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  1. few years later there is possibility that people will be saying, geniuses bought it at 50 cents. Lol
  2. Sorry for the late reply mate, to be honest, i am not in touch with chat forum for last few months, i just have a look at the important news, because the downturn has been bit depressing, and the best way to hold sometimes is to ignore it until the price comes back.
  3. The normal peocedure is to send Qau tokens to erc 20 compatible wallet first( not on exchange and try with few tokens first) and then send qau from there to qau provided address u should get dtr tokens in few minutes. There is proper guide available in this chat forum by @RDS dont try the whole lot in one go, try with few to aboid losing them all due to error.
  4. I am not very hopeful about future of DTR but even if i sell them i will get like $500 , funny thing is that i had sold 10k xrp at that time, which would have been worth around $4850 today but anyway, i guess u win some u lose some in life. I will keep them as i think when market starts going up DTR may go up quickly because of low liquidity it can be easily manipulated by them and few pump and dumps are not too far fetched, thus creating opportunities to get out when other lots are buying.
  5. Seems like he is also disregarding savings from appreciation of xrp tokens by their ussge.
  6. I checked ur last few posts, and as expected, didnt find anything that appreciated Ripple and xrp and every comment u made was not favouring Xrp, except u were bit neutral comment, in which u pitched ur own project “ Peer something” in which u tried hardselling and i am guessing u didnt get any response from Ripple, hence u r here with your negative comments and hatred towards this community. Grow up mate.
  7. I am not sure if ripple would want xrp futures bcz it may increase volatility, which may be against the use case of payments.
  8. Do u think it could be related to sorting out issues with R3 as the amount is similar to court case of around 5 billion xrp. Just a thought. ?
  9. U will be surprised bro, i think big chunk of prople get into the trap of think “ it can never go back to that price” and end up leveraging, which is recipe for disaster.
  10. I wrote” no XRP no signup for Coinbase”
  11. All of us here have lost money some less and some more than you , but that was our individual decision not anybody else’s fault, just because we share ideas here on common platform, and some do it more than others because they are passionate about certain projects doesnt make them liable for anything. they dont need to apologise to anybody for having long or short opinions on assets. Had things been on the opposite side would you have sent few thousand dollars or xrp to @Chewiecoin or @RegalChicken.....??? i guess not. Then blaming somebody who once had similar ideas to yours, and that
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