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  1. I can't see a price reversal into the teens happening, that would be over 100% retrace from the highs. The most I can see is a revisit of .27 cents which would form a potentially huge double bottom and establish a good base to grow from. In saying that, I'll still remain optomistic about EOY prediction between $5 - $10... I just always think back to last year when we had a price explosion out of nowhere.
  2. tartankiwi

    Xrp goal reached

    Bitstamp would also be my top option. I have never had any problems with money transfers to and from this exchange. The fee's they charge though can be a bit painful.
  3. I think the omnishambles of BCH caused the initial drop. But this only adds fuel to the fire. To be honest though, tether and bitfinex need to die In order for this market to start gaining some credibility.
  4. Why is he in the news? Because he has influence in the crypto space, and is associated heavily with the development of bitcoin and BCH. Would there be such a bloodbath if the BCH fork hadn't happened? He's turning the crypto space into a laughing stock.
  5. Craig white is single handedly destroying the credibility of PoW - and it's hilarious to watch as his ego consumes him. No invester in their right mind would want to get involved in a system that can be forked ad infintium, nor place their investment in the hands of pedantic, narcissistic man child prone to tantrums
  6. tartankiwi

    Bitbank ranked top for XRP volume???

    Woops... good spot. how sweet would 80 billion be though.
  7. tartankiwi

    Bitbank ranked top for XRP volume???

    lets see what happens today... Japan just waking up and XRP just starting to pump again.
  8. tartankiwi

    Bitbank ranked top for XRP volume???

    Interesting, I wasn't sure if they had some sort of affiliation with SBIVC, but from what I can gather they are opposition. Hmm, Maybe the Japanese know something about XRP that we don't Or maybe it's just a massive pump and dump.
  9. tartankiwi

    Bitbank ranked top for XRP volume???

    Still doesn't explain why there is so much volume in respect of XRP. Look at the volume for the last 24 hours compared to Bcash, the second most traded asset on that exchange. That is a truly massive gulf. I'd be curious if anyone from Japan has experience with them.
  10. Ah.... the Iceland comment would have been lost on you then. lol
  11. She was hot as before she became a coke head, and started promoting frozen chicken for Iceland.
  12. Bitbank is not something that's ever really been on my radar... but i'm curious as to why they have so much more volume compared to your more traditional exchanges? Like, over $80 billion more than Binance in a 24 hour period. Has Bitbank just become massively popular in Japan, or are they in someway shape or form tied to institutions?
  13. Opinions are welcome. Just don't expect people to agree with you.
  14. Nicholas Weaver is a silly billy. But he can apply for a job cleaning my XRP shaped swimming pool when he finally realises he missed the opportunity of a life time.