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  1. Could this have something to do with the US judges rulng cryptos should be treated as securities?
  2. CryptoCraft


    Mustn’t be anything earth shattering to be announced as now half the cnbc crew/staff have prior knowledge and can buy/sell on what they now know.
  3. Just remember @zenkert the leash is only at tight as you choose to hold it!
  4. Agree, miss it, there will be other meetings.
  5. Good move. I think we may see lower. I am low on cash so will hold off and see how we go.....
  6. Thats what Mrs Snoopy is for..... Sorry couldnt resist. * Now slapping myself*
  7. But @zenkert was there a dial tone?
  8. Correction.... 'send' bitcoin transactions.....
  9. Correction..... 'Betamax' VCR
  10. I think I will put eToro in the same basket as Coinbase.... Both hopeless at what they do.
  11. I'll go with adult diapers...
  12. Think the punchline was 'coinbase'.....
  13. Hopefully this doesn't set off another round of selling...