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  1. Coinbase is listing ut today so its gonna reach $10 by tonight. Lol dont worry i am just being mean to you😉
  2. I think they will delay the xrp for as long as possible because xrp wouldnt let them eat any spreads in price as btc eyh bch does currently. Just an opinion. What do u think...?
  3. If not this xmas may be next or one after, But i am more positive on xrp than any other crypto or stock i know of.
  4. Or it creates a possibility of launching xrp sooner on Coinbase as they are desperately need good news to divert attention. What do u guys think..??
  5. Rchopra

    Wall street wants a Ripple IPO

    Good point in article is that news of ipo can take xrp to moon as company will stand apart from its competitors and now i want to add, what if xrp could be converted into shares of ripple with special premium for xrp...???
  6. Bro. I feel bad for u. I cant give personal financial advice as i am not aware of your personal circumstances but if i was at ur place. I would have waited as u have lost 70% of ur money, if u sell it now there is no chance to get it back even if Xrp touches $10 after u sold. However if u r willing to risk to lose it all there is a hope of getting back into some profit too. Its easier for me to say So u decide whether or not it suits u. Wish u luck.
  7. Rchopra

    SBI VC aim to launch this summer

    I get ur point bro. I like cuallix and to be honest, i like anybody who helps xrp and ripple but what i meant that in Mexico if there is a problem for big business, one way or other its more likely to be sorted by greasing people's hand which is possible in other countries too but not that openly as they are comparitively more considerate towards their population ( just general observation, dont mean to offend any Mexican community) infact there arr multiple countries like it.
  8. Rchopra

    SBI VC aim to launch this summer

    I m not sure if Mexico's level of regulation as tough as some other countries mate.
  9. Rchopra

    SBI VC aim to launch this summer

    I think they have delayed the launch because of unfavourable environment for crypto in short term and regardless of size, no good news is gonna benefit the price except creating a short term wave. I think its tough but wise decison to launch it when things are more positive.
  10. That saudi central bank was old news wasnt it..??? Whats new today..???
  11. Mate if u want to challenge somebodys analysis atleast give yr reasons in details so that others can compare ur models vs theirs, just cirtisizing somebody is not enough. Anybody can find faults and say crap to create fud but it takes skills to prove ur point. I may or may not agree with @teddybearabout above but atleast he tried to make his point but did u..?????
  12. Looks like somebody desperately wants to grab more.... lol