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  1. The Plaintiff is still holding his bag. He never confirmed the loss yet.
  2. In case you haven’t aware, major US banks will be the last group to adopt xrp. US Major banks are under more strict regulation than the smaller banks. Ripple’s plan is to adopt xrp from out side of the US first.
  3. Good for you. I’m sure Ripple is also glad you are not buying anymore.
  4. Did Everyone watched this video? she is the global head relation of Ripple who used to work in SEC. Know that you are in good hands. https://www.ripple.com/insights/digital-currency-regulation-around-the-world/?utm_source=insights_newsletter&utm_medium=email
  5. As I said, It seems you are missing too many puzzle pieces to provide a reliable information.
  6. For me, The reply confirms your argument is decisional from misinformation. Xrp is not meant to replace dollar and it was never issued from Ripple. This has been argued many times in the past. You are just a misinformed guy. That’s all. Your argument is nothing new. “Garlinghouse and Larsen believe that cryptocurrencies have the opportunity to “complement” fiat currencies like the U.S. dollar and “not replace them,” and that the U.S. has the chance to lead in the space.” https://www.theblockcrypto.com/tiny/ripple-ceo-writes-open-letter-to-congress-over-regulatory-uncertainty/
  7. Ripple never pushed xrp to replace US dollar. What is your basis for saying this non-sense? This has been discussed many times in the past conferences by Brad Garlinghouse. And Ripple never “issued” the token. There are few points of error that makes your whole argument sound delusional.
  8. @Sporticus Thanks for sharing. But would US government kill Facebook and Ripple? Will US give up the chances for innovation just to protect US dollar from possible harms? I believe regulators also recognized the danger of being too conservative. If US becomes too restrictive, then all the money will be heading to Bitcoin in the time of crisis and this could be even more catastrophic event for US dollar. I have watched most of the public speeches from SEC and other government authorities related to regulating digital asset, and I concluded that regulators are still struggling to balance out the benefits and possible dangers of digital asset. What IMF said gives me an insight where they are heading. “ Change is the only constant” - from Winds of Change: The Case for New Digital Currency By Christine Lagarde, IMF Managing Director Singapore Fintech Festival, November 14, 2018
  9. I’m considering suing Rolex because all of my friends made profits selling their old Rolex watches but when it was my turn to sell my watch, the price dropped. I think it is Rolex who miss led me to speculate. It’s because they sold too many watches in this quarter. I lost money because of them! Where is my money Rolex?
  10. Fed is wasting its time and money for developing a junk system. Fed may potentially kill this remit industry where ripple is targeting
  11. My apology. TCH is in the list of SIPS initiatives and TCH could be the only established company. But then again, TCH system still works by prefunding and could manipulate the fee if they are the only dominant player. So, there need to be another player competing TCH for developing diverse spectrum of use cases and low price.
  12. From what I read. TCH and Fednow are moving money with joint accounts, therefore need maintenance, increases the fee. World is working on decentralization and Fed seems to have no idea about it.
  13. I was asking to help name the company that was a part of SIPS initiatives, and became the only established company out of the initiatives . Clearing house was established in 1853, and neither was part of SIPS initiatives.
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