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  1. I would love that to happen. And also meetup with all ripple millionaires at may be Las Vegas....lol
  2. https://ripple.com/insights/mufg-joins-ripples-global-payments-steering-group/ Awesome news. Godspeed Ripple......
  3. Do u have a combined link stating the same for all 5 banks in canada
  4. I guess once money comes priorties change. For example for girls shopping and beauty parlours and guys... parties, friends drinks and strip clubs may be...(in some cases...lol)..
  5. I am under the impression that jed and other guys stash is part if 37 billion that bas been issued so far rest 50 billion to be released after 2021 does not include anything.
  6. Congrats to all for getting on $.011 again. Hopefully it becomes $11.00 soon, but the only trouble is that once it becomes $11 nobody would have time to come here for chat.. 😉
  7. Good to know mate. Otherwise i was freaking scared after reading that..😉
  8. Same with me
  9. I know what u mean and also wait desperately for xrp to go up but Rome was not built in a day brother.
  10. Could u plz send me the link for this info
  11. On one side we hear your arguments on the other side there are few of the most intelligent bankers and 15 out 50 largest banks who say they are willing to trust Ripple ( and the number is increasing ) who do u think we will trust...?
  12. Well lets hope ur debts and our dreams both get sorted via Xrp. God only knows whether its boom or bust is going to happen to Xrp but thanks to Ripple we have atleast something in sight that has potential to set us up for life, i do not think there are plenty of people who can expect something similar in their lives. So best of luck to all of us to become Ripple.millionaires...🤑😉😎🤑🤑🤑🤑 P.s. i love Ripple because it has showed me that even average income earner can also have opportunity of earning multifold returns , debt free life and early retirement which used to be considered only the game of big guys and giant corporations.
  13. Miguel informed that Aud option to buy xrp should be available by end of this year.
  14. Aud with direct deposit from australia and INR ( indian rupee) with direct deposit from India ( looking at the 1.2 billion population if it gets popular in india 100 billion xrp will be taken in no time ( its less than 100 xrp per person lol) which may support the price significantly. Thats why miguel said xrp will be available in india by end of the quarter 2 and in australia by end of this year.