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  1. She has an awful lot of senior banking expertise, and as others have said very pro xrp. And sadly been attacked a little, but i do like her insights myself.
  2. Id use bitcoin to actually pay for things previously, never even thought about it as an investment (how annoying looking back on it now)... early 2017 i noticed the gains id had in the little amount of bitcoin id been using and thought hmm lets look into this more and what else is out there... given ive worked in banking systems for as long as i dont want to admit to. Granted only recently got more into the payments side and more fin crime than anything else. But at the time i was used to sending money abroad and felt the pain. Saw what ripple was trying to do, and thought well, that makes sense. Why cant money flow like data at teh end of the day most things are stored electronically. Sort out security, regulations and all that malarkey and it just was like yeah, that's where i wanna put some money. At the end of teh day. I just see it as a win for banks. Should make things less complicated, should reduce costs (which they dont necessaryily have to pass all the savings on thus increasing cost/earnings jaws so so speak), be faster, and quite importantly a better customer experience. And given the fact they've been engaging regulators, i thought well, this has to be a gamble but an educated gamble I say.
  3. Hi Bob, Im Gene, Ive worked in banking systems for long enough... If I have an idea, I wont buy a yacht but ill hire one for a party and you;ll get an invite for sure! Thank!
  4. Ahh Pom living in Sydney for like nearly 9yrs now... And yep, the distance left between cars leaves a lot to be desired. Plus does people just sitting in the middle lanes on the motorways... haha. And the amoujnt of times a taxi nearly knocked me off the motorbike>?! I lost count a long time ago...
  5. Eh? QLD drivers are awful though... from my experience :p Then again, Sydney Taxi drivers make grown men want to cry
  6. I imagine that's what Codius is for... If you're going to have a legally binding contract, have it in a smart contract and then when the conditions are met you then have the payment release. That's how I see that part working down the line. But unless im mistaken in what you're getting out there. I dont think it's bad to think about these things. After all, I would imagine regulations and legailities are what's makign things move slower than what most people would like.
  7. @BobWay thanks for signing up and answering questions from people... Ive read through a fair chunk, still got more to go so don't envy you there and going to add to your pile too now From what ive seen before any payment is done (and obviously correct me if Im wrong!) i think there was a call for a kyc/aml check. Now, I assume a sanctions check is part of that. Currently with the swift system, and the fact it's not instant, does give banks time to do due diligence, some manual checks (looking up items in world check and the like) to ensure people/companies etc arent sanctioned entities or people they shouldnt be doing business with. Given currently you get a lot of alerts and hits given it's a lot of fuzzy matching, I can only assume ripple have thgouht of this and what happens in this space with the ripple solution?
  8. Yep, by linkedin he works at santander... in milton keynes where the head office is. And is in financial crime, as such wouldnt have access to equipment to make corporate vids. It' prob his own phone headphones to utilise the mic on them. And also, Im in financial crime side of things. And he's speakign about concerns ive seen and wondered about the last few months. It's very interesting to see where Santander is with this. That all sounds pretty promising and not unexpected.
  9. Youd think but I work for a bank and we;re not allowed to process transactions in USD or transactions with say a US bank anywhere involved in that transaction. Doesnt matter the use of the purchase in that instance at all. And then Im aware of some banks just blanket avoid Iran full stop so as they dont have to deal with the costs of seperating out these transactions. I would imagine the ripple guys are all over it. And given XRP isnt ripple then there's the no issue. Meh, just thinking outloud, type of thing As I said, interesting food for thought.
  10. This is very interesting. When there's a direct ripple partner then I'll be really interested in how this will work due to the US sanctions and how a US company will deal with that.
  11. Enjoyed the read. And love love love the idea. When I first read about 3D home printing it just made sense for multiple use cases and this is an awesome one. And love the fact there's already movement made with working with the good souls group and getting tips in already. My post adds nothing but awesome info and thanks for sharing
  12. very valid blog... i've always thought it wont really go mainstream until people can use and interact with cryptos with the ease they do with their current banking/investments really thanks!
  13. Man, Im a world class super creative person then! Winner, I need to move out from banking now. Time to update the CV with these points.
  14. My opinion only, at the end of the day ripple could fail yes, things could be scams. Doubtful. Would that matter? We hold XRP not shares in ripple. R3 have also picked up the XRP baton so to speak and utilising it. SBI are major shareholders in both and you'd imagine they'd want them both to succeed as at the end of the day what does that mean to them? $$$$ Cha ching $$$$ All I keep seeing is what would seem to be positive news that should help the XRP ecosystem. How long it takes to play out, well, that's a different story.
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