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  1. For financial companies but if the public are aware that there's some company called Ripple, saw them on Ellen and now seeing them on online ads for low cost transfers, next time they are deciding which bank to switch to, they might go for the one which runs on Ripple. I think it's great to get Ripple into the general consciousness, and I am sure would have a positive effect, though very very difficult to actually measure.
  2. Digging up an old thread, but it's the only real reference to smartbank in xrpchat.com. The reason I'm digging it up, is that I keep a close eye on Ripple subdomains. I believe they are an indication of activity going on. Here's one that's popped up in the last few days: smartbank-1.i.ripple.com
  3. Could equally have been titled "SWIFT Managing Director says DLT is “really interesting”" She didn't give much insight into a possible future involving XRP, but on the otherhand she absolutely did not deny it.
  4. Well your first mistake was getting her involved. Only joking, -- somewhat. It's very easy for a partner to say "yes that sounds like a good idea" and when it goes up say "oh baby, this is fantastic, I love you" but its also easy for them to say "you numbskull, it keeps going down!! I need that money for X and Y and Z" then you sell, and then it moons.
  5. Agreed, just had a look through it (fellow techie). It's in the name too... "corda/integration-with-swift". Though, it's nice to see XRP and SWIFT mentioned pretty much as alternatives to one another. With regards to the reference to CITI.. I wouldn't run away with that. I work in fintech and yeah, in cases like this if you're mocking a payment, a bank, a merchant in unit tests etc. you will at times just pluck things out of the air.. sometimes absolute nonsense, sometimes real entities. Can depend on personal preference or the existing coding style or standards in the team/project.
  6. Interesting. I noticed the following subdomain some time ago: jbra01.i.ripple.com and I guessed it had something to do with brazil.
  7. Quote of a quote but to be specific, Mastercard made a cash offer for Earthport too which was about 20% higher than Visa's so I think that's still an open case - but good either way.
  8. Interesting that out of the 40 open roles, the guy mentions integration engineers who go onsite to integrate clients... along with the 15 other great news recently, that's another!
  9. "legal arrangements must be made" .. interesting. No timeframe mentioned it seems. Here's to an interesting 2019!
  10. Nice spot. Additionally he nods his head positively for the previous statement by Brad - instead of getting a faster horse just switch to a Ferrari. There could be something behind his nods - or it could be the case that if you're on stage with somebody with cameras and faces pointing at you, both feeling a bit of pressure and nervous etc, it's as if you're on the same team and you each have eachothers back so perhaps he's just nodding because in this context, Brad is his friend.
  11. I think I can answer for OP as I am also disturbed by the richlist. The issue is to be a 1%er you need 73k+ XRP. I don't have that yet - so that's deeply disturbing to me. In all seriousness it's arguably obvious that OP is disturbed by how insanely rich those who have fat wallets will be e.g. Larson, Garlinghouse, Schwarz. If XRP rockets, Larson will end up way beyond Bezos/Gates on paper. I do agree but I think at that level, individuals can get that rich once it's aligned with the other most powerful people. So I don't really see it as an issue. Slow regulatory clarity concerns me the most. Second to that, no major FI's using XRP. Sure we have some small players starting to dabble in it but we need big names. Of course the plan is to build up liquidity from small players to large ones.
  12. They've stated several times in different ways that they plan on getting a few small players onboard first, payment providers, and build up liquidity.
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