribution + unclear distribution plan + idealists’ coin = scam
  6. I don’t think it is fake. China adopting US based fintech firm is natural progression of the result of the trade war. It is in the agreement.
  7. But they have common partnerships. Still fake?
  8. Banks do not make money out of remittances. Large banks in the US already evolved into tech companies, in case you haven’t noticed. They make money out of thousands of patent and investment. Only JPM cares about remittance since they are the largest holder of nostro accounts. But their dominating days are over now.
  9. What reason the customer of JPM have to keep the remmitance business with JPM when the remmitance becomes free? The genie in the bottle is out and there is nothing banks can do about it. The value moves without friction and that’s the new world order, get used to it.
  10. Jpm customers are not committed to Jpm. They will change the service provider if they find a better rate to send money directly to the destination without going through other intermediary banks. You don’t seem to get the point of the business model of ripple. As a matter of fact, JPM’s cumstomers hate to work with JPM. They are with JPM at the moment because it has the biggest nostro account in the world for now. If there is another option that is cheaper and efficient, JPM’s customers would change the service provider at a heart beat.
  11. It all comes down to the price. Cheaper solutuion will win the battle eventually. Jpmc is costly to maintain. If Jpmc’s transaction fee is higher than xrp which is almost zero, then it’s just a matter of time before JPM lose it’s customers. Ripple called checkmate And the call is still valid.
  12. If each banks and cooperates develope their own coin how many corridors are needed? The network would be even more fragmented than now. If there is a bridge asset, corridors are not needed between each coins. This is ripple’s vision of internet of value. what I know for sure is jpcoin is not suitable for making the internet of value.
  13. Just because Ripple was transparent it is being accused of being cenrtalized. While other minable coins are dominated by few whales. Wish ripple gifts IMF 20B xrp.
  14. I can tell she is a beginner in crypto. She brought out many of the typical beginners’ questions. The problem is she believes she is better informed just because she worked for banks and treats xrp investors as ignorant dumbs and dumbers. She made me laugh when she said that nostro vostro is mirrors therefore they are equal to zero and don’t exist. I don’t know where to start to arguement because every point she made is so wrong and illogical. Ripple is designed to achieve automated realtime international payment with near zero fee, which current system can never achive. Without decentralized digital asset, making a automated cheap instant global payment is impossible. Middle man must be eliminated in order to reduce the payment friction. She doesn’t seem to acknowledge this business model and need for innovation. And claims “ripple is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist!” OMG just leaves me speechless with her stupidity... just wow
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