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  1. I think he's your dad because I read it on the interwebs, therefore it's a fact! No lies on the web.
  2. What FUD? From a fraudster? Seems like a certain slender Ukrainian shut him down just as quick as he started.
  3. Did anybody see this article? https://ethereumworldnews.com/allvor-outstanding-ripple-dependent-cryptocurrency-for-e-commerce-surfaces/ If so does anybody know anything about this? Allvor's whitepaper says they will distribute ALV to Ripple accounts that were created on March 27th, 2018 and earlier. If you want to investigate this go to allvor.org.
  4. @Ripplista79 - Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Not sure if you ever checked out Neurobot before it became a pay service or not but 99.5% of the time it seemed to be 100% wrong. Can't do much worse than that.
  5. @Freddie83 Wish I had two more hands to give that answer 4 thumbs up. Screw (shize)Coinbase!
  6. There's a reason why his "brother Ken" won't listen to him in person, and therefore he must try to reach "Ken" through YouTube. If anybody knows "Ken" or his whereabouts could you please tell him that his brother escaped from the hospital? Thank you.
  7. Not trying to be an arse here, but your question (looks a bit like a fud statement considering they never created a trillion tokens to begin with) would be taken in a less hostile manner if you would have given the preface of trying to get info to answer a question asked of you. If you truly want that info, maybe @Hodor , @nikb, or @JoelKatz could answer that question. I thought that I had seen it addressed elsewhere before, but I can't find it now.
  8. Yeah, EFFE twitter! I get my XRP news here and Hodor's Blog.
  9. If you're so great at calculations why didn't your calculations tell you not to invest when so did so you wouldn't lose your hard earned money?
  10. Did a google search on that wallet address, came up with Bithomp.com and searched that wallet address there and came up with this. Not sure if anybody could decipher anything with it or not.
  11. I read this yesterday. Sorry this guy lost his money. I have had people ask me about buying Nanos from eBay and I tell them they spelled Ledger's website wrong.
  12. I fancy myself to be a libertarian. However, I don't fall under the bank hater's wing. I think anybody that thinks blockchain will destroy the banks completely, and wants that to happen, are