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  1. This doesn't sound "Cold" as I am still trusting Gatehub doesn't lose my funds somehow?
  2. statdude

    XRP Distribution

    I came up with about the same numbers based on them saying on their site they would have about 50% left by 2021. Also, if XRP holds current value, doesn't that them imply Ripple should probably be like a billion dollar company right now (valuation)? I guess you can't treat XRP as cash value, but they definitely would be worth that if you could. Nice piggy bank most traditional companies don't have Double dip selling equity and XRP!
  3. statdude

    How did the VCs value Ripple Labs?

    Good answer. So anyone have projections as to which might become more valuable? Would you rather have $5,000 of Ripple stock or $10,000 worth of XRP?
  4. Thank you. How to cold wallet XRP?
  5. statdude

    How did the VCs value Ripple Labs?

    A follow-up question to this: Should Ripple (Corporate) or Ripple (XRP) have a higher total market cap value? And why? Which has the higher risk, and which the higher upper bound?
  6. Did Morty's above question get answered? Right now, any time I want to spend BTC, I have to withdraw to my Bitstamp BTC / RIpple wallet, and withdraw from there. It is a difficult multi-step process, and confusing considering I have withdraw from my "Gatehub" Bitstamp BTC wallet to my "Bitstamp" Bitstamp BTC wallet. Am I missing something? Can I add my Bitstamp wallet directly and send BTC from Gatehub?
  7. Can Gatehub get hacked / exit scam us? Serious question. Where do i safely store my XRP?
  8. statdude

    Market Maker's

    Understood but with all the scam/hack in crypto seems like way too much risk for a <10% return. I'd invest if it was decentralized somehow.
  9. statdude

    Automated market making bot

    Very funny - yet still looking for someone with a Market Making bot that would like serious expert collaboration. I'd like to eventually participate in Ripple's MM program.
  10. statdude

    Market Maker's

    First, why would you trust FMM? Seems like they could just take the money and run (inside job?). Second, I'm looking very hard for someone with a market making bot willing to share/rent/collaborate on. I am quite an expert in this area but not a coder - willing to use the bot with real money and help get it profitable.
  11. FH13, interested in collaborating on this. Please see PM.
  12. Question, How does one become a market maker? I do this manually and using some well known bots on altcoin exchanges but would also like to do this for XRP - is there any software available?
  13. Can you provide any highlights that clarify specifically?