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  1. This is the mistake many make. Ultimately it is not how much of something you have that matters. What matters is percentages. If you have 1000 things at $1 each and it goes up by 10% you have $1100. If you have 1 thing at $1000 and it goes up by 10% you have $1100. Percentages are king. That being said, I believe you are right to think the 'potential' for higher gains in percentage terms favours XRP rather than BTC at the minute. This is something that will play in our favour as new money fomos in. They will fall into the trap of thinking that having 1000 XRP is better than a fraction of a BTC and this will only serve to drive the price up for the rest of us to hopefully benefit🤷‍♂️
  2. Always the way. I've been invested in this game for years now and there are always the same nob heads flapping their gums about 'yeah, price goes down I can fill my bags'...yada yada yada.... I wish they would all bore off. If they were going to 'fill their bags' why didn't they do it when the price was low? Talking shite. There is only one direction I want the price to go and that is up...preferably in an exponential growth curve, the same as any sane bag holder would!
  3. Oh I still believe the SEC will lose eventually and XRP will subsequently boom. I just think that folks in general are expecting a magical resolution on the 22nd with a moon trip on the 23rd - nutters. When the moon trip gets officially postponed until 'the next court date' a lot of weak hands will sell their tickets!! I am primed to try and sell into this and buy back after - I may get burnt, I usually do🤦‍♂️
  4. The whole market is booming, 1.4T now. XRP is benefitting from the general market sentiment rather than specific sentiment towards XRP. When I moved all my XRP to an exchange for the WSB PnD I left it there. I am expecting a crash on 22 Feb and my finger is ready to pull the proverbial trigger. I dont expect a resolution on the 22nd but the market is emotional and the fact that there isn't one will send folks running for the hills 🤷‍♂️ Baffles me why people behave like this, its clear as day that it will only be a preliminary hearing!
  5. Looks like you got that prediction wrong😉 I'm still baffled why people are expecting BTC to act the way it has in previous cycles, there will be no more massive crashes anymore...$40k to $25k - %40 nearly...nuts. It's no longer retail driving this. The spikes will still be big due to supply/demand but the crashes will get smaller and smaller over time. I just don't see situations like the Jan 2018 crash happening anymore, not for BTC at least.
  6. I find it strange why people refer to old trading cycles. The source of the mo ey was different to what it is. I can see fomo from retail buyers causing the crap coins to follow the cycle but not the big dogs. Institutional money is moving into that space now and they will not behave like emotional, weak handed retail investors. I think the days of boom and bust for BTC and ETH are done with now. They will just keep going on with some small scale (when compared proportionally to past performance) corrections along the way. Alt coins. Bandit season is still open, although I think this cycle will see the death of a lot of the coins lacking a reason to exist🤷‍♂️
  7. My issue with this is, the nob cheese dripping about losing all his money in the OP on GME states his money was 'stolen'. What a load of tripe. Fundamentally, selling stocks, crypto etc is transferring your bag to someone else. Someone is always holding the bag and in return YOU have taken THEIR money. In this instance he is on the opposite side of that transaction and he does not like that. When we all sell our crypto, we are looking for that person/entity willing to give us the value we want for our bag. They then take up the mantle of holding the bag until they in return find someone else willing to repeat the cycle, and so on. Fundamentally it is always a transfer of someone's wealth to you, so you are potentially taking someone's hard earned money. Now this lizard isn't happy because he was foolish and gave his wealth to someone else, yet it would have been ok for someone else to give their wealth to him? Get a grip. He screwed up, no-one marched to an Internet terminal and held a gun to his head. He freely did this and I have no sympathy. Any idiot can see that buying GME at $300+ was nuts.
  8. I disagree slightly with you there. Yes it does behave vastly different to Stocks, but that is not due to social media, it is down to who is actually pushing money in/out of crypto. Up until the last few months this has been dominated by the average layperson speculating in a highly volatile market in the hopes of striking rich. They are highly emotional and are like a flock of birds startled at the slightest thing - social media is the medium which 'startles them'. Yes it plays a part, but it is the type of investor as to why the market behaves differently. When the market is dominated by corporate money it will be a very different space, far less volatile, a lot more predictable. Until this happens, I find TA doesn't really have much value.
  9. OK, and if retail are locked out of it, hd are bag holders going to sell and benefit from this?🤔
  10. Are they long, or is it more a case of there is simply not enough liquidity/buyers to dump such quantities on other than at the slow drip feed they have been doing? I'd say its more a case of they were dumping as much as they could get away with and not collapse the market🤔
  11. Well it would seem I was 'right'😉 This pump was a load of shite, I knew it would be hence I moved all of my holdings to an exchange last night to sell. The first time they have moved off my ledger in just over 4 years. My only mistake was that I drank a bit of the kool aid and thought the pump would take us into the $1 -$2 dollar range. Only reaching $0.75 caught me flat footed and as I expected, all the exchanges had crashed. I even planned for the exchanges crashing by putting in automatic sell orders, alas, I misjudged and set them too high so none were fulfilled. Back to the 0.2 to 0.3 range. The window is too small now for me to gamble - I got burnt in 2017 playing that game so I'm probably over cautious. Oh well, live and learn, back to hodling! The only thing that will save this is a favourable outcome with the SEC. Good job XRP is only 20% of my holdings by current value.
