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  1. We may agree to disagree on something. But to set the record straight, I did not mean to be offend you as well mate. Cheers...
  2. How long to go for $10 each xrp...lol Doesnt seem far if every country is on board... in fact it seems conservative...lol
  3. Its not a good idea to insult anybody just bcz he is new. After all u dont seem to be very old as well here but would still expect to be respected. Even a genius is fresher in the beginning so please do not underestimate anyvodys opinion without investigating.
  4. Thanks mate.
  5. Good but nothing that impacts the price.... I hope it was not hype...
  6. Main points plz. I m at work...lol
  7. I believe that any price pediction here ( including mine ) should be taken as pinch of salt as the recent price surge has left everyone surprised. Joel katz ( one of the most intelligent guys at Ripple) mentioned in chat that even he was not expecting it this quick. But from pure speculative point of view, it sèems that even $5 in one year is not impossible, rest depends on how current consensus meeting goes. I believe there is too much hype and unless there is a big surprise it might bring price down if news can not keep up with the hype created in market. Tread carefuly. 100k is big amount, do not put if you can not afford to lose 100%. After all crypto is nothing but just faith in a code that expects price variation due to news we see ( i am a strong believer in Ripple fundamentals and love Xrp but above is true regardless ).
  8. 6 more exchanges r going to boost the speed so much that i would not be surprised if it touches $5 before jan.. Just curious how many total exchanges we got now trading...xrp...???
  9. Everything else is good but i did not like the part where Ripple said that they would rather like xrp to be 1 cent than 50 cents. I know they meant stability by it but that would not help investors like us.
  10. I like the part where it says Ripple is not on 100th part of what it can be in future..
  11. U r right fundamentally speaking but in real markets things work on the rule " buy on rumour sell it on news " so little crash would not surprise me after the news.
  12. Seems like jed patched up with Ripple
  13. I get ur point mate, but its hard to differentiate hacker's wallet from a good one so people who dont know much abt computer they would want a responsible institution like bank who can be answerable if things go wrong...
  14. I second this. Specially after i saw somebody lost a million xrp due yo a hack and considering how long it takes for gatehub to getback to us and they do not have even phone support.