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  1. But the ethereum foundation and bitcoin miners sell more than ripple..
  2. Largest diamond company, De Beer, dominates 80~90% of global diamond supply. Last hundred years, the value of both DeBeer's stock and their dominating asset, diamond went up phenomenally. Xrp is asset like diamond. Ipo is for the company that manages the system. Remember the intrinsic value of the diamond is zero. It was the marketing phrase, " Diamond is forever" , that sky rocketed the value of diamond. Ripple is all about pushing xrp just like De Beer is all about diamond. So don't worry, ripple evolving is probably good thing for the price of xrp.
  3. Yes, CBDC is also an asset. I mean digital asset from private sector should be involved as well. If everything is managed by central authority, how are we different from communists like china and North Korea? The work must be done by the collaboration of government and private sectors. Government recognizes the importance of collaboration with private sector as well. Ripple is, ofcourse, a very important partner of the government. This is the conclusion of my research.
  4. I think there will be multiple rails for wholesale crossborder exchange between countries and smaller rails that penetrates rural areas of the world. My take is digital asset is neccessary to supplement the dollar and CBDCs.
  5. From what I researched, The new financial infrastructure will be created with the collaboration of private sector teams selected from Faster Paymemt Task Force. Federal Reserve will provide 24/7 liquidity, and xrp can work as the bridge multi national currency using the liquidity provided by Fed. Without digital asset, there is no such thing as "multi currency CBDC" It is mathmatically impossible to issue a currency that exchanges itself to multi currencies without middle man and transaction fees.
  6. When old members start to turn into fudsters It means we are almost there. I remember Max Entrophy, an old member who suddenly turned into xlm fanboy and sold most of his xrp right before Dec 2017. I guess too much information can cause confusion and fear.
  7. I still think xlm is a scam eventhough stellar protocol may be used. Xlm is a scam because- 1. Poor management. Questionable organization. 2. Lack of governmental relationships and legal compliance to push xlm as the global standard bridge currency 3. History of Jed's behaviors and consequences: -E donkey banned ( illegal program that steals contents and profit of content makers) -Mountaingox hacked - attempt to dump xrp to revenge the company that fired him. History shows Jed's compulsive, insensitive behavior which always led the project to be doomed. Xlm seems no different to me.
  8. Looks like a prefunded token service
  9. If odl takes just 1~5% of the global remit market share, it is enough to send the asset to the moon.
  10. Hi, I don't mean to interrupt the discussion but as I read your comments it feels like you may lack crucial information regarding the background of Ripple. https://fasterpaymentstaskforce.org In 2014, the US government launched Faster Payment Task Force for developing and implementing a faster payments system in the United States. About 250 companies In US applied to join the program and only 25 companies were selected. And 6 companies dropped out, leaving only 19 companies to compete each other to be selected by the government. There has been immense amount of discussions of 252 meetings, involving 321 selected elite panels, spending 120,000 hrs. And Ryan Zagone from ripple has been chosen to lead the Steering committee to educate and lead the discussions. Out of the 19 companies, Ripple has grown to be the biggest and well known company. If you insist Ripple was selling an illegal security this whole time, you are ignoring this whole work of Task Force and 120,000 hrs of effort and their ability. Amazon was sued over 100 times during its development. Ripple had only 2,3 cases. China is challenging the US, trying to take over the world finance. US has been preparing from 2014 and they don't have much time left to delay the launch of the new financial system anymore. I don't believe US will abandon the 5years of effort because of some guy sued ripple for losing money.
  11. Xsong, the idea and execution are still sketchy but I think it's a great idea and has a potential. I think this platform could work better as a market place for sound effects for music creators. Kind of like the photo stock image market in Photoshop where designers buy commercial grade photo images. Things missing for xsong is immutable private cloud service where you can store the digital goods. Sell and buy and even resell the bought sound effects (right of the ownership) I think it's worth trying. It's a platform for the creators.
  12. Engineers sharing their experiences on the currently available blockchain platform products. https://www.gartner.com/reviews/market/blockchain-platforms You can only read 5 full reviews.
  13. In order for xrp to become the global reserve digital currency, Fed needs to hold xrp as well. The interest rate is heading to zero. Fed needs a new vehicle to drive the economy. It is a good timing for ripple to give offer.
  14. I want Ripple to write an option contract to gift Fed 30B xrp in escrow. And Fednow to provide liquidity for xrp as a trade off.
  15. The guy from Token said "crypto is a myth and not necessary at all" His solution is to get all the central banks in the world to join hands under his company's API. I have no idea what made him think it's possible.
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