  12. Support.....where......🧐 The only support is around 0.3. Everything else is a consequence of this WSB shite. Why people try and look to TA is beyond me. Trying to apply rational thought processes to an irrational situation is bonkers🤷‍♂️
  13. Funny you that, I was just on the blower to my mucka about this and I said that I think we'll drop back down to 04-0.5. So its a case of pick a sell point and then iron hands all the way back down, ignoring any dead cat bounces🤷‍♂️
  14. There are always permanent increases🤦‍♂️ If there weren't then BTC would be around zero like when it was created. I'm not going to get into how it works, cba. Congrats, you did make me chuckle when you slung 'kid' my way. Hopefully we see $2+ and I should be able to cream enough to start paying tradesmen to build my house rather than the slow laborious route of doing it myself!
  15. Oh I intend to. If you could explain to me what positive news has been announced to explain the price action then I'm all ears 👌
  16. 😳wow, been a long time since anyone has called me kid🤣🤣 Listen Pops, I didn't say the pump wasn't there, it clearly is. What I said is the pump is artificial and not organic. Ergo it will be but a fleeting thing rather than a permanent price increase. Not sure how long you've had skin in this game but I've been in long enough now to recognise it for what it is and I intend to scalp it if I can. If you have been knocking around for a while then you really ought to know better🤷‍♂️
  17. What cool aid have you been drinking. There has been zero positive news r.e. XRP/Ripple. Nada. Zilch. This is pure WSB pump/speculation. Please direct me to the news which correlates to this pump? As for BTC pump leading to all ALTs pumping. That game ceased play the minute the SEC decided to drop the bomb on Ripple. XRP is adrift until the SEC situation plays out. If we make any gains due to BTC going up they will be incidental and a fraction of what they would have been pre SEC lawsuit.
  18. Thats the game I am playing. Watching it for the sell off to commence. Once that starts I'll sell and rebuild when we get back to 'normal' XRP levels. This coin loves the 0.2 to 0.3 range. Absolutely nothing will bring this coin to permanent $3 plus levels unless the SEC case dissapears and/or 'large' scale real world use kicks in.
  19. Good news if you want to gamble and try and make a few quid. Price will fade back down to 0.4 once the sell off kicks in.
  20. I think everyone on here needs to give their heads a wobble. There is nothing organic about this price increase, it is entirely down to WSB speculation and the price will not stay up here for more than a few days. Mark my words, we will be back down to sub 0.4 before long, 100%.
  21. Can people posting links to articles please take the time to bother writing a quick summary I.e. TLDR.....the endless click bait is getting tedious to say the least.
  22. How's longs a piece of string. Chill, these happen all the time. I dont even blink now when I see it happen. Even if it goes down for a few months it does not matter. Ultimately it will reverse and go off like a rocket. This is standard crypto behaviour🤷‍♂️
  23. Earned 😂😂😂 Aint nobody 'earning' money in crypto. Its bandit country, its a transfer of wealth from those late to the show to those who got in early. Those in 2009 to 2013 are probably long gone now after the likes of me and you bought their crypto at higher prices than they did. Now we sit and wait, nursing our bags until the time when someone else comes along willing to give me what I want for my crypto. And so the cycle continues. There's nothing wrong with this. Unlike a pyramid/ponzi scheme therenis value in crypto, particularly BTC as a store of value and XRP for payments. There will.come a point though where the 'value' of what I hold will need to be reallocated. Cant eat crytpo🤷‍♂️ I believe we will see BTC at 1MM+, one of my favourite posts regarding crypto was the time traveller one. Maybe, just maybe, it was legit and I've got me a ticket to the citadel😉 🤣🤣
  24. If I was I wouldn't be lurking on here, I'd already have enough cash to not be sitting around waiting for BTC to hit 1MM and XRP hit $15😜
  25. It never ceases to amaze me how at the slightest whiff of a retracement all the doom mongers materialise prophesying the end of the bull run. Go sit in a dark corner somewhere and take some deep breaths. If you really think the end is nigh, sell all your crypto and put it in an ISA or something. Zero volatility, zero profit, zero stress...whatever. Crypto has never been a nice linear straight trip to the moon. Its a rollercoaster, so put your big boy pants on, strap in and stop stressing.
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