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  1. Poll: Coinbase Adding Ripple

    It's weird that you chose today to submit this poll... as one of the youtubers I usually watch was also talking about it today.
  2. Man, i though you were on some crazy hybrid shunk. But I just noticed your profile pic
  3. Exactly, and you have enough problems with all those split ends from all that spinning.
  4. How much goat you had tonight? Remember, you need to moderate that sh*t
  5. Was this comment meant for this forum??? What exactly do you get up too in your spare time?
  6. I think for the time being we need to go with the trend which is generally bearish. It seems that even the best of news doesn't really affect things - with the moneygram announcement for example, we had a pump, then a day r so later it was back being pegged to BTC.
  7. you mean the SEC / CTFC testimonials?
  8. Exactly, it's market psychology.
  9. Each to their own.... but I see value in it. And it's ridiculously scary how accurate it can be some times with different levels being hit.
  10. Hate MPC's arrogance, but his calls are spot on. Reminds me of prince Naseem in his prime
  11. Well spotted. going off events earlier today it could work out to be another bear flag... it's crazy how explosive the jump is though
  12. Holy sh*t.... that bounced
  13. I'm still running down the dream.
  14. Don't quote me, but I think the difficulty rating of the mining decreases if there is a drop in miners. In theory that would require less processing power to mine each coin.
  15. I'd be surprised if it broke 0.50 cents... but anything is possible I guess.