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  1. Best way forward is to reduce XRPs in escrow by burning/cancelling 40-50b tokens. Or for limiting escrow to 4-5 years with all unused tokens burned but not extending escrow life.

    This beats plow back of unused or unbought tokens for unlimited escrow life.  Currently, there are few incentives to hold zerps given the huge supply which is why any good news result in price reset to former levels.

    Price stability means buying to support price higher but selling to reduce excessive demand/buying.  

    Think we’re not looking for XRP as a stablecoin.

  2. 4 minutes ago, FarangKiNok said:

    I just picked up 300 x XRP! Not much but I keep adding to my stack. 

    A steal at sub 40c but you’ll need to be patient given lack of volatility as compared with other cryptos.  Still have 15% reduction for XRP with funds plowed into BNB/BTC for upcoming ride before ... movement back into XRP.  Hope still at 40c 🤣...

  3. 15 minutes ago, dr_ed said:

    And last but of great interest to me and I hope some others, is VET. It looks better than TRX here. It held its support at this important .0078 level and is trying to turn up. Not much resistance above until we test the .0093 level were it broke down on the dump. Above that is blue sky. On a good alt coin rally, I expect VET to outperform.

    Good luck to all you XRP hodlrs and alt coin hodlrs. Stand fast. We shall have our day.


    @dr_ed Been profitable on in and out of BNB.  Token of Binance exchange that is widely popular.  Take a look at the charts as it is ready to surge.  More $$$ can then be plowed into zerps for eventual rise ...


  4. 23 minutes ago, dr_ed said:

    XRP still has the flag going....not sure how far this can go, but unless we start getting lower lows, it looks pretty good for some kind of pop back up....but at this point I expect us to hit some resistance back up around .46, which will have to be worked through now before we can test .50.

    If the long term triangle theory is in play still, It might not be too far out to expect one more hard correction into a bottom, before we break out of it. Maybe we get a breakout off this flag.....but a re-test of .39, or even .35 sometime in August? This is not far-fetched to me. 


    Sad reality for XRP holders to see little lift.  Even at .46, we’re only at 4000 sats.  Not sure what BIG news is needed to shift mojo ... thinking outside the box perhaps, Ripple can burn 50bn out of the 55bn held in custody given current bank take up.  As XRP prices rise, this may sway FIs/money changers, institutional investors and retail investors to gobble up zerps and drive up demand/prices.

    Many cryptos have fixed or limited supply which can lead to huge upside with big demand from this new asset class.  Seems like XRP is not getting much uplift ... so :(

  5. 38 minutes ago, TheXRPNinja said:

    So we printed a dragonfly doji on the Daily chart.

    From a pure technical standpoint, this could mean both good and bad news. When such a doji prints, we have to wait for the next candle to indicate bearish or bullish price action.

    Today is kinda make or break. We need a bullish candle close today. Otherwise, things could get ugly.



    No need to wait til close and here you go, a tall green candle for bullishness.  Here’s to good times ahead ...


  6. Great that you also made a stash during the epic 2017-18 bull.  I bought in at 20c as top 1% holder starting 2H 2017 and sat on the fence waiting for the 15x.  Lucky to also cash up in Q1 before the epic fall.

    This is my second time into XRP (likely top 0.5% holder) plus other cryptos (eg., BTC big bro) and again, buying on dips as before.  This time will be different as is often the case but ... the result will be the same ... eyeing early July for some positive news that may bring sats back aligned from current levels.  Rinse and repeat ...

  7. I was laughing since we almost hit 4000 sat (historic low in recent two years) the wrong way that is, for BTC to drop so much bringing in line this level.  Then we saw alts follow big brother down breaking formation again.

    Of course, we prefer to follow BTC upwards with XRP at a minimum of ~55c when BTC hit peak 13.8k recently.

    Now BTC is back to 11.8k (XRP min 45-46c) vs 10.3k (XRP min 40c) during low point.  With XRP currently 41c and 39c during low point.

