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  1. tartankiwi

    Singapore Summit Has Implications For Ripple XRP

    The outcome of today's meeting will have absolutely no bearing on the value of XRP, unless Trump & Kim turn round and display matching XRP tattoos on their asses.
  2. tartankiwi

    NZ tax rules

  3. tartankiwi

    NZ tax rules

    Awesome, I've been wanting to do this for aaaaages... but, you know... life and sh*t
  4. tartankiwi

    XRP TA

    So if BTC confirms a closure below the neckline of the H&S in just over an hour, then it will likely hit 7,4 / 7,5K... XRP is forming a somewhat similar pattern.... we looking at $0.60?
  5. tartankiwi

    XRP TA

    Looks like we're loading a bear flag on the 15 & 30min.
  6. tartankiwi

    XRP TA

    Whole market has a bull trappy feel about it just now.... you reckon this is going lower @CaligulazBaby
  7. The powers that be have decided to release their artificial containment of the market. Do you not think it strange that George Soros, the Rockefellers etc all piled into crypto last week, and this week things are taking off ?
  8. tartankiwi

    XRP TA

    It is dangerous... but then who dares wins. I'm going to play a tight trailing stop when at the top of the bear flag (0.484) , and play for a 3 - 4% short on the way down for a cheeky scalp. The trend across the board at the moment is bearish and BTC looks like it needs to have one final dip <6K. I fully expect to see 0.43 to 0.45 within the next 6 hours followed by an uber bounce.
  9. tartankiwi

    XRP TA

    I like this guy also.... but find it really hard to hear him sometimes, and also get really annoyed with the way his mouse moves across the screen.
  10. Yeah man, that vids honestly so on point it's hilarious
  11. Possibly... but the unfortunate thing is that we're also dropping back below the long term downward trend on BTC which we appear to be pegged too. Now some people might not believe in TA which is cool, but they need to bear in mind that there's a lot of people who do... and those people will see the same trends and act accordingly, and what TA typical shows is the herd psychology of those people that do believe in it. So in a weird way it kind of snowballs... I just think if you can take advantage of that then you save yourself some money.
  12. Step 1 : Buy....short.... rebuy....accumulate. Step 2 : Repeat step 1 x 1000 Step 3 : Retire.
  13. True... ghost of Mt Gox... hacking... market manipulation.... But if I don't laugh at it i'll then it will only depress me.