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  1. @TiffanyHaydencongratulations dear. But does that mean less time for us..? In that case i am already feeling suicidal...😔
  2. Gatehub is broken, stay away

    Who the hell are u to tell others what to do...? Seems like u joined recently and are rude and high headed enough to not to mind ur own business and talk to people anyway u want. If u dont know or dont want to answer thr question easiest method will be to shutup and mind ur.own business, or members will report your behaviour for creating nuisance.
  3. Gatehub is broken, stay away

    Sorry for misunderstanding but i am not very good with techs and havnt done lot of trading so just want to know if i got xrp in ripple wallet and i want to transfer them to my bitstamp wallet. The cheapest method will be to transfer them from xrp gatehub ripple wallet to bitstamp xrp address. And then sell them there. Right..?
  4. Gatehub is broken, stay away

    Why cant u transfer xrp gatehub to xrp bitstamp..?
  5. Its a guess only but 75% chances in my opinion
  6. Its possible. But as long as it settles down above .25 cents levels of day before yesterday, its still a profit.
  7. Good for you in that case mate. 👍
  8. I understand ur good intentions behind hodling mate, and i thank u for that. I am not new to xrp, but i dont believe in digging a well when feeling thirsty. And when i should and shouldnt sell, should be decison i should make on the basis of my personal circumstances rather than the website's performance at any given time. So i think all of us should ask from @gatehubto pickup their game so that there is not much of difference in price vs other websites such as bitstamp which have higher rates than gatehub mosy of the times.
  9. I am guessing the point is the "ability to sell" if one wants to do that. At one stage most of us would want to do that, and if gatehub is slowed down in those circumstances and u miss the high price then its not good and looking at their history, i would not be surprised. Just waiting for a bank wallet with proper customer service on phone to resolve issues.
  10. So in ue own words, Ripple has chance for next 10-20 years. I am fine with that as its gonna be enough time for xrp to touch may be $100 each.
  11. Hope so mate. Not saying i am not loving it but just wondering what the fruck got into xrp today mate..?
  12. R u sure abt $1 Aud bcz chart on btcmarkets says max price of . 64 aud plz look at image below.
  13. Australia at the Forefront of Embracing Blockchain

    @HodorAs u mentioned it was changed already, before it was something like " ASX is going to use XRP" which was completely misleading and would have caused lot of misunderstanding to people who speculate on the basis pf headlines without doing the required reading. Thanks mate.
  14. Australia at the Forefront of Embracing Blockchain

    Exactly. I would love if that happens but i hate false hype created by misleading information. @Hodorshould look into changing the misleading heading.