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  1. @miguelFirst of all, thanks for sparing few moments from your busy schedule to answer questions of chat community as we are very small in $ terms compared to the big finance guys u are dealing with, we understand it can be disappointing when some people talk negative about xrp due to price in short term, when they should be focused in long term. But please try to put yourself in their shoes as well that these guys do not have access to as much inside information on regular basis as you do, so whenever u hear some good news and price goes down, instead of going up, and (pardon my french ) shitcoins outside keep going up, one kind of wonders, is there something i am not aware of..? Most of us are here in for longterm and have big hopes with Ripple so i guess we are not interested in "if" but " when" part of the equation. To be honest the price jump we have seen ( even at todays price of 18 cents ) is much more than most of common people have seen in their lifetimes but we believe Ripple is much bigger than this and infact knowing this makes things much worse, because it makes u anxious about how far is "dawn" is it few months or few years...? In my opinion the analogy of some of us will be very similar to knowing that they got the " winning tatts lotto ticket " but do not know the date of draw, and to be honest, knowing u r a winner does not help here. So it will be really appreciated by us, if you can give us bit more info or hint about expected timing of dawn,from price point of view, ( your opinion only ofcourse)
  2. What happens about price is in nobody's control bro, but the trophy goes to ur confidence and positivity. Amen for $20 in 3 years or sooner.
  3. Correction- from half a cent to 38 cents happened in 16 days. And it was more than 70 times. But i agree with your point here.
  4. All good mate. Cheers.
  5. Calm down mate. Everybody has right to publish relevant information, from what i can see plenty of people have liked the article including myself, and just curious to know why are you trying to bully the newbee, i u dont like the article, skip it but plz dont bully others. Everybody has same rights as u feel entitled to.
  6. As much as i would love for it to happen, it seems wishful thinking at the moment, but never say never. 10 years ago, had u told somebody abt btc current price, they would have recommended u for psychiatric revaluation. Lets hope for the same results here, even if they seem bit far fetched.
  7. I would love for that to happen, but bro the number could be of active xrp fans who were looking for info. Even if the banks have seen it the total number of views from banks will be very unnoticable as even swift has network of 10,0000 compared to Ripple (around 100). Cheers bro.
  8. Ripple's XRP Lockup, Any Updates?

    I would like tp know on whats happening on the rest 7 billion xrp...?
  9. Best thing about article is prediction of $100 usd each xrp. Even if its dream, i am still liking it...?
  10. Ha ha look what I got!

  11. The peoblem with expansions are understandable, however we needed you more on this forum not less compared to the past. I know you were probably to working harder to sort out the issues, but alteast you could give us same reply on time, it would give bit of peace of mind to members that somebody outthere is listening to their problems. Could you plz tell me if you have any phone support plan in future..? If yes when..? And when would we have trading app available..?
  12. Ha ha look what I got!

    That will be bit too much for them with increasing level of accounts. It will be easier to help somebody by opening an online shop for subsidized and profit goes to charity to some poor countried from Ripple.
  13. He is very open and gives answers without being diplomatic. Infact @miguelis also very good about the same.
  14. Ha ha look what I got!

    Come on u r" the joelkatz" and u had only one extra. What happened to good old marketing techs joel...lol. On a serious note, word of mouth spreads faster than lot of us can imagine, give away of Ripple tshirts and caps doesnt sound like a bad idea specially when i can get them done in china for dime a dozen( or i should say our beloved Xrp a dozen). When people see the name they will ask what is Ripple, what do they do. It may not have direct impact on sale or price but certainly helps making common and not tech friendly people aware of its existence.
  15. Ha ha look what I got!

    How abt ripple sending this to all old and committed members. If jed can give free lumens. T shirts and caps are possible too.