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  1. I only partially agree with u mate. May be they are doing their job well ( we can only hope right...? ) and yes we are supposed to wait but thats not applicable when CEO himself raises hopes, only to be realized by people that they shouldnt have given it as much importance as they did. Sorry if it sounds bit bitter, but again its realistic not fud bcz all of us are in this boat together with the same goal of sending xrp to mooon.
  2. U do get the impression that banks will use their own coins but i read some where ( dont remember if joel k said it or Brad that, banks coming up their own coins will add another pair to be converted to fiat hence creating more friction in cost of conversion so bridge currency has to be neutral currency such as xrp, which can be trusted by all.
  3. Oh geez. There is still time left. Relax. Wait until the conference is over and if there is no announcement then you can openly bash away. Agree with u on that. Fingers crossed and lets hope u r right and they dont give us opprtunity to bash. Lol
  4. With all due respect, u took a big risk in breaking the cardinal rule of investing in crypto " dont invest what u can not afford to lose" wish u and ur father in law the best. Take care.
  5. Agreed about thinking longterm with xrp my friend and as i said i dont blame anybody if the price does not pickup for sometime due to time taken in adoption of xrp, however what i still find odd is the immaturity in CEO's chosing words as he must have known people would be expecting big if he says something like that, either it was a pump and dump strategy to sell their own coins at peak or lack of unserstanding the impact of his own words, which ever it is, it gave rise to false hopes and caused heartache to some of us ( disclosure - i am xrp long term hodler and dont trade so daily price change does not impact me personally, but above is true nevertheless)
  6. Its not about judging xrp mate. I have been into xrp for last 3 years and i still like it more than any other coin but, regardless, when CEO of a company says something it has to have substance or people start taking it as a pinch of salt and you cant blame them.
  7. Agreed. And brad will lose bit of credibility because of creating a hype if there is no susbtance to what he said.
  8. I understand it was example only buy just to clarify somethings As per Brad G. Total forex market aacross borders is 150 trillion per year thats roughly 2.8 trillion a week so even 100 banks which includes 80% of total banks in japan, should transfer more than 4 billion dollars. I dont have exact figure but the difference betwrrn 28 billion a week amd 2.8 trillion is morr than 1000 times so i guess its safe to say that it will be more not less Now on the other side apart from some xr reserve banks may hold, if they want to transfer 4 billion ( in ur example if they were doing it before daily, in current scenario they would need lot less xrp because of the cut in transaction time, however that means more transactions, meaning more liquidity, meaning more demand hence price.
  9. What is the source of ur data about swift net assets and 4% margin. Thr total margin of 30 million usd does not seem right.
  10. On that. What do u guys guess, about market value of swift..? Do u think few hundred billions atleast..?
  11. It will be announced by Ben bernanke, Brad G that xrp will be used by fed and in their opinion xrp would be close to $1000 each coin by end of 2018. By hearing this everybody and their cousin starts buying and Xrp reaches to $200 in hours of this announcement, most of early investors become so rich that they start thinking about putting their nomnation for US presidency, start asking quotes from companies to get their own 767 jets etc. Just kidding, who knows what r they gonna announce... lol 😉
  12. 700,000 ripple stolen from my gatehub account

    Its incorrect that you can have trading password seperate from gatehub login password as i emailed Gatehub about it and they sais its not possible.
  13. Correct ur figures bro. Even ur link says $5.1 trillion per day which includes derivatives (cfds and over the counter trading) which cannot be replaced by xrp as its rrlated to speculation of particular products and not related to its utility, and even that, ( as per the same article) is going down not up since 2004. As per Brad garlinghouse they are after the market of 155 trillion dollar per annum which seems like the figure related to actual cross border transfers per annum and even in that case u cant expect Xrp to take the whole market share due to existing and new players coming up so i would be happy if xrp takes even 10 to 20% market share, one more thing to look at is because of quicker speed of xrp transactions one would not need as many xrp as dollars to transact so it will ease up a bit, the demand of xrp required in circulation. So as much as i like 1k usd per xrp, it seems unlikely. But one thing u can safely say in crypto " Any thing is possible " so Amen for higher price of xrp.
  14. Do u think foreigners can register for it or only japanese..??