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  1. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

    Nope, I just got into work and my day is already going to be wasted watching this...
  2. Santander, AMEX, Ripple

  3. Get on Bitstamp, and buy as much as you can with your credit card...It'll pay off...
  4. https://www.cnbc.com/2017/11/13/tech-giants-like-microsoft-and-intel-using-r3-blockchain-corda.html?recirc=taboolainternal
  5. A fancy dinner for 500 XRP? You must be livin right brotha!!
  6. Drop the hammer @Cryptoarob
  7. On which market did it drop to that price today?
  8. Fork Cancelled

    I did exactly the same thing, maybe not quite the peak, I couldn't sell it fast enough... Glad that is over for me, I am not cut out for that....Happier hodlin' my XRP now...
  9. That a general statement, not geared towards you @Eric123...More about the headline of this topic and others...
  10. Since I've joined this forum, I've noticed I now have a real addiction for FUD and FOMO...Any doomsday, moon or lambo headline, I can't resist...Must read...
  11. Please give me a heads up if you put any money into Bitcoin so I can move back to XRP
  12. Honestly, I felt dirty, that I was cheating on XRP with that **** Bitcoin...
  13. So far it's working out nicely, BTC is up, XRP is down...Already increased my position by 5k.
  14. I just did the same thing this morning...Long time hodler, but couldn't resist...In the end I just want to increase my XRP position.
  15. Why don't @javim77 and @RippleSider just tell us when the pump will happen and the ensuing dump so we can all cash in?