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  1. ah, you're right. I'm getting confused with current NZ time - silly me
  2. so if I understand this correctly, they'll be able to start buying XRP in 6 hours time ?
  3. damn.... I knew I should have stuck in with that mandarin course in school! cheers @RippleSider
  4. Maybe I misread, it sounded like you had dumped and were planning to buy back in later. To me, dumping XRP at this point would be madness lol Anyway, hope it worked for you - another one that looks good just now is emc2 token...
  5. Which exchange is that and what time, if you don'mind educating me?
  6. Haha... where are you @Elitefoo XRPchat needs you! I see a similar thing on the 4 hour Zenkert... I honestly think we are primed to smash through that yellow trend line...
  7. All signs look extermely bullish for XRP at the moment.... the charts and consistent good news would also suggest it's primed to break out at any moment... My opinion (which should be taken with a large grain of salt) is that we'll break the ATH set back in May before Xmas, with a new base formed around 0.30.
  8. Kind of ironic that the greed of the bankers will ultimately lead to the prosperity of the common, crypto savvy proletariat.... up yours bankers.
  9. Go for it dude, I hope you make a load of money. But why not hedge your bets? It appears you're doing so already, and I dare say that XRP is a lot more stable than pretty much all other currencies out there, so why not have a safety net in XRP in case something unforeseen happens? You also allude to the fact that the price is remaining relatively flat... Do you remember what happened earlier this year? We went from less than a cent to 0.40+ in a matter of days. There's nothing to stop this happening again. Plus, you obviously look at the charts, so i'm curious to know why would you want to dump XRP when there is a great big enormous bull flag that has developed??? It's literally gearing up to smash the ATH.
  10. Modern Investor Youtube loves XRP

    I'm slightly ashamed to say it... but I do like a good chart
  11. I partially agree with you. Yes it is good to diversify and invest in other blockchain solutions for real world issues, and you can make a lot of money from those coins if you look at the fundamentals of TA. But I think it's naive and slightly hypocritical of you to believe that XRP won't suddenly moon - because given the uptick in positive news from ripple in the last few weeks, it appears the flood gates are just about to be opened, and the TA on it (which you highly advocate) is extremely bullish... But that's just my 2 zerps....
  12. Virtually no censorship here

    At the end of the day, a person should resist the urge to be an absolute prisoner of their own beliefs, because questions and debate fuel progress and lead to a greater understanding of facts. That's why I have no problem with anything XRP / Ripple related being posted on here - positive or negative. But people should also understand that if they shoot from the hip with unfounded, or subjective views and accusations, that they will be called out and challenged.
  13. Zerp Gear now open for business!

    Soooo good
  14. I'm sure many of you actively follow youtube bloggers and most likely know of this guy... but for those that don't, he's actively pro ripple/xrp, and produces easy to digest content. He also has over 30k subscribers so his content is gaining traction. Check him out.