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  1. the XRP burnt is really small... it's not even worth mentioning
  2. Price is clearly manipulated man.... it's been stuck at 70 cents or so these past 2 days.
  3. If you don't think 10 dollars per XRP is possible then you have ZERO freakin clue what you're invested in
  4. Investors from 2015 and earlier. Amazing!

    I bought at .006 in January from poloniex
  5. Ask Me Anything with Brad (Q&A)

    Because of that wink, i sold my house and dumped it into xrp 🙄
  6. You can keep it in one thread .
  7. Yea she raised her hand and winked her left eye
  8. 1. Two huge unannounced partnerships confirmed by Ripple 2. We've had every news about Ripple and nothing could move the price of xrp.... you have all the sudden price going up almost 5x. Billions poured in. This is clearly because of insider information 3. I've seen here others finding that Amazon uses other ripples partners services 4. During QA, when Brad mentioned Amazon, Monica winked at him and laugh and then he laughed. That was a pretty obvious sign so Brad doesn't let the cat out of his purse lol 5. Amazon slides, examples in a few slides and examples 6. Amazon does a lot of payments everyday and they are first to move with the technology, they clearly fit the criteria
  9. Ask Me Anything with Brad (Q&A)

    He pretty much said he can't say anything about Coinbase but liquidity is his priority... You think this man can't land XRP on coinbase with 15 billion dollars lol
  10. Holding long term. Xrp even hasn't started yet... it'll take a dump on Bitcoins market cap in the future
  11. Not really unless you're a noob who just got into Crypto or just started using computers
  12. It's ok bud, you can say "that's what he said".... We won't judge you, it's 2018 almost
  13. First time in history, market cap is the same as yesterday when everything was GREEN and up, a lot are red now and down on 24hr chart but Ripple is GREEN and running. This is it boyz!! The ripple effect. A lot more investors will get into Ripple, because it's the only crypto that could really survive regulations and a burst Eth down from 750 to 690 Monero down from 350 to 300 Zcash down from 510 to 450 DASH from 950 to 870 LTC 300 to 270