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  1. Great vid @AlexCobb ! Just to clarify some points about the crypto tax in France. It was not exactly reduced from 45% to 19%. Previously, the taxes were 45% + 15.5 - 17.2% for what we call "social levies" (I am not sure it is the correct word in English). Total : 60.5% - 62.2%. Now, it is 19% but we still have the "social levies". New total : 34.5% - 36.2%. Btw, it is a really good thing. And, of course, we only have to pay taxes on our gains. The reason for this is because in France, crypto was first considered as a "non commercial benefit", a class submitted to a high tax rate. But there is a real hype for crypto down here (the number of crypto owners doubled in a few months), and people started to complain about this high tax rate. Then lawyers realized that there is an other class, untitled "Movable Asset", with a lower rate. And that is exactly what crypto is. Problem solved ? Sorry if that's not very clear, it is difficult to translate technical/words and make local laws understandable. Damn, I spent 30 minutes to write this reply ! ? You're welcome ! ? 3 words : girls, wine, cheese.
  2. If you take the S, N, O from "Snoop" and add C, I, B, A and E you have... COINBASE. Coincidence ? I don't think so.
  3. Welcome from France @peebo38 ! Nice to see you here !
  4. He didn't say "big news" but "something big". Which is a bit outrageous for @JoelKatz. Keep it civilized, please.
  5. I am at BNP Paribas. I will change to Crédit Agricole (I'm a French resident) as soon as xCurrent goes live
  6. So ! Mastercard is the new Coinbase.
  7. Congrats @Hodor, well deserved !
  8. If you need some tips for Paris, feel free to ask
  9. wingfr


    Santander + SBI + Crédit Agricole
  10. Unsubscribed as soon as they released their "ratings".
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