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  1. What do you mean by "secret"? The information is open and public. Ripple is an infrastructure company that is in collaboration with the government. This is not a secret. The US decided to partner with the third party companies to innovate payment rail in 2015 and initiated "Faster Payment Task Force", an competition for selecting the new infrastructure for the payment and settlement. 250 companies competed, only 12 companies were shortlisted and Ripple is one of them. Therefore it is true that Ripple is in partner relationship with the government. This is not a conspiracy but an open fact. https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org/
  2. this is ripple's hearing regarding the US national security 6years ago. Also the Faster Payment Task Force, the national competition to select the new payment infrastructure of the US. Which Ripple joined 6years ago.
  3. But Facebook was never trusted as the platform that can serve as the infrastructure of the countries.
  4. I was very disappointed that I didn't get the reward for the delegation, too. I delegated last Saturday, maybe I missed the epoch cycle by few hours idk. I will wait till next Saturday and see.
  5. I watched the whole testimony and I think the key word was "competition" According to Gansler, the degree of competition in the ecosystem is what determines whether the asset is security or commodity. (I think this is what he was saying in short) So does xrp ecosystem has enough competition in it? Need some opinions about this. And ripple has right to distribute 50%of the asset to the market which may seem centralized rather than encouraging competitiveness. If ripple yields the right for the distribution to other entity, it may solve the problem. What do you all think??
  6. Ripple is already an infrastructure of the US. If xrp is used as an utility tool by the infrastructure, xrp may qualify for an exemption.
  7. Too many new investors over bought at fomo. Now they are selling at fud. Nothing new.
  8. I will not use CMC again since it lost its credibility by manipulating the circulating supply with their own ruling. it just lost its function as the metric of the market. NO TO CMC YES TO COINGECKO (Coingecko has better functions anyways)
  9. Try unchecking "hide small balance" box and search again.
  10. In the initial defense statement by ripple, It said, "Trump administration tried to undo every achievements from Obama administration" This one sentence explains SEC's behavior for me. Ripple was one of the selected candidates from the Faster Payment Task Force launched in 2015, under Obama. Ripple is probably selected new finance infrastructure from the competition and Trump administration wanted to crush it.
  11. Sorry I have given the wrong number. The total supply of xrp is 100B, 60% of 100B should be 60B. Not 600B. So I should have calculated it as 25t ÷ 60B which is $416.667/xrp Your calculation also should have been 416.67 x 0.01 = $4.16
  12. Let's do a simple math, Ripple is trying to replace the 25trillion locked nostro value. 25t ÷ 600b xrp (Escrowed 400b won't release anytime soon) =$416/xrp Shorterm value forecast of $25~$500 looks reasonable when Ripple successfully replaces the locked value. However, $1000~$30000 is not out of reach if xrp is used to provide liquidity for all the asset in the world. Because when that happens, no one will be willing to sell their xrp. Most of the xrp will be locked up as collateral or for other utility. if there is demand but supply is dried up, whatever the buyer is willing to pay will be the price. Not to mention the huge premium that will be added to the price.
  13. A reminder from a good friend to stay humble and invest safely. Thanks
  14. https://www.scribd.com/document/492583369/FOIA-Letter
  15. Jeremy Light working for Accenture and for ACI and for the europe strategic manager for Ripple. Coincident? Just connecting dots.
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