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    Adoption of new ideas/processes that can lead to cost savings or value to financial institutions. Considered blockchain enthusiast given recent bank ledger migrations and transformation projects in the region. Ripple's native ccy is my keen interest with my belief that XRP will become more valuable in the long run.
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  1. Disagree as the payments and unlimited use cases in circulation are much more. Price is something that people place on an asset subject to the law of supply and demand. Something that is more useful and more difficult to replicate given technologies would usually command a higher value ... more importantly is the timeframe as $5 today wouldn't be the same as $5 in twenty years ...
  2. Last 24 Hour Trade Volume => $6.5 Billion!!

    Wow, that's about 8-9b XRP tokens which is a lot compared with avg daily volumes of about 1b ($0.2b) ... surely, the recent publicity and rumours are adding fuel as Bitcoin/altcoin holders are switching into XRP leading to huge ramp up ... Let's hope for stability in the $0.70 to 0.80 before the big news and next leg up ... if true about Coinbase addition or Amazon partnership, XRP will break record ATH and volume levels in time for xmas break and expected new money/allocations from II/money managers to the new crypto asset class ...
  3. Why I think Amazon is highly possible

    In Brad's recent Q&A, watch from 14:15 onwards about what he had to say about ... Amazon. Did you see some extraordinary body language which seems to suggest much more? In the Q&A, he also mentioned about many partnerships that will be announced when the parties are ready ... this was similar to recent Amex news etc when ripple would only follow suit with news releases afterwards. Of worthy note is also JK's livesterase next week on Dec 21st ... and it would be great for someone to question him about his comment to some household names as partners ... https://ripple.com/insights/ask-anything-brad/
  4. There we go ...

    Seems like rotation out of Bitcoin and into Bitcoin Cash, Gold and XRP. With futures, BTC can be sold forward so the whales/consortium can manipulate Bitcoin price lower to buy back for instant profits. Game can continue until BTC = $0. Holders of BTC had received their BCH after hard fork so already well compensated. Let's look for continued trend if BCH will become the new Bitcoin standard. Bitcoin Gold is also up so not sure. Upcoming xmas forks should pump up BTC but it appears not to be the case. Hmmm, something is brewing in the crypto space ...luckily, XRP holders are rewarded while trend continues ...
  5. Hodl = hold on (for) dear life. Based on quick review of prices at different XRP exchanges, it is clear that many big investors are chasing prices higher with differences in excess of 20% on cex.io and btc markets. I fully understand that price distortions may be caused by illiquidity as some overpay with limited supply. This is normal with 5% max in price variances. What we are seeing is the fomo (fear of missing out) with very big event(s) eclipsing and justifying the higher volumes and much higher prices at some exchanges ... look out for partnership with Amazon and/or Apple imo plus other worthy news at the same time as xmas gifts for the hodl owners.
  6. Wow, it has traded well above price from other exchanges ... https://cex.io/xrp-usd Does anyone know why buyers from the exchange are flocking to buy XRP with quite sizeable daily volumes as compared with avg daily vols?
  7. Guess the two households

    Apple and Amazon if JK was not joking about Fri announcement ...
  8. Do we have any experts who can expand on this phrase as quoted in regards to XLM etc.?
  9. Wow, ATH and record volumes ... https://coinmarketcap.com/ As total crypto market cap hits $500b again, it's clear that new money is pouring into this new asset class. We saw ramp up in BTC following the futures trading and follow thru with Ethereum, Litecoin and others. At last, we're starting to see awakening as Ripple's token, XRP begins to rip higher. I won't speculate given a lot of positive news in the forum that remains to be confirmed and formally announced ... this should be a good xmas for us hodlers. Let it rip and forever, do not rest in peace!
  10. Alas, we have finally lifted off to new all time highs on significant daily volumes of over $3b now (or about 6b XRPs wow) ... this can only mean the moon for starship XRP ...
  11. Institutional investors and money managers look after hedge funds, mutual funds, private client/wealth management and pension funds. Not mentioned are bank proprietary traders who often take un/hedged positions for profitability to their business unit especially as this new asset class is being set up. By simple law of limited supply but excessive demand, prices tend to rise. Lack of demand or excessive selling would lead to price drops. This goes for property, stocks, iPhones and just about everything in our economy in an efficient market ... of course, we have an inefficient market but with arbitragers profiting from any wide disparity in prices alike the recent selling of BTC futures for example at $17k but the buy of spot at $16.5k leading to fully hedged position but free money/profits after Jan18 expiry ... To follow example similarly, we can have the II whales who would place hundreds of million dollar short futures/long spot positions making 3% easy money that adds up eg., $200m short BTC Jan18 futures but $200m long BTC spot at 3% or 300 pips diff = ~$6m risk-free profit. Hmmm, this is surely GOOD institutional money from just one trader without even trying to time the markets given arbitrage opportunity ... over time, the spread will reduce once liquidity picks up ...
  12. Putting my conspiracy hat on, I think Jed McCaleb and R3 are prime suspects in addition to those MM or exchanges with some keen interest to depress or destable XRP. Hmmm, when new IIs/money begin investing into the new crypto asset class, XRP's market share is now only 2%. In funds management, any market share of less than 5% would not even be considered as most $ is allocated to the top 3-4 picks. So I can see that many are propping up their crypto prices/market cap in order to get their fair allocation in the next few years ... as hodler of XRP, the price of this token with the most utility and use appears depressed and negatively viewed. Hope all of this will blow over soon before the best token with the lowest cost, speed and best tech is driven to the ground based on popularity. By comparison, Blackberry or Research in Motion (RIM) was tops and the banker's prestigious symbolic work phone but what happened? Same for IBM with monopoly of laptop and pc usage in 95% of MNCs ... Hope Ripple can change street sentiment of XRP with wide adoption from P2P, B2B and Bank2Bank, etc. ASAP before another competitor displaces.
  13. @Annevanzwol 1) 1-2 XRP whales may be dumping leading to manipulation 2) teaser of 2 household names as new partners
  14. Coutesy from @Gepster The question now is whom, why and how much longer (days, weeks, months or years) before we see XRP no longer manipulated from these XRP whales ... imo, Jed (co-founder of Ripple) being one of these ... Perhaps, JK can further elaborate to clear up any confusion and price frustration from so many loyal XRPers.