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  1. Your right anything could happen. Just was curious to see if you knew of a reoccurring retracememt as well.
  2. If your targets are correct, what do you think the bottom of the correction will be from that?
  3. KyleButler

    Bearableguy123 Thread

    On the 7th day of Christmas
  4. Tron gets pump and dumped very easy, because of a die hard fan base and people who are taking advantage of that. XRP always takes a little bit more effort for things to get into gear, because it gets hit with a lot of FUD from some group. I believe Trons first goal is create a decentralised data storage, where the next stage was leading more to Dapps I think. XRP's first goal is to become the standard for international cross boarder payments. Which idea would you rather invest in?
  5. Sounds like another real use case scenario to me. I'm no futures expert and only know the dumb down basics. BTC futures never made sense to me as I didn't see the point of buying a contract for btc at some price. But if banks aren't hodling many zerps and constantly need a supply of them as they go for payments. Buying a contract to lock in zerps at a known price will allow them to get on with their business and plan their budget for the quarter. I guess I see it working well, in the context futures were made for originally.
  6. Loving the negative sentiment. Saw the same thing last time before we went up. Must mean it's time to buy
  7. The current forecast is cloudy.
  8. KyleButler

    Ripple Partnerships

    Just the one and only CB
  9. KyleButler

    Another partnership

    Does xcurrent use blockchain?
  10. Dw I am certain we will one day have a bitcoin note that we can use. And all bitcoins will be stored in a centralised location. A president may then decide that bitcoin notes no longer need to be backed by bitcoin. To the future!
  11. its called speculation, thats the phase we are in. Use it or lose it.
  12. Hey guys I figured out the reason for the crash! It's because there is a super blue blood moon tonight