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  1. "Ultimately, Geth’s team believed there was too much risk in disclosing the vulnerability, so they decided that pushing the update surreptitiously invited the least risk. “We’d argue that it actually did work,” Szilágyi says. Even though the update “took an unexpected turn with yesterday’s network split,” Geth’s team still believes that keeping the issue hush “was the right call” https://www.coindesk.com/ethereums-hard-fork-disruption ---------------------------- Ethereum is a fake "decentralization" protocol. Yesterday, eth chain hard forked without an announcement d
  2. I think It's a good strategic move. This way, the voice for rapid regulation will be strengthen.
  3. No, no, no. You have such a naive perspective. Ofcourse there is a plan. The US and Fed agreed to create a new financial infrastructure to enhance the payment from 2013. They agreed to collaborate with a private sector to do this and launched Faster Payment Task Force, a national competition to find the company that will serve as the country's financial infrastructure in 2016. https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org The result is not public, but Ripple is the only company that grown to be valued at 30B out of 200+ companies that joined the competition. Btw, You seem to be ve
  4. What are the meanings of the numerous meetings with IMF , BIS, and participation in the Faster Payment Task Force? I thought Ripple was the new financial infrastructure of the US to dominate the global finance data. And after all these events of 4years, Ripple gets "go some where eles" from the US. Something is wrong. Ripple may have been excluded from the plan. Stellar was invited as a discussion panel by IMF for the meeting next week. Maybe imf knows that Ripple is not going to get the approval and moved on to Europe based company Stellar. Perhaps Ripple holding
  5. https://thexrpdaily.com/2019/07/29/ant-financial-ripple-ties-arise-through-standard-chartered/ They are interconnected. Interoperability is the key, and any fintech can't avoid connecting to Ripple.
  6. My analysis of RTGS Global is not very positive. In the 4th revolutionized world, everything will be tokenized. There are already platforms in the defi that enable users to issue their own stable coin with collateral assets. Every merchants will start to issue coupons that work like digital currency to efficiently manage market. It means there will be millions of coins just like there are millions of private websites. Who is going to connect all those coins realtime? Dollar? Dollar is already being abused with speculation. They have to print more dollar just to i
  7. https://www.federalregister.gov/documents/2020/08/11/2020-17539/service-details-on-federal-reserve-actions-to-support-interbank-settlement-of-instant-payments#citation-5-p48523 Read the citation 4 it says "See Faster Payments Task Force, “Final Report Part Two: A Call to Action. The Board has previously used the term “faster payments” but has transitioned in this notice to the term “instant payments” to describe the types of payments the FedNow Service will support and distinguish them from other improvements to payment speed, such as same-day ACH." Looks l
  8. It's quite obvious for me that this guy follows Chinese Communist Party.(CCP) He's been posting nothing but negative perspective. CCP, They are everywhere.
  9. Can you distinguish the difference between "infrasturucture" and "platform"? I think you may have misconception. Xrpl and interledger was built as infrastructure when ethereum and other similar projects were built as "platform" "Infrastructure" aim for national security, reliability and "platform" aim more toward openness, experiments. Xrpl could also be used as "platform" but it natively leans toward specific use case (finance infrastructure) and reliability. It seems you are criticizing xrpl for not behaving like a platform. Xrpl is financial infrastructure
  10. You have no idea how much fund is needed to set up the new infrastructure. It takes billions of dollar. The FED couldn't even attempt to change the antiquated financial infrastructure for the last 20 years because it was too costly.
  11. Xrp is monetization of an infrastructure. it can never be a security of a single entity. Period.
  12. So if you don't know about it, it's an unsubstantiated claim? It is a common knowledge for the early investors. David gave up the huge stake of xrp to prevent possible legal issues . David was the only inventor of xrp who is still working in Ripple. David received 1%(could be 2%, can't recall exactly) of the ownership of Ripple for giving up his xrp. The xrp he has now are bought with his own money. (Which is a fraction of what he used to have) Thank you again David for your sacrifice of giving up billions of xrp for the company. Maybe you can ask David abou
  13. The value of assets always broke the last high after the crush. I think xrp will break out much higher than the last high after the crash. This crash may last up to 6months so you need to prepare for it. If you are over invested in the times like this, your asset value may shrink significantly, forcing you to sell your asset at a cheap price . So be careful.
  14. I tend to look at the fundamental much more than the short term view. There will be a winner that takes all in the end, that works as the social infrastructure. I will not try to convince you, if you think the xrp market will sustain itself by speculation only. It make me wander why you are still speculating on xrp with weak trust in the company. I think we are heading down lower from here. The algorithm of market will corner holders to sell. This bear market may last at least 6month from now. If you are still speculating on xrp without enough cash, you can f
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