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  1. carpetbelly

    XRapid ONLY uses XRP as counter currency

    tweets from @JoelKatz like that make me feel like i've found 11 nuggets in my box of 10!!!
  2. carpetbelly

    What is Ripple waiting on??

    personally, I see a number of reasons why it hasnt happened yet... Banks move slowly, I've worked for a few and this is something common I've seen. A lot of the bigger banks never want to be first movers with things, they want to keep market share and other things generally in the middle ground. Ive been at some where in specific fields they aim to be number 2 or 3. Each field has it's risk profile. International transfers will move slowly in a test phase. There's the regulation side, but also the sanctions side. They need to screen those payments. When you have 3days for clearing that gives you some time to work on them. If you take that to near instant, that's a lot of rules that currently provide a lot of false positives that need cleaning up. Those 'hits' all are currently then manually reviewed. Let too many positive ones through and who knows how the regulators would treat you now. Dont mind me and my ramblings... And dont think Im spreading FUD, im exceptionally pro XRP. I think once these sort of things are ironed out people will have to go for instant payments. It happened domestically for quite a number of countries, it will happen internationally. Patience is key. And Ripple do seem very much ahead of the game. But those are my feelings from what I;ve researched. I could be speaking out of my backside for all I know
  3. carpetbelly

    The reason I am still here

    "They Live" being a classic!
  4. carpetbelly

    The reason I am still here

    or seen the film that the game took the quote from damn, that was a great game though
  5. carpetbelly

    Are there only 55 escrows from Ripple?

    You also quoted the point yourself. Says a NEW escrow, this will start at Month0. So when it gets to Month55 it will release. Simple.
  6. carpetbelly

    Does XRP Have a Name Problem?

    People in business also come up with stupid names, worked on enough projects to attest for the silly project names people put on things... Such as a flood project was called 'Noah'... One project that recently never took off was Project OMG... yep.
  7. carpetbelly

    Filter of Hope

    Done too
  8. carpetbelly

    Filter of Hope

    100 xrp donated... great cause, nicely done in setting it up
  9. carpetbelly

    ACI and Ripple finally public

    Indeed, I cannot see why someone who's a MD of such a big company like Accenture would jump ship to a role in Ripple unless they had real belief in the company. Which is another reason why Im very positive on the whole long term position
  10. carpetbelly

    Wallet Poll

    I was using Rippex now Ive moved over to Exodus as I have most of my other items in there too...
  11. Really enjoyed that read, thanks
  12. carpetbelly

    The Digital Asset Adoption Marathon

    @Hordor thanks for the read, I love reading your thoughts and it just constantly makes me feel I've made a great decision and happy to be in for the long haul
  13. I imagine they'd still keep fees, but probably reduce them to deal with competition. I know the bank I work for has just reduced the cost of international transfers. I dont speak for the bank at all, and have no knowledge of that department but I also imagine given they could reduce costs by utilising something like XRP they more than likely would given most banks I know of and have worked for are always looking for easy cost cutting measures. And then by still charging a good amount you open the profit from the transaction and increase the cost/profit jaws. The instant settlement is the thing they sell to the customer. And they still make a good profit. This is why I've gone in hard on ripple as I just see it as from a banking point of view on how they sell it as a win/win.