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  1. Just curious, and obviously you don't have to share, do you work in a department that deals with the blockchain programs in the bank?
  2. I highly doubt it's ODL. It would be more likely Santander using their local operations in each country to do the transfer of funds by their internal ledgers of each group. And using xCurrent as the message between them. This is pure speculation on my part but would seem a very easy efficient thing for them to do. I would imagine down the line they'd move to ODL, but this to me doesn't look like it is.
  3. Erm, yeah, author can't be arsed to research properly, i don't give credit to the article at all.
  4. Id also imagine any rollout of using ODL would be a gradual pilot roll out as well... worked in enough banks rolling out items to know this sort of thing is in the most cases piloted on certain areas/branches etc.
  5. Id like to thank you @Hodor. I've always enjoyed your blog both in the content and writing style. It will be a miss but nothing lasts forever.
  6. Im so surprised by this. It's awesome for the card holders, but I would have so expected a company to have just sold the debt on.
  7. but then you still have to hope that person in mexico can cash out that fb coin and that fb has partners in mexico that will either accept said coin or allow it to cash out... and im sure they will, but you'd imagine that person receiving it would rather cash out in fiat. Then again, i dont think competition is a bad thing. No ones going to have 100% of the market.
  8. For me, as Brad said in his interview. Ripple are going after enterprise players, this looks like it would be targeted (only a brief skim of the whitepaper so a total assumption I could be wrong about) for retail items. I only see it as a positive thing that a company that size is coming in and can give regulators a kick to help speed things along. Also help educate the masses more and just generally increase visibility of the ecosystem. Though for me, I agree with others. Trust facebook with my banking data? lol. No thanks.
  9. Man, this is great to see and thanks for the update
  10. Ahh man, this thread made my morning before I start doing any work haha!
  11. liability is key... and also you get into philisophical discussions with self driving cars. If the car has no choice to crash and you have two options, you take out a pedestrian or you kill the occupant? What do you program? If you kill the occupant then does their family sue the manufactorer, programmer? Do you then just take out the pedestrian and risk outcry from society that someone walking along shouldnt be in danger from a self driving vehicle? Do you take age into account? If it's a child? Do you risk weight an older person and deem who's more acceptable to save? (if there's such a thing!). These are all things that Ive seen when I worked on insurance systems bounded around in white papers for possible self driving cars. And things like who's at fault if self driving cars are on the road with normal cars. What happens then with more variables in the mix. it becomes quite a fascinating debate.
  12. I could swear you're repeating yourself now... Oh well, the joys of everyone being a critic apparently on the internet
  13. This... done a few bank system implementations in my time and when getting tenders from companies they've always had to recommend what staff would be needed to implement the software roughly. That's added into the costings, PMs, BAs, Testers etc all cost money. And is a big part of any project budget.
  14. that's gone with age? there are pills that can be got to help that pent up feeling again...
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