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  1. I'm surprised by the backlash. Ripple aims to enable THE WORLD to move value like it moves information. We can expect Mr. Clinton, former president of the USA and still very influential on a global scale, to fully underline the importance of this mission.
  2. Replace Ripple with 'X' in JK comments, and you'll see a list of potential risks / threats that can be applied to (tech) companies in general. ----------------------------- Someone else does almost exactly the same thing X does, but does it better. Unfavorable regulatory changes make X's business model impractical. Some serious technical problem is found in the X system and neither X or anyone else is able to fix it. Some horrible personal or business scandal affects X Someone comes up with a better way to do X ------------------------------
  3. Just keep in mind: Ripple's +110K followers on Twitter aren't XRP holders only. The purpose of their 3-2-1- message makes perfect sense from a PR point of view. Ripple still has a whole world to conquer. Wishful thinking can be a recipe for foolishness.
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