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  1. I think this coiler does more harm than good. It's over the top clickbait but so much so that the odd time sometimes it's like oh my god is this actually true? The titles don't have a clear indication that they are a joke a lot of the time. Then you see by XRP_Productions or clicking in to read a few lines before realising it's nonsense. Clickbait posing as satire but for me it's caused more confusion than laughs.
  2. For best result you can use https://github.com/aboul3la/Sublist3r a simpler option is dnsdumpster.com which shows a bunch. There are others I feel are important and relate to japan but I can't say for sure. I just like keeping an eye that the list is growing which indicates to me they are working on an increasing number of projects.
  3. Finally.... I have been observing bacflorida-1.i.ripple.com for months now. I have a habit of keeping an eye on ripple.com's subdomains - good to see it is an indicator.
  4. Might be that they might be closely monitoring ODL activity, as it's a new tech to them. Perhaps they have skeleton staff during Christmas and decided to revert to their old ways of settlement which is well tested, as they don't have resources to monitor ODL. There are a few possibilities, that's one.
  5. I keep an eye on subdomains of ripple.com and jexim01.i.ripple.com has been there for ages, but they've been so quiet w.r.t. ripple, nice to finally see something at least relating to subdomains.
  6. Nicely spotted. Likely because they don't want to be seen to be pumping the market / showing interest/excitement in the value of XRP. I am in favour of their edits, sounds like they are more external and not using dramatic words like "pump".
  7. "as it prepares to take over at least 50% of the whole Ripple network" what does this mean? Nodes? liquidity? Shares? Volume? Seems like a strange way of wording their intention.. quite aggressive and opens FUD i.e. SBI 51% attack.
  8. Sorry.. I just skimmed through Gupta's parts primarily - nothing new. Most interesting other point I saw was from Mr. Beehive CEO which is that "disruption" was the buzzword a year or two ago, that's not going to happen according to him. Libra etc. won't make it. Regulation is there for a good reason and technology can change but the core services won't. That's summarizing his words. So, that implies Ripple are in a good spot. I do remember "disruption" being a buzzword, and has been dieing away... so that bit just caught my attention.
  9. Looks pretty good, but could also be testing by some party, or something else - I don't think it's possible to be certain but it's definitely making me hopeful.
  10. I for one like it. I think the site looks less crypto-ey and more professional. I find it interesting how they have on https://www.ripple.com/ripplenet , Euro, USD, and XRP in the graphic - not exotic corridors like the Philippine whatchamacallit and the Thai thingymajigger. Big boi currencies... Also, note the coverage in the media that the current liquidity issue w.r.t. overnight lending / repo market. I know nothing about it, and it may be irrelevant, but I think the understanding of the term liquidity is becoming more ubiquitous... IMF.. ECB.. there's a global problem which is coming more to the forefront as the other problems get solved (e.g. end user experience is now pretty decent for most people banking or sending payments on their phones etc) so... I think Ripple sees what's coming and is optimizing their appearance appropriately. I wouldn't be surprised if we see "on demand liquidity" being used by more and more institutions in the future...
  11. I'm chuffed that since Libra, Brad & Ripple have been treated like authorities in the merging crypto-fintech space. I've been paying attention since pre-2017 boom, and this is a major, tangible shift. It's fantastic.
  12. I wonder if this relates to the subdomain xrp-holder-portal.staging.ripple.com which I noticed appeared about 3 months ago. I've mentioned it here on there on some youtube videos but no one every acknowledges me. (source:dnsdumpster.com).
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