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  1. Hello and thank you. of course we will : my friends told him he had until next Tuesday before public disclosure : the Name is well known on the crypto area and I will help him exposing everywhere we can : web, Facebook, forums and Twitter. He can of course change his name, Twitter account, but with globally 50.000 followers it will not be easy, and his style is easily recognizable, so we will try to damage him as much as we can.
  2. Again, you read what you wanted to read and not what was written. He’s got several group, the one I was referring is not the one With people investing ( that’s 11 members), but the one where he gave his opinion on the market, and it has 30.000 members, so I’m pretty sure someone writing in this forum is member too. Math.
  3. @FUD Let me put it this way. What was your contribution to my request, and where did you see someone "crying because it ended up being a scam" ? Obviously your metaphor of the person who breaks his leg in the forest stops there superficially, without think that for someone not expert, being in the cryptoworl is exactly like a walk in the forest. Got the metaphor ? I give you the benefit of my non english native language on the first message, where my request was in fact about how to expose this guy since he's not a "hidden bot" but someone heavily present in Telegram and Twitter. ( and maybe even you are member of one of his group ). In the second message, however, since he was able to chat the trader, the request was clear : RTFMessage and tell me if I misunderstood the terms or it is really a scam...because yes, we are so "inexpert" and honest that we even have doubt ! Was it rocket science, or simply another occasion for you to stand on your "I'm-smarter-than-the average-people" pedestal ? Oh...and my idiotic friend says hello to you....well, not really "hello", but I guess you get the message...
  4. Ok, an update : my friend was able to track him down on twitter, and he simply doesn't want to give the money back, he simply refuses that, saying it is not part of the "deal". I'd like to know your opinion on that, because, of course we believe this behaviour is not right..and keep in mind the trader is one of the best known, yet anonymous, advice giver, free and paying on the net with telegram groups with up to 30.000 members and a twitter account. Also, the one and only one rule given by the trader when my friend joined the trading group was : "Plan: If we make less than 5% we will pay you 5% using insurance funds. If we make from 5-7% for example 6% we will pay you 6%. If we make 10% we will pay you 7% and rest will be divided. 50% will go to inaurance fund and 50% will go for me. So imfor example if i make 10%, you will get 7%, 1.5% will go to insurance fund and 1.5% will be my profit. I think thia is the best deal because I will be motivated to make as much as possible and that's mean you will be getting 7% weekly." Now, every week a choice was given to have back the profit or to reinvest it, and my friend decided to have the initial investment+profit reinvested every time ( yes I know, poor judgement !) At a certain point, the trader decided that reinvesting was not an option anymore and started to return the profit : he did it twice, then stopped doing it ( honestly, the market ws entered in the phase we all know). After weeks of stall, a request to exit the group was sent, acknowledged multiple times, but simply ignored by the trader. Yesterday, an offer was made by my friend : "ok, you can keep the accumulated profit, just give me back the initial investment" ( the profit is about a third of the total amount ) and the trader did not even bother to reply. Are we not seeing something here ? The trader said that by refunding he would have had no profit in the operation, but : 1) he kept the excess of the profit, as stated by the "RULE" above 2) the trader claimed 4 or 3 times he did not trade during first 6/7 months because of bad market, then stopped trading at all, but we have no proof he didn't used my friend's ( and other ten investor's ) BTC to pump & dump, as an example. Ok guys, I know he may be a scammer or not, but the fact that he's accusing my friend to be a "deal breaker" sounds so crazy to us that I want someone else opinion... Thank you
  5. Thank you all people, so much info, and of course some misunderstanding...but that’s probably because my lack of knowledge in English language. - No private key was given, he did send the trader a fraction of a BTC to his wallet in order to be reinvested. For a certain amount of weeks that worked and the revenue was sent back, honestly almost covering initial investment. - as I said the trader is a private which owns a free trading advice group with 27.000 members, and he is very well known. He also has some paying group. He’s not a ghost, but definitively he’s not replying back since half January, nor his aid has as well, I’ve been told. my target was to have suggestion on how to use a media like Twitter to get his attention, since bad reputation could be a problem for him. We’re not disclosing his nickname or twitter account for the moment, because..well, because my friend is patient and thinks it is better to “raise the bar” progressively as he said....as soon as the money is back, his business is his business, and he’s not gonna messing anymore with him. ‘any advice on how to use Twitter with the most efficiency to get lot of people and catch the attention ? tnx.
  6. Hello there, hope this is the right place...just in case, moderator please feel free to move the post wherever best fitting. One of my best friends, if not my best friend, gave a fraction of a BTC to a well known Twitter /Telegram trading advice group owner, in order to have it invested where it was best. This trader was giving a dividend every week or a choice of reinvest the BTC, and ahe surely did since when requested, the dividend was sent, I've been told. After few months however, the trading has slowed down, and he was told that the marked was not good in that moment....in the meanwhile my friend which is need to have his money back, decided to go out the group and have his investment ( a bit more than what invested initially ) back. At that point, the messages sent on Telegram were not read anymore ( probably blocked ) and only a message on twitter caught one of his collaborator friend's attention. This collaborator put him in contact with the Group owner/trader and was promised to have the btc back shortly....instead he had another "dividend" but not the deposit back. Every attempt to contact him or the collaborator on Telegram or Twitter is unread, but the trading advice group is there flourishing with thousands of members. I'm not good with twitter so I'm seeking advice on how to help him, as I feel a little guilty since I did not discouraged him to invest in such way... Someone can please give advice on how to use the social media to attempt to get the money back ? He has all the speech in twitter and Telegram saved, in which the trader asked confirmation for the refund and after positive reply, no answer at all... Thank you !
  7. "Don't do trading. Not anymore. Timing the market I always end up losing some zerps/money or at least got a gut-wrenching sensation troughout the whole trade. It's a lose-lose situation, for ME.
  8. If I could put the amount of money I invested in june one year ago, I'd be retired by now.
  9. Although I prefer to navigate the air rather than the water ( and my dream is : http://www.diamondaircraft.com/aircraft/da42/ ) ...I must say that I'm impressed !! It is like a moving house !
  10. I'm 80% Xrp, and the remaining 20% of ETH/BTC/NEO was acquired long ago. Last time I had some money to pour in, I wanted to buy different coins, but it looked like cheating to me and I ended up getting Xrp instead...
  11. Oh c’mon guys you made me fomoing in my pants and sell áll my LTC to get more Zerps....
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