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  1. are you recruiting for your family???!?
  2. if i sold my XRP and want to buy back in at a lower price. should i convert my btc for usd on gdax then rebuy btc when i want to buy XRP?
  3. A reddit user brought up an interesting point. I am hoping someone with more knowledge of Ripples freeze future can elaborate to discredit the claims that people make about Ripple being centralized. I have already read Brad's answer on quora and articles on ripple insight. https://www.quora.com/Why-is-Ripple-centralized https://ripple.com/insights/how-we-are-further-decentralizing-the-ripple-consensus-ledger-rcl-to-bolster-robustness-for-enterprise-use/ If ripple isn't a centralized entity, how were they able to stop Jed from dumping his XRP holdings? I know he signed an agreement, but what if he said F the agreement, sold and then dealt with the legal issues after.
  4. @AU3162 can you please provide instructions or point me in right direction if possible edit: i think i found it on github
  5. I am debating whether to create a trading bot or execute my buy and sell orders manually. If anyone has created or followed instructions to do so can you please list here. I am looking to use bittrex. I would like to: Starting with current XRP wallet amount 1. create a sell order when the price = X 2. create buy order when price = X - (X * y%) 3. execute 1 at certain intervals. for instance 3, 4, 5, 6, 7$ marks I wouldn't call this day trading so I am leaning toward just doing this manually, but i look toward automating and placing on a cloud/server in case i lose the ability to access the exchange daily. Any input and advice is greatly appreciated
  6. price will start going back up soon due to demand. volume on bittrex buy=273 btc and sell =210 not sure about other exchanges. hodl!
  7. Cardano SL mainnet is already released?
  8. try gdax. you use your same login that you would for coinbase
  9. agreed, it has steered me away from stopping at this site daily. these are the same people who had tantrums after SWELL. I saw the great benefit of SWELL and the benefit of constant media exposure. A couple weeks ago there was a live demonstration of Ripple/XRP on a Japan news station. constant news, Q/A sessions, forum/interactions, steady price increase...what more do some want? the train is gaining momentum.
  10. the ledger nano s hardware wallet is a top choice. if you use a software wallet for the most secure experience, it is best to make sure it is a cold wallet and not hot
  11. if you use coinbase, use gdax. they are partner companies and you use your same login on gdax as you would coinbase. gdax is only a website, no app. bitcoin transaction fee is outrageous. buy bitcoin cash, eth or litecoin, send to exchange and sell for btc. I have no advice on what to do about getting on an exchange or not, but hodl your XRP. then in time hopefully you'll have an account on an exchange. look at it as a good thing you cant sell yet bc XRP is only going to increase in value
  12. my understanding is that the nano works as a physical authorization when you want to send. the "Ledger Manager" is only used to download an application to the nano. then with the additional desktop software application such as "Ledger Wallet Ripple" you can manage your wallet with the XRP. if you want to send that XRP, a prompt will display across your nano to confirm whether you authorize the transaction or not. so if something were to happen with your computer and someone created a transaction, they wouldnt be able to send because your physical devices isn't connected to authorize transaction
  13. i think the icon is only created once you download from here https://www.ledgerwallet.com/apps/ripple you can add any of the coins the ledger offers through the ledger manager chrome extension, but you can't access to use it as a wallet without the wallet apps https://www.ledgerwallet.com/apps
  14. if you look on the ledger site it has a couple things to download. the "Ledger Manager" which is the chrome extension is where you are able to download the applications that go on the physical device. for instance, i just got my nano s and it came with BTC, ETH, FIDO U2F and settings. if you want any of the additional coins the nano offers you have to download the application or if you want to remove a coin application off the of the nano you use the "Ledger Manager". after you download the application you will see if appear on the device if you want to actually access the wallet to send or receive you have to download the "Ripple Ledger Wallet" which is a desktop application, not chrome extension. If you wanted to use BTC, ETH, VTC, Stellar etc you would have to download their "**** Ledger Wallet" desktop application. You unplug the nano because when you open the "Ledger Manager" or "Ripple Ledger Wallet" you have to first enter your passcode for it to be recognized. it isn't like you enter your passcode once and unlocked the device to be used across your computer. consider it a safety feature You will see your address in the respective "**** Ledger Wallet" software application, NOT the ledger manager.
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