    Once BTC levels out and the jitters are out, we will finally see a quick bounce back (if not already started) for BTC and hopefully XRP/altcoins.

  8. Attractive around 3500 satoshi.  Then again, think what whether you’d like to be the head (BTC) or tail (altcoins) that is often the case with ... the tail wagging the dog or decoupling once XRP breaks out of formation with utility, BIG news, etc ...

    Moneygram will be the game changer once up and running and strangely, MGI is up to $3.05 (still shy of $4.1 paid by Ripple though) in extended trading hmmm ... Swell conference is near and maybe we may see something earth shattering from Apple, Google. Microsoft or Amazon ...


  9. Incredible volatility ... best to wait for firm support to gauge traction for day traders.  Otherwise, increase some weighting (eg, 10%) from BTC into XRP given attractive pricing well below 4000 satoshi not that it matters.

    Again, XRP will have its tall green candle day when BTC finds support and renewed demand.  Interestingly, the large selloff was mainly to Tether/stablecoins so this money will return in a big way.  Bitmex volumes are incredibly high for futures trading of BTC and suspect whether the large dump was unwinding/liquidation of sort ...

  10. @VanHasen

    Let me try to cry online and perhaps, we will hit 90c ... man, xrp is such a {%%#<}%<<.  

    Man, I only hit 12-15x bagger on the epic 2017-2018 run towards $3+ so I am crying now with recent avg buy in at 42c (double prior buy in at 20c).  Man, i am kicking myself for not buying in the 30s and having bought BTC/BCH about 2 months ago ... man 😭 😭 😭 

    Let’s see whether I can whine and cry xrp back to a buck ...

  11. 22 minutes ago, Tinyaccount said:

    Sorry my friend but almost all of that is wrong,

    • Jed is a small percentage sale.  Doesn’t affect price much if at all.
    • Escrow doesn’t affect current price.  

    (These first two at least have some small room for debate...  I’m sure they are not as you presented,  but there is some debate possible.  But the rest of the list is straight out wrong.  It’s not uncommon to hear,  it but it’s far from reality.  I think it’s spread to cause fud and people just accept it as you probably have)

    • We don’t ‘need to maintain less volatility’...   where did you read that?  It’s oft repeated nonsense.
    • We certainly don’t need to be a stable coin.  Again it’s nonsense.
    • We are not “acting like a utility coin” pending a ruling.  Where did you hear that?
    • we don’t need low price pending penalties.  Total fantasy.

    All of that was a crock I’m afraid.  Why do people believe such nonsense?

    Only time will tell.  As an avid xrp holder, I am losing faith given the unknowns and uncertainties.

    Which is why, I have a larger stash of major cryptos with limited supply.  In regards to the escrow supply, I recall 60b locked in for 5 years that began about 1.5 years ago but it would appear that Ripple is unable to sell at the monthly rate of 1b zerps.  This would push lock up further to 10 years so it is unclear whether their 200+ banks are even bulking up on xrp for xrapid(?).

    Been away from chat and xrp for over a year so rightly, some of my statements may no longer be correct.  Think Jed still owns a large stash and action with R3 and class civil actions with investors are unresolved.

    How else can you explain the unremarkable rise of xrp vs btc as xrp rose from 30c to 47c vs btc ~$4k to $11k, eth from ~$90 to $300 etc.  Shouldn’t xrp be about 3x or 90c by now(?).

    Btw, I am still a top 1% holder of xrp but hold much larger amounts with others ... you can laugh at the worm in 3-6 months if xrp plays catchup or ... re-evaluate the uncertainties.  Not trying to create fud but playing objectively based on trends as trends are our friend ...


  12. 20 minutes ago, Cooliozxrp said:

    Chasing pumps is not a good thing, you may end up being the person getting dumped on ala BTC Dec 2017 and xrp January 2018

    Thanks for your kind thoughts.  Was lucky during that epic rally having bought for 20c as 1% hodler.  Perhaps, I will lose it all back but ... having played xrp since early 2017, something doesn’t seem right about the way xrp moves up then, sold right down even with rosy news as compared with altcoins with no news at all eg, xlm.

