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  1. Adoption growing in front of our eyes I especially like the '(!!!)' in the tweet, emphasizing the importance of this development
  2. Ok, look at the chart of Algo: would you call this a bull flag?
  3. Tbh I feel more comfortable with this calm & steady climb instead of the sudden vertical movement couple a months ago.
  4. A new corridor in Japan is great news on itself! But also it's a message to SEC: we (the rest of the world) go on with this!!
  5. Just wondering what will happen with XLM price when sugar daddy runs out of candy...
  6. Interesting, but it's not clear to me: is xrp used in transactions of dlocal? Quote: "Ripple is one of those unique cryptocurrencies in that it actually has the potential to create value via its built-for-business design. I’ve been bullish on Ripple in the past for this reason alone." For me this is also one of the most important reasons. Quote: " On the date of publication, Chris MacDonald did not have (either directly or indirectly) any positions in the securities mentioned in this article. The opinions expressed in this article are those of the writer, subject to the InvestorPlace.com Publishing Guidelines." LOL!!
  7. A question I have: when you search for the accounts of different exchanges in xrpscan, you see the flare distribution. Most of the accounts show both a Flare address and an amount of Spark to claim. The accounts of Bitstamp only show an amount of Spark to claim, but no flare address "NOT REGISTERED". See images below. What does that mean?
  8. Only 1,056,926,936.13272 XRP to go!! Edit: +338,160,093.835929 XRP left at tacostand...
  9. When it comes to tax minimisation related to charity cover-ups, this guy nails it
  10. Sounds impressive Quote: Intermex is one of the largest U.S. to Mexico remitter service providers in the world—processing more than 30 million payment transactions a year through a network of 100,000 payer locations. Through this partnership, Intermex will be able to settle key currencies and match the timing of funding with its settlement requirements reducing costs and providing transparency to their customers. Other financial institutions are also working in partnership with Ripple to provide global payment solutions across this important remittance corridor—and seeing tangible results. MoneyGram International is one example. They are using RippleNet’s On-Demand Liquidity service, which relies on the digital asset XRP as real-time bridge between the sending and receiving currencies to enable even faster and cheaper cross-border transactions. In just six months of implementing the ODL service, MoneyGram Chairman and CEO Alex Holmes announced that the company is moving ten percent of its transaction volume between the U.S. and Mexican borders with plan to expand use of the service into four more corridors this year. In addition to enabling faster, cheaper payments, ODL eliminates the need for financial institutions to pre-fund accounts in destination currencies—freeing up capital and guaranteeing the most competitive FX rates available. Since the commercialization of ODL, we have seen significant growth and customer interest with two dozen customers signed on to use the product. Some of the notable customers committed to using ODL include MoneyGram, goLance, Viamericas and FlashFX.
  11. Actually I meant increase in demand for ecosystem growth. If more players want to be part of the game, they can get their XRP OTC from Ripple, right? Thereby not influencing market price. OTC sales are already in 100s of millions? (I don't have the numbers here). And we're only just at the beginning of ecosystem development. My guess will be not waiting for a decade but trust in the network effect (or gravity like galgitron mentioned).
  12. Totally agreed. I believe the statement that ODL does not impact the price is only valid in the end game when the whole ecosystem is fully loaded and balanced. Until then, however, increased utility must lead to increased demand. But for now, we have to wait for the moment that the increase in demand > 1bnXRP/month, because then the ecosystem has to go to the market.
  13. Why would MC be maintained? MC does not represent the value that has been put in, that somehow moves over to the remaining coins? Therefore with 50% burnt I would find it more logical that MC would go to 50%.
  14. While Ripple may be "dumping" millions in order to encourage ecosystem development (universities, startups, FIs, broader public awareness, legislation - SUCH A WASTE /s), BTC network is dumping millions into energy partly by coalfired powerplants (now THAT'S a waste).
  15. Agreed. I see two scenarios in which a Ripple effect may happen: 1. MGI's Competitors hopping in asap, MGI has little advantage because they are already on board. But Competitors following behind quickly, so maybe this is not MGI is dreaming of. However massive use of xRapid drives price of XRP. (Ripple winner) 2. MGI's Competitors are waiting to see proof it works, meantime MGI taking more market share / more profit / getting bigger (MGI winner). Slower initial increase of xRapid usage, (&price XRP) but even more MGI is proof of success with xRapid. (Ripple winner)
  16. check out: https://www.worldcoinindex.com/coin/ripple - prices/volumes/chart - markets - twitter feed - r/Ripple feed also for other coins
  17. @retep, no financial advice, but to put in perspective: You can significantly lower your avg price per XRP and thereby reduce your 'paper' loss. Of course, if you're not comfortable doubling your investment, don't do it! But even if you invest a fraction of it, you will reduce your avg price and feel mentally better perhaps. Again, no financial advice! DYOR
  18. "We also saw a 350 percent increase last year in customers sending live payments, and we’re beginning to see more customers flip the switch and leverage XRP for on-demand liquidity,” said Brad Garlinghouse, CEO of Ripple
  19. "AFP, an association that represents over 16,000 treasury and financial professionals globally. The organization established and administers the Certified Treasury Professional® and Certified Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis Professional® credentials, setting standards of excellence in finance. The AFP Annual Conference is the largest networking event for corporate finance professionals." https://www.afponline.org/about/who-we-are/afp-subject-matter-experts
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