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  1. Thats the one. Thanks bro
  2. There was an article hinting Rothchilds behind Ripple, if true, thats equal to 1000 bill gates...lol
  3. Welcome to xrpchat sinha saheb, which city of india are u from...?
  4. Jokes apart bro. U r not wrong asking this question now as there shortage of liquidity in cryptos so move of 10% is seen commonly that is part of the reason banks are bit scared to touch cryptos ( apart from regulatory reasons) however the goal of Ripple to make xrp so much liquid by listing it on different markets that it becomes international standard of digital currencies, which will result in even big payments causing very low volatility such as in USD. In that case the savings in cost of transfer of multiple transactions will be much more compared to the cost of hedging that banks generaly do already for currencies and can also do the same with cryptos.
  5. At how many minutes did he say abiut wallets...? Sorry its too geeky for me so cant watch the whole..
  6. 100% agreed. Looking at their capacities, Sometimes i wonder if my money is safe with them..?
  7. If they cant hire more staff now, when would they..? If members are suffering for long time and they cant do much then either they are in wrong business or they have chewed more than they can eat. I have been waiting for reply for over a month. Is that ok...?, when every day matters in this rapidly changing markets.
  8. Very good find. I have had account with plus500 for long time, i did not use it much as i am not short term trader but i have noticed a trend that when they launch crypto on their exchange it means good days ahead for price. When they launched btc it was around 100 usd and within few months it touched 1100 usd. So fingers crossed we are gonna get surprised...😉
  9. Thats fine man. Atleast its quick transfer for honest tax payers.
  10. Beautiful thought about water
  11. Good job finding this one bro.
  12. New prediction- Xrp will touch $10 when it has one million facebook likes...🤡 dont worry about industry adoption and and news about exchanges etc, that part is not important. Come on mate, lets accept nobody knows whats gonna happen..
  13. Bad for him. Ripple is like a Sun, which is gonna rise, regardless, its him who will have to change his opinions, unless he has power to change the mind of 75 banks that are closely aligned with Ripple.