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  1. Being from India i know that Indian government will never allow BTC as legitimate currency as governement will lose control over transfers by criminals and corroupt government employees/politicians anonymously . Ripple on the other hands solves all of these problems as its transparent, quicker, uses banks as mediator, has trackable payments so i think we may see some leniency towards Ripple and expect better treatment in future.
  2. Somebody should tell them to shut the f******k up if they do not know what they are talking about. Bloody losers.
  3. Thanks Enej When would app with debit card option be launched..?
  4. I checked and could not find that option. Do u think its better/ more secure to use authy or google authenticator...?
  5. I had same issue and 2fa authy password was not being accepted. I tried authy code when it was in last 10 seconds and it came up as correct code so i am guessing it could be syncing issues between their clocks. I got verification email after sending pm to enej.
  6. Even though i am not happy with lack of response from customer service.Mine is working now...
  7. I got email now but seems expired because when clicked on it, came up with bad token.
  8. 24 hours have gone. This many members are facing the problem with login and still no reply from Gatehub. Just wondering these guys are actually worried about gatehubs reputation at all...? Or since we dont have lot of alternatives at this stage so its My way or highway type situation...????
  9. It would be so much reassuring if one of the banks ( in each country ) becomes gatway of ripple...
  10. Its not funny situation. Its different if u r locked out from ur bank acc as u got moral support from government backing them, with gatehub its not as much support so it shatters investors confidence.
  11. Plus 500 is small commodity IOU exchange but IG markets is big one they have had btc since it was abt $150 usd.
  12. I disagree with the part that btc is doing it now as bitcoin has been available at some of the big and sanctioned product exchanges for year. I remember trading btc at PLUS500 AND IG markets.
  13. If they do go through IPO there may be possibility of xrp holders getting right shares because of being early investors using xrp..... just a thought...😉😉😉😉
  14. I dont know if IPO would be such a bad idea for xrp. Bcz xrp removal will be bad publicity for Ripple and indo think that there is reason why this thing has started in media. There is no smoke without fire