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  1. https://www.econotimes.com/SWIFT-likely-to-be-revitalised-by-Ripple-and-Santander-1442691
  2. Hi there! So first of all, english is not my mother language and secondly filling out tax forms or even thinking about taxes are 100% horror. But, none the less I wanted to share my opinion and would love to hear yours. So here is my statement: XRP will be worth $100 or even $589 by the end on the year because of the FACTA Tax regulations in the USA starting on January the 1st!! https://medium.com/@chanfest22/a-guide-to-common-us-crypto-tax-scenarios-8174e2ec3e44 says: "In 2014, the IRS released guidance on virtual currencies (i.e. cryptocurrencies). Some highlights include: Cryptocurrencies are treated as personal property (not currency) and are therefore taxed as capital assets Capital gains from selling cryptocurrency for fiat currency (e.g. USD) or using cryptocurrency to purchase goods or services are subject to capital gains tax Cryptocurrencies that are obtained from mining are taxable as income at their fair market value at the time they are received" that means: All US citizens and also those abroad will have to pay 30% tax on these capital gains! BUT: https://www.goldinglawyers.com/fbar-bitcoin-2017-2018-important-cryptocurrency-reporting-tips/ stated here: the reason for these capital gains taxes are that the cryptocurrencies are NOT finite as gold is. So here come XRP in. Its an asset, its not mined, and its finite! So therefore it must be seen as gold! There is already an open letter signed as IRS has to decide soon. To be more specific: "Finally, the lawmakers gave the IRS until October 17, 2018, to respond with an update on its effort to issue the comprehensive guideline and a timeline for its release." (https://smartereum.com/34163/us-lawmakers-call-for-clear-updated-cryptocurrency-tax-guidelines-writes-irs/) Also interesting: https://moneymorning.com/2018/03/28/crypto-taxes-are-a-mess-heres-what-the-irs-needs-to-fix-before-2019/ So what happens it bitcoin gets dethroned and all starts to buy premined cryptos? What if premined will also be not excluded and only XRP as never mined will survive this tax issue? Your opinions please P.S. looking in my crystal ball again, I see Citygroup and Alipay merging Q1 2019 and using xrp to handle transactions
  3. Lol. Same! My explanation right now for being unemployed is a bit of success with XRP trading the last 8 months. I am not eager to look for a real job again
  4. $1.40 within 30 hours. Period! No one dares to speak against it - please
  5. well, last time I had the same feeling was mid of December and I tried to convince all my friends and family to buy... Some did, some didn't. However, I count on it
  6. I am having a feeling that XRP will lift up today. My gut is telling so. (or the yoghurt wasn't okay anymore)
  7. I'll be there. If you see a woman with a big "E" on the shirt.... it's me
  8. I only bought XRP to be able to move somewhere where the weather isn't as sh*tty as its here.... I hate the winter in germany
  9. savedroid is a german ICO token. Not sure if it will ever lift off. But hey, its cheap (1coin =1 cent€) and backed up by some bigger companies. https://ico.savedroid.com for those who are interested Moin moin!
  10. Da bin ich auch! To stay on topic in this off topic thread: I've bought some savedroid tokens. Thoughts about it?
  11. yes but still. Isn't it a mess? How can any "normal" people can come into crypto? There must be another way!
  12. Well, exactly there is the struggle. Like I said before, I am a 40+ housewife and its so f**king hard to get any cryptocurrencies here in germany. So yet, I have like 4 paper wallets, 3 online wallets, an account on binance, coinbase and litebit just to transfer x to y or trade x for y. Not to mention etoro, where i got all my XRP since 0.16. If it wouldn't be that difficult, we would easily see $12 on XRP, and probably $1 on TRX, Stellar and others. As I am a marketing guy (gale to be gender correct) I am seriously thinking right now of investing 100k to make prepaid wallets with x amount of x tokens to sell it. Someone with me?
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