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    Adoption of new ideas/processes that can lead to cost savings or value to financial institutions. Considered blockchain enthusiast given recent bank ledger migrations and transformation projects in the region. Ripple's native ccy is my keen interest with my belief that XRP will become more valuable in the long run.
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  1. BTC turning ugly. Time to hold tight as XRP dips sub 30c. Watching for 26-27c for double up in position.
  2. Best way forward is to reduce XRPs in escrow by burning/cancelling 40-50b tokens. Or for limiting escrow to 4-5 years with all unused tokens burned but not extending escrow life. This beats plow back of unused or unbought tokens for unlimited escrow life. Currently, there are few incentives to hold zerps given the huge supply which is why any good news result in price reset to former levels. Price stability means buying to support price higher but selling to reduce excessive demand/buying. Think we’re not looking for XRP as a stablecoin.
  3. A steal at sub 40c but you’ll need to be patient given lack of volatility as compared with other cryptos. Still have 15% reduction for XRP with funds plowed into BNB/BTC for upcoming ride before ... movement back into XRP. Hope still at 40c 🤣...
  4. @FarangKiNok Yes, been watching the divergence with XRP at 3300 sats. Go figure as most alts are green including big bro BTC. Think I will drop % weighting of cryptos down to 25% for XRP. Later, I can sell off BTC, BCH, BNB, etc and buy back much more XRPs if the current trend continues.
  5. @dr_ed Been profitable on in and out of BNB. Token of Binance exchange that is widely popular. Take a look at the charts as it is ready to surge. More $$$ can then be plowed into zerps for eventual rise ...
  6. Sad reality for XRP holders to see little lift. Even at .46, we’re only at 4000 sats. Not sure what BIG news is needed to shift mojo ... thinking outside the box perhaps, Ripple can burn 50bn out of the 55bn held in custody given current bank take up. As XRP prices rise, this may sway FIs/money changers, institutional investors and retail investors to gobble up zerps and drive up demand/prices. Many cryptos have fixed or limited supply which can lead to huge upside with big demand from this new asset class. Seems like XRP is not getting much uplift ... so
  7. No need to wait til close and here you go, a tall green candle for bullishness. Here’s to good times ahead ...
  8. Great that you also made a stash during the epic 2017-18 bull. I bought in at 20c as top 1% holder starting 2H 2017 and sat on the fence waiting for the 15x. Lucky to also cash up in Q1 before the epic fall. This is my second time into XRP (likely top 0.5% holder) plus other cryptos (eg., BTC big bro) and again, buying on dips as before. This time will be different as is often the case but ... the result will be the same ... eyeing early July for some positive news that may bring sats back aligned from current levels. Rinse and repeat ...
  9. I was laughing since we almost hit 4000 sat (historic low in recent two years) the wrong way that is, for BTC to drop so much bringing in line this level. Then we saw alts follow big brother down breaking formation again. Of course, we prefer to follow BTC upwards with XRP at a minimum of ~55c when BTC hit peak 13.8k recently. Now BTC is back to 11.8k (XRP min 45-46c) vs 10.3k (XRP min 40c) during low point. With XRP currently 41c and 39c during low point. Once BTC levels out and the jitters are out, we will finally see a quick bounce back (if not already started) for BTC and hopefully XRP/altcoins.
  10. Let’s hope for support at this level before ramping back up.
  11. @mrhat75 Sea of red so rally has fizzled for now ... btw, you may be in for a long sleep.
  12. Attractive around 3500 satoshi. Then again, think what whether you’d like to be the head (BTC) or tail (altcoins) that is often the case with ... the tail wagging the dog or decoupling once XRP breaks out of formation with utility, BIG news, etc ... Moneygram will be the game changer once up and running and strangely, MGI is up to $3.05 (still shy of $4.1 paid by Ripple though) in extended trading hmmm ... Swell conference is near and maybe we may see something earth shattering from Apple, Google. Microsoft or Amazon ...
  13. Usually good at picking the bottom but wow ... flashcrashed and missed BTCCAD at $100 wtf ... hmmmm.
  14. Incredible volatility ... best to wait for firm support to gauge traction for day traders. Otherwise, increase some weighting (eg, 10%) from BTC into XRP given attractive pricing well below 4000 satoshi not that it matters. Again, XRP will have its tall green candle day when BTC finds support and renewed demand. Interestingly, the large selloff was mainly to Tether/stablecoins so this money will return in a big way. Bitmex volumes are incredibly high for futures trading of BTC and suspect whether the large dump was unwinding/liquidation of sort ...
  15. @VanHasen Let me try to cry online and perhaps, we will hit 90c ... man, xrp is such a {%%#<}%<<. Man, I only hit 12-15x bagger on the epic 2017-2018 run towards $3+ so I am crying now with recent avg buy in at 42c (double prior buy in at 20c). Man, i am kicking myself for not buying in the 30s and having bought BTC/BCH about 2 months ago ... man 😭 😭 😭 Let’s see whether I can whine and cry xrp back to a buck ...
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