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  1. Is there any other exchange besides Coinbase where you can exchange XRP and actually get USD out? For example if someone had $25,000 worth of XRP, what is the best way to sell that and get USD back into the fiat banking system? Does Moneygram do this somehow?
  2. I don't think the BG has ever tried to pick a specific price.... I think that's all misreading the puzzles. He's given a lot of information and food for thought, and just because the numbers 589 or 23 whatever come up, doesn't mean he is inferring a specific price. There is likely more to the puzzle... If he is an insider of some sort, he would know that there's too many variables to make any such prediction.
  3. Totally true. Twitter is getting to the point where it's too toxic for advertisers. The executive management is well aware of this and it's their #1 goal-- clean up the platform or face the consequences.
  4. Thank you for this I will check it out!! I used Coinmama and it was pricey. They accepted my credit card, but charged it as a cash advance $$$ Maybe they all are doing that now.
  5. Adding Coinbase doesn't really line up with Ripples core mission of first serving the financial institutions. It will be inconsequential in the long run.
  6. I can't help wonder if that knights glove is supposed to represent the "invisible hand".
  7. I studies this more, thanks for the input. I think I see why this wouldn't happen-- the world is still going to need a central clearing authority.. I think what exactly that looks like is a little up in the air, as shown by the recent turnover of their CEO.
  8. I see-- but in some ways it is impeding the future.
  9. It seems Ripple could use their manpower and relationships. Swift isn't some overwhelming entity when you look at their true revenue and number of employees.
  10. RE The regulators-- I can't much-- only that the entire banking structure is highly regulated and all of the central banks would have to agree that this is in everyones best interest. To me, Swift was a creation of the regulators to sit in the middle and guarantee an orderly transaction. It's a Co-op because it should be not for profit-- it's authority is granted by a "law" vs. any sort of technology. I think we'd have to study how Swift was formed and who owns it and why in order to understand more. I'm not in this industry.
  11. It would have to get past the regulators. The Co-op structure, while nice when there isn't any competition, is really quite terrible for innovation because no one entity is going to want to take any risk... because the reward isn't big enough. They are better off selling out. Especially when technology and IT are involved and it's not the forte of any of the banks in the co-op.
  12. I thought everything could be sold. That is, the co-op of banks-- they could actually vote to turn the "co-op" over to another entity. Every Co-op has owners or partners or controlling interests or however it's described.
  13. It seems to me with Ripple's warchest, they could easily buy swift if they wanted-- and being that swift is just a coop of banks with a decentralized and relatively disinterested ownership-- why wouldn't they just sell out for a slightly inflated price and then everyone is happy. The timing of all of the trials and ledger movement plus the retiring of the Swift Ceo makes it seem like the transaction could be under way. Since all the entities are quasi-private, how would anyone even know? I don't have any evidence, this is just a question.
  14. While Coinbase is terrible-- it is still one of the only ways to get FIAT into the crypto market in the US anyways., Unless I'm missing something-- please enlighten me!!
  15. Looks like there's some hedging in that direction-- IBM acquiring Red Hat might come into play too, so they can capture and direct clients their way. https://www.bankingtech.com/2018/11/goldman-sachs-and-morgan-stanley-go-live-with-clsnet/
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