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  1. Who cares? Long term holders shouldn't worry
  2. @JoelKatz I will give you 500 XRPS if you tell me the partners. EDIT: you know what, life is too short, 600 XRPSs
  3. Will this lower the price of XRP? Or xrp stays same, but market cap increases ?
  4. Ripple is holding beautifully. I just keep thinking the smart whales know something about Ripple that we don't.
  5. 1- this market is in a bubble 2- useless shitcoins will die. Don't be greedy chasing shitcoins. 3- be patient and hold on great useful projects like XRP. As you can see, Xrp is doing quiet well compared to yesterday. Because it has a use case. 4- the only crypto that has a product, great use case, and a ton of relationships is XRP...
  6. Yayyy finally a partnership for Stellar. How many? Two? Cute !
  7. Wow. It hurts my hurt how clueless you are. "Banks Trading BTC futures" LMAO. you are literally clueless tho, don't get offended.
  8. Banks using BITCOIN HA HA HA HA HA that's the funniest Joke ever told by a crypto noob yea I'm sure U.S government would let Banks use Chinese owned Bitcoin. Imagine if U.S and China get into a war and Chinese miners have to shut down... LOL you think this is a silly argument? It's not, that's how governments think. LONGGGGG TERM
  9. What would it take if someone opened up an exchange in U.S just for XRP? Nothing else Obviously money, but would Ripple help? And in return they get a percentage of the fees... ?
  10. Yes it does. Saves banks and institutions more money than ripple platform. So YES. It's just a matter of time they'll all use xrp. Brand new account joins to spread FUD between people who know ins and outs of Ripple. This ain't no reddit son
  11. Xrp is the only Crypto that can survive the bubble because it has a use case
  12. Because exodus is garbage, it had some problems that made hacking easy. Ripple only talks to big dogs, not a bunch of **** programmers
  13. Of course Higher market cap = higher prices = less volitality = more adoption = higher market cap It's a cycle
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