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  1. I gues there is a good reason behind it as CEOs dont tweet these things lightly...
  2. Sounds like it.. but it says outperforms DLT so does not it sound like competitor...?
  3. I know what you mean mate but either the reward should be enough or none at all so that one can atleast justify it as voluntary service. The example of f that is, If i visit somebodys home and ask a glass of water as guest, they will be happy to provide that free service as a hospitality but after drinking that if i give them 1 or 2 cents they would feel insulted even though in real terms they have gained 2 cents more than previous scenario.... However in the same example...f the reward is big enough to be considered as return gift that feeling od insult would diminsh.. so its just my opinion. Please tell me what do u guys think ..
  4. Agreed. Its better to offer no xrp than insulting with offer this small change of 100 xrp for 1000 quality articles.
  5. Other benefit of getting xrp on bitstamp is phone support for customer service which gatehub does not have but bitstamp does. Apart from other major factors phone support helps in building and sustaining confidence in the company and investors dont panic if there is somebody to help straight away.
  6. It increases volume/demand because pf easier availability and that way supports the price
  7. Hi Mate. My opinion is that we are waiting for wrong kind of signs of price appreciation as the real news would be when ripple gets approved by federal reserve as they have mentioned it in their 2016-2017 last email that they expect 2017 as an year of compliance. Which means nothing big can take place unless compliance rules are in their favour and i got impression by reading ot that they expect it this year.
  8. Awesome news. Axis is big bank in india ( 3rd largest private bank i think) i got account with them for last 10 years.
  9. Good point
  10. Just received this news letter from coinbase. Plz share ur opinions. Completing our transition to becoming a digital currency company (not just a Bitcoin company) As we kick off 2017, I think it’s important for Coinbase and GDAX to continue supporting more crypto currencies. We are no longer just a Bitcoin company. We are a digital currency company. This past year, we started the process by adding support for Ethereum. This was a major step. In 2017, you’ll see us continue that trend. To be clear, I love Bitcoin and it is not going anywhere. It appears to be the reserve currency of the digital currency space — a sort of digital gold if you will. It is an asset class that people flee to in times of trouble, most suitable for large, slow transfers, with a more conservative roadmap to evolve the protocol. What it has not become is a scalable payment network (with lower fees, faster confirmation times, and higher throughput). I’m skeptical that it will be able to make this leap (even with new developments in the pipeline). Federated protocols seem to evolve slowly. This initially saddened me because I think an open payment network is where the greatest potential lies for digital currency to improve the world (hence our mission at Coinbase: to create an open financial system for the world). But I’ve come to accept that Bitcoin may not fill this role, and that is ok. It is still a very valuable technology in the world as an asset class, and that it perfectly fine. Bitcoin may surprise me and scale (I hope I’m wrong). As we wait to see, an opportunity has emerged for other protocols to fill the payment network gap. Ethereum seems the most likely candidate for this at the moment (although things change rapidly in digital currency space). It continues to attract a number of good engineers to work on the protocol and build applications (an important leading indicator) and if proof-of-stake is successful this year, it will be a major computer science breakthrough providing a sustainable advantage. ICOs (people raising money on the blockchain) show no signs of slowing down, and Ethereum makes it very easy to issue new tokens for this purpose. I think new tokens built on top of Ethereum will find all sorts of use cases, from virtual worlds to prediction markets. Bitcoin’s guaranteed scarcity is an attractive property from an investment point of view (another gold like characteristic). Ethereum has yet to determine its inflation policy, but it seems to be leaning toward some moderate inflation policy (2–3% a year). This is another indicator to me that you’ll see Bitcoin continue to flourish as an asset class (and hold its value) while Ethereum may emerge as the preferred option for payment networks and custom tokens. It’s incredibly difficult to predict the future and the digital currency industry is no exception (take the above for what it is, pure speculation). Rapid change seems to be the only certainty. For this reason, you’ll see Coinbase and GDAX continue to support more crypto-currencies in 2017. As the most popular retail exchange (Coinbase) and institutional exchange in the U.S. (GDAX), we want to make it easy for people to use all types of digital currencies. Our goal going forward is to not play favorites, or support one digital currency more than any other, but simply to make it easy for customers to buy and sell whatever digital currencies they want. In this way, we can help support growth of the entire digital currency industry. Look for more digital currency options to be added in 2017. I think the world is still largely unaware that digital currency has been growing ~2.5x every year. If this trend continues (and I see no reason to believe otherwise) the future is very bright indeed. I’m looking forward to an exciting and productive 2017.
  11. Looking at the large amount xrp sold in last few days, may be a big news is in order..... TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 63,659,366,818 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 36,337,298,649* As of December 25th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  12. U r right Nik. Avoiding negatives and discussing things in constructive environment has been the speciality of xrp chat so i vote for mantaining the same thing. About xrp performance i am not happy as well but i have faith in Ripple team and i believe good things take time... ...
  13. Agreed. Even if the product is awesome, new buyers will not go through the pain to buy them via current process....
  14. TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,120,257,992 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,876,617,244* As of November 20th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.
  15. XRP DISTRIBUTION TOTAL XRP HELD BY RIPPLE 64,131,841,845 TOTAL XRP HELD BY OTHERS 35,865,094,564* As of November 13th, 2016 *Total includes business development agreements that are still pending.