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  1. He only says he's long bitcoin to play the wolf in sheep's clothing. He has to seem for the cryptospace to be seen as impartial, prior to offering up XRP's advantages.
  2. Nice data, but I don't agree with the conclusions. Sales spike as price goes up because the sales scale with volume. Price goes up, higher volume, higher programmatic sales.
  3. Trump is monitoring your XRP address, waiting until you sell so that he can announce that all payments for covfefe must be made in XRP.
  4. What do we have on Stellar Network? Stablecoins? There's already a billion other stable coins with the only use case being proxy USD to trade crypto. IBM? Joking about using XLM for a year now, plans to release yet another stablecoin on the network. How a ecosystem is health when nobody use it and Stellar foundation have 85B lumens of 104B (increasing) total supply? Instead: Ripple, has indicated that some financial institutions actually plan on settling payments on the XRP ledger via xRapid. etc
  5. I just read top of reddit/recently created topics on XRPchat.com. I disregard anything that says 'Ripple (XRP)' in the title, it's usually rehashed click bait.
  6. Think you misinterpreted or title is unclear. They are stating that demand for remittance solutions is high and that traditional services cannot meet this need. It's a nudge for people to start using ripplenet instead, not that it's too much traffic for ripple solutions.
  7. Yes, if you're referring to the XRP ledger, you just have to put up a 20 XRP reserve for anti-spam measures on the network.
  8. The bitcoin cash fiasco is why they're being more careful now, check out their 4 phases of listing a new asset. I think you're giving coinbase more credit than they deserve, they don't care about XRP becoming #1, they just want to make money off of trading fees while being in the clear on a regulatory standpoint.
  9. That's probably by design. Coinbase doesn't want to influence the market by listing assets or they could be met with lawsuits for price manipulation.
  10. If people want something stable to store their value in, they'll stick to the dollar. XRP can be a store of value for reasons other than being stable.
  11. Kraken, bitstamp - I prefer Kraken for transferring money in and out.
  12. xRapid is software developed by Ripple and partners are Ripple partners, not XRP partners. Same goes for investors. Rest looks nice.
  13. BNB(erc-20) is the base pair, so either ethereum, or they're going to launch their own blockchain and do a tokenswap
  14. It did do what 'Ethereum did' it went up ~70x from 0.6c to 42c, then ~15x from 20c to $3. It's a matter of whether we'll see it happen again or not. While what Ripple is doing to grow the ledger and find uses for it is important, we'll likely be waiting for regulatory clarity before we get another run.
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