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  1. Reminds me of dec 2017 with all these low BTC valued alts. Wasn't until BTC started correcting downward that the alts started popping off.
  2. It's important to remember that each coin takes turns with their respective pumps. While waiting for a good opportunity to buy back XRP, I was in HOT, STR, DOGE, IOST, ETH, XMR, ZEC, and a few others which all posted significant gains while XRP was falling from 11k sats. Now i feel is the time for XRP to do the same.
  3. I haven't liked XRP vs BTC chart for past couple months so I stayed out but went back to mostly all-in at 7500sat before BTC went crazy. Reason being that $0.30 is a steal considering we were stuck between $0.20 - $0.29 for over half a year in 2017. Sure, BTC value may suffer short term but vs the dollar, it's a safe bet imo.
  4. https://ethereumworldnews.com/ripple-xrp-coming-to-gmail-moneymessage-makes-it-possible/
  5. Tough to answer. I watched $850k slowly dwindle to fractions since then. While i still have faith in the company and it's native currency, there still exists a strong possibility that a single piece of news could send us back to where i first bought in at. Hell, we still don't know who Satoshi is and he alone could tack on another few years of depression for the whole market. I know that no matter what happens I'll still be able to look back at 2017 as one hell of a positive year for me. ETH bought my first house and XRP helped my sister buy her own. 2017 will forever be remembered as the year where money was plentiful as your account would casually double or more every couple months so long as you diversified well enough. To answer the OPs question, if i had a time machine and used it right now then, yes, i would sell based on my future selfs fears. $850k would be more than enough to help my mom retire and i could've invested a small portion into stocks or something else. That being said, i didn't sell and have spent these bear months learning to trade and taking advantage of the pumps. It's just a bit more unpredictable compared to the 6 months of bouncing between $0.20 and $0.30, talk about accumulation when you KNOW it's going back to $0.20 from $0.30 lol.
  6. Have we any updates on the current holdings of the 4 accounts?
  7. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/ I prefer to monitor total supply here (scroll down a little on main page). You can actually see XRP being destroyed every few seconds.
  8. Very intereresting. For the past few days I've been getting the same feelings I had back in December when I went all in on XRP. Just this morning I sold everything for XRP again with the exception of my ETH holdings as it is also looking due for a juicy pump.
  9. Has anyone else noticed the huge surge in rates on the exchange(s) they frequent? The one I use is relatively small ranging between 5k - 10k users online, fyi, but it's probably been close to 8 months now since I last saw XRP rates above 0.0001% as it was surpressed by various lenders with around 5m-10m XRP combined. Sometime last week, the lowest XRP loans available were nearly 1%! (Mine were taken around half that for a few days).To put that into perspective, a 4k XRP loan at 0.0100 for 2 days will earn between 1/1.5 XRP. The same suppression has existed with ETH where 5k-10k ETH has it kept at 0.0001 ever since I sold all mine last summer. Granted, I did not check every day but I've made a habit of always taking a peak at the short list of coins available to for lending. BTC rates, however have been greatly profitable and on a continuous basis for the past 7-8 months. I imagine the same is with STR during the same length of time (ranges between 0.0020% - 0.0100%) but everytime I get tempted to buy STR for lending purposes all I see is the man fish from start wars in my head (IT'S A TRAP!). Anyway, BTC rates have been halved to 0.0050 for going on 2 weeks now. Same time frame as the flip with XRP.
  10. Well we were asking ourselves the same question of "why are they selling now?" since this past March and xrp was around $0.75 then. Shortly after, beginning of April, we crashed to $0.50 before spiking to nearly $1. I would be interested in knowing if whether or not these 4 big accounts rebought at $0.50 before selling again at $1 if that's possible to pinpoint.
  11. Don't forget about coinmarketcap temporarily delisting Korean exchanges.
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