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  1. I couldn't resist contacting FCA and this is what they replied to me today: Thank you for contacting the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). I understand that you've contacted us in relation to finding out if Ripple XRP is a security. I can confirm that Ripple XRP isn't a security. Cryptocurrencies are very high risk investments and not all fall within our regulation. Transactions that speculate using cryptocurrencies such as contracts for differences (CFD’s) may be a regulated activity, providing the firm offering the activity is authorised by us. We've published several articles including European warning on virtual currencies and consumer warning about the risks investing in cryptocurrency CFDs - which you find helpful to read. Please also be aware that the buying and selling of cryptocurrencies isn’t regulated by us. I hope this information has been of use to you. Yours sincerely, Scott Marshall (Mr) Associate / Consumer Helpline / Tel: 0800 111 6768 Edit: FCA's press release published earlier this year shows the FCA and the SEC have signed updated supervisory cooperation arrangements: https://www.fca.org.uk/news/press-releases/uk-financial-conduct-authority-and-us-securities-and-exchange-commission-sign-updated-supervisory Yes, I've also contacted SEC and asked them about their take on FCA's answer to me. Hopefully they'll respond.
  2. Though I agree with you that XRP is not trying to replace fiat, I can think of situations which may ultimately have that effect: trade wars, inflation, continued loss of purchasing power, prohibition of precious metals, more QEs, negative interest rates and bail ins. Not all very likely to happen, but at this stage I wouldn't bet a single XRP against it.
  3. Your title refers to XRP, your article to Libra. I believe XRP and Libra are apples and oranges. What do you personally think @codiusrex ?
  4. I'm no expert but I would expect OTC price to be below market price. Why would an institution buy OTC when they can get a lower price on an exchange? Or am I missing something here? Another thing I was thinking is, a low XRP price would in absolute numbers put more XRP into circulation than a higher price. Could that be of any benefit to Ripple in the future? I also believe Ripple is working to avoid a sinking price. I don't know to what extent it's allowed to interfere in the market. I do agree with @cryptoxrp that XRP is theirs to sell at whatever price they think is just.
  5. I understand your worries but true confidence really doesn't depend on what you hear or see.
  6. The EU elite may not be ready, true, but that will change rapidly if more banks are starting to face what Deutsche Bank currently faces. DB can't afford to make any mistakes anymore and is taking drastic measures. https://www.db.com/newsroom_news/2019/deutsche-bank-s-transformation-a-message-from-ceo-christian-sewing-to-the-staff-en-11540.htm
  7. To me this goes to show that the XRP ledger wasn't primarily built with the interest of banks in mind, but the interest of everybody. I hope Wietse will get the license.
  8. Can JPM coins really be called settlement tokens? Aren't they - like any other stablecoin - transferring liability, instead of value? "The JPM Coin isn’t money per se. It is a digital coin representing United States Dollars held in designated accounts at JPMorgan Chase N.A." https://tinyurl.com/y56eqbha
  9. I think I'd get along very well with her.
  10. That's how I read it as well. "The DLT Pay platform is based on the BVC DLT. BVC DLT, independently developed by the BVC, technically refines and integrates the features and benefits of Ripple, Stellar and Ethereum."
  11. Cached version of the DLTAlpha whitepaper (last updated March 28, 2019): https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/6d05bbfb-384a-4261-ba23-dc79f067a1d8/downloads/DLTAlpha_v1_29032019.docx?ver=1561103299607
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