    Sure, we have ex-founder McCaleb offloading zerps based on buyout/settlement.  Sure, we still have 45-50b xrps in custody to be sold over the next 4-5 years.  Sure, we need to maintain less volatility and be more like a stable coin.  Sure, we need to act as a utility coin vs pure speculative coin given pending regulatory ruling.  Sure, we need to keep token price low given the numerous court rulings in event of litigation/penalty.

    Surely, a bag load of question marks which is putting a damper on the (bank) coin.  Just saying that we can hold on for dear life (hodl) but see less increase during upbeat market so a good strategy is to diversify ...

  13. When BTC hit $20k in the near future, XRP should hover between $2-3 right based on epic 2017/2018 run up?  Well, it should if all cryptos move in tandem as they should.  In reality, XRP may only hit 50c which is so }#^^{] for us all.  Rather than get annoyed, simply allocate a small wad from XRP into BTC.  In this case, we have potential mooning from XRP (when idk?) but get the ramp up of BTC.  At some later stage, you can convert these BTCs back into even more zerps and rejoice as xrphodler.  

    This is my advice given recent decoupling (since ATL of $4k for BTC) of BTC/ETH from others ... I missed it too.

    So forget about bounce from 4000 satoshi for XRP since we may hit ATL around 2000 satoshi before meaningful eyeopener action ...

  14. ‘This time will be different’ as is always the case.  We may however see a decoupling between BTC and altcoins during the initial ramp up then, followed by catchup in prices for alts.

    So much as we’d like for XRP to take the lead as most utility and driver with decoupling from sh*tcoins, think BTC will still steal the show with so much positive news coming out.  Remember that most institutional and retail investors are still novices and will begin to wet their holdings with core Bitcoin first.  They don’t really care or know much about slow tps, higher cost and limited scalability given centralized holding by major players.  Over time, they will flip to XRP and even join this chat group as experience is gained on the true leader in cost, speed, scale and latency.

    Hence, it is best to diversify by holding XRP and other major coins ie, hold XRP/Others 75/25, 66/33 or 50/50 and toggle between coins as needed.  

    Happy days are here again so moon it baby ...

  15. 57 minutes ago, 7strings said:

    Err... which month? Asking for a friend.

    Come on, June 2019 to be precise.  And USD1 alright?  BTC is heating up and ready to blow its lid.  My pref is for a gradual slow up trend of 2-3% vs the larger swings of 5-10% daily.  Will still take it but much more volatile though ...

  16. 1 hour ago, ripplewaytogo said:


    Haha, I am pretty sure I am 30+ years older than you (Based on my assumptions you are 6 year old lol)

    Oh yeah! Scared the crap of the husband  when I did that........lol

    But hey, I am still proud as I have averaged it down to $0.81 AUD^_^

    Not to worry since your breakeven point will hit by end of month.  Then you can take some off the table and let the rest ride the upward mojo.  Hubby may be quite proud of you once XRP trends closer to a buck.  :)

  17. Hate to say it but ‘I’m in’.  Getting out now is ok for those who need funds now.  Parking extra spare cash in XRP and other cryptos will be rewarding in the short to medium/long term given sentiment from regulators to institutional investors to retail brokerage/investors to even Facebook ... new asset class here we come with a meagre 1% reallocation from equity/bonds/gold/etc driving BTC/XRP etc to new highs ...

  18. Based on regulator sentiment, get ready for parabolic rises as the major hurdle/stumbling block has almost subsided.  Given excitement and $$$, I am fully loaded and back into the major cryptos.  You should too with spare cash not needed for daily necessities.  Thank me later.

    For XRP, let’s hit the symbolic $1 as BTC pushes towards $16-18k over the next few months ...


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