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    Adoption of new ideas/processes that can lead to cost savings or value to financial institutions. Considered blockchain enthusiast given recent bank ledger migrations and transformation projects in the region. Ripple's native ccy is my keen interest with my belief that XRP will become more valuable in the long run.
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  1. breakout imminent

    Think that @Ripplista79 is injecting some fun and imagination into this space. Wish I am able to build a bot or model with countless variables. Then again, crypto prices trend more on sentiment so perfecting this algo would be tough to perfect as a useful indicator. More useful is to get sentiment correct ... unfortunately, both crypto market and XRP sentiment are not what it use to be. Of course, this may change with more google searches and interest from institutional investors once regulations are better understood and in place. I tend to believe that the herd will come once some famous titan like Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma, Jamie Dimon or even Berkshire Hathaway decides to put their handsome equity into cryptos. This will trigger an avalanche of new followers and money that will propel cryptos to a $trillion dollar market. Unfortunately, we may need some patience as negative sentiment continue to inflict selling pressures on all tokens.
  2. breakout imminent

    That would be awesome seeing 9500 satoshi. In the past day or so, it is bewildering to see XRP regain a fraction of what other cryptos regained. On drops, XRP would fall about the same level as others. Go figure ... I can only speculate that some large XRP holder has been selling on run ups which reminded me of what had occurred in the previous two spikes. Hope @Ripplista79 is correct on this imminent break ...
  3. Daily volume is incredibly higher than the avg daily volumes in the recent month or so. Based on the news, it appears that the CNBC broadcast on this Tuesday is causing a stir on speculation that XRP will finally list on Coinbase. Here’s my guess - It will be confirmed on CNBC that XRP will likely list on Coinbase as early as April or May which is why Coinbase is training and had just hired upwards of 500 new staff with staggered start dates as early as today but no later than May. It will also be announced that XRP is not the sole token to be reviewed and possibly added ... Based on this news, we may see daily XRP price increases of about 5% with spike of 20-30% on listing date. This would translate to XRP price from $0.90 to ~$3 and ~$3.75 by Mar 31st and on early listing date ...
  4. Sure, you can try the following expressions in excel: =median(please enter your range of cells for the prices) This would be similar to the mean average formula but with the change to above function. In the upper right function tab, you can also select/find many useful functions but depending on your ms excel version. Let me know if you need some help.
  5. @ripplewaytogo The following will help to suggest that the median is a better measure over mean average. Plus, you don’t have to manually exclude any extremely large or small prices ... Or you can show both ...
  6. @ripplewaytogo Knowing fully that this is a fun and voluntary exercise, perhaps keep the low-high 3 but compute ‘median’ which is the middle price estimate when prices are sorted from low to high. For even number of entries, it would be the average of the middle two. Luckily, MS Excel can compute median chosen from the function tab. The mean average is an average that would be distorted by grossly low or high prices ... food for thought for your consideration ... Ps, mode is also useful to id the most frequently chosen figures but not ideal for this exercise
  7. Please add my late entry if possible: Mar $1.45 Jun $3.25 Sep $4.50 Dec $7.20
  8. This is great news and I'm sure Ripple will follow with insights on this successful testing ... unfortunately, XRP price is unfazed by this news as its price is determined by Bitcoin/other crypto prices in general. Wonder what mega great news is needed to nudge XRP price and volumes higher ... I guess only a whale will eventually answer this question ...
  9. From viewing cmc over the recent weeks, trading of XRP has dwindled with much lower volumes and stale price. This comes despite positive news or media coverage about Ripple’s token vs. neutral or slightly negative stories about cryptos in general. In recent major news, we have Goldman Sach’s Circle buying Poloniex exchange but at the same time, proclaiming that Bitcoin and many ICOs are worth nothing. Hmmm, something doesn't make sense here. Surely, our bankers want in on the crypto action as it seems perhaps as it notes renewed attention in this space since Bitcoin neared $20k last Dec. Wasn’t there some prediction about a mega trillion dollar new asset class? In any regard, I can anticipate pick up in activities as early as next week. I am not sure on the trigger but would expect some big announcement that will revive interest in cryptos again. As for XRP, it will sail along with other cryptos until it is able to stand firmly on its own feet once bigger household and bank partnerships are realized. Let’s hope this happens in Q1 before our TAs chart XRP demise back to $0.20 or even $0.006... In short, XRP will have to rebound sharply (min. $2-3) soon to regain confidence and store of value otherwise, this token may be replaced by others in no time ... https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  10. @Eruption @Member278576 As old as I can remember this myth, this article draws a lot of argument between first mover and better use products for consumers. XRP is solving a real problem and meets low trx cost, high speed and scalability unlike the first mover crypto ... https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2003/jan/25/comment.comment
  11. Quitting my job for cryptos.

    @tulo Great news and congrats! To help others fulfil their dream, how do you set up bots to trade? And how much time did you spent or was this on autopilot? And estimated costs and skill to set up? I have been research this for over a month since I can see the inefficient markets between exchanges and high volatility in cryptos. But to date, I simply hodl but cannot capture or realize any chunky gains (Jan ath) or buy near bottom (last week).
  12. @Trickery Fully understand with jitters from equity markets and Tether. One option is to wait on the sidelines and to jump in with perfect timing (low point for XRP) but you will likely miss the pop if any. Another option is to have a 70% investment into XRP for longer term hold with 30% cash ready to pounce on any mega dip. Timing may actually not be postponed but quickened as many equity holder may cash in on their decade old growth in equity prices. With rising interest rates, bonds and property would make awful choices so they can either adopt Japanese mentality by storing under their mattress, spend like the Kardashians, keep cash in their banks with negative deposit rates and possible devaluation or prudently cherry pick some safer resilient utility equity or blockchain stocks. Or invest a small piece into cryptos. Looking at the major asset classes, I cannot come up with a more rewarding play in bubblemania. While cryptos may be inflated since 2016, we are still early in the game given <1% invested in this asset class. Now banks are onto the game so they will strategically buy in before selling to the masses. Ain’t seen nothing yet ...
  13. @Trickery @HenryHole Well, a sprinkle of money had started ... cough cough with avg aum of almost $20m each. Launching funds take time for registration, regulatory approval and launch. Recent positive news from US regulators is green light of ... more funds/money entering the cc space. The investment banks will herald in proprietary trading in this new asset class as a means to diversify bonds and equities ... this would lead to a trillion dollar market ... cough cough.
  14. Like Betamax, we’ll see dethroning of BTC this year. The following article is quite interesting as JPM research analyst (and countless others incl us) is able to differentiate the future cc leader based on solving a payment problem, speed and cost ... this is timely as institutional investors and money from funds begin to pour into cc ... https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-02-11/jpmorgan-publishes-bitcoin-bible