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  1. That's true. The other day I just found someone posting about SWIFT in the /r/swift subreddit. However, they didn't realize swift is actually an apple iOS programming language as well. The difference with Ripple becoming mainstream is that money can actually be made by your average investor with XRP. This fact alone should help spread the company name through word of mouth and media coverage about cryptocurrencies. Media coverage is so different nowadays compared to when SWIFT was started because of the internet.
  2. Similar scenario here! I was travelling over the new year December/January with my GF and close friends (some invest in XRP). That was such a crazy month. We would constantly talk about XRP and how it was sky rocketting. Made the mistake of showing my GF my portfolio and now she hates when I bring up XRP ?. I didn't have my ledger nano S on me at the time, but I wasn't going to sell anyway. Now I've accumulated a bit more, keeping up with news, and enjoying the ride. ?
  3. Maybe one day Google wallet, apple cash, and other P2P services will announce low fee money transfers internationally through XRP.
  4. When retail use cases are announced by Ripple, I'll be sure to send a pizza to Ripple using XRP.
  5. I applied (2 months ago) for a software engineer position with ~2 years of industry experience and got no reply. Back in 2014 when they were still called Ripple Labs, my friend had an internship interview with them. At the very least they might be doing internships, but I don't see anything like that on their career page. Best of luck!
  6. This was posted on reddit. Thoughts guys? I remember reading Amex was working with Hyperledger?
  7. Starts around 27:33 Ripple is mentioned at 48:50
  8. You can see who their valid retailers are here: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/retailers Don't buy elsewhere, you can get a counterfeit
  9. I agree. Don't think XRP will really spike on it's own UNTIL it is announced that it is being used. Currently, we hear all this good news about Ripple and sometimes XRP, but that doesn't really affect the current price. Here's my take on Ripple's current progress towards XRP adoption: If you look at how Ripple is trying to expand to other countries like China and India, I think Ripple is really trying to lay down the groundwork and establish some relationships inside other countries. Once there are enough establishments, they could very well go "LIVE" with all the customers they've worked with. In order to get XRP more widely used, there needs to be someone else who is willing to pay for it. I think this is all part of the process of them establishing relationships in different parts of the world. Soon when everything is set, maybe these banks will allow transfers from one another internationally. Just my thoughts. I could very well be wrong.
  10. There was a previous tweet of Ripple speaking at Airbnb. Companies like Airbnb and Uber have to pay out both domestically and internationally. As @JoelKatz mentioned before, it makes sense for these companies to just hodl XRP instead of the fiat currency for each country they have business in. Ripple is looking for early adopters of XRP and this interest aligns with companies that often do business internationally.
  11. My friend in college had an interview with CTO of ripple for an intern position, but at the time he didn't even know what bitcoin was...LOL. (He didn't get the offer) He's regretting it now that he's into cryptocurrencies. That was 3 years ago..definitely wish I got into crypto that early!
  12. @Bagheera Did you mention you'd be in Toronto on the 17th? If so, I'm wondering if it's some kind of social event they are having after. I had a standard rejection email with no mention of an October 17th email.
  13. Same here. Didn't get any mention of an October 17 email. I got rejected a couple days ago though.
  14. It's really interesting that they decided to have an "invite only" conference at the same time and location as SWIFT's Sibos conference. I wonder how it's going to turn out. They are probably trying to grab the attention of the SWIFT Sibo's attendees while they are all located in one area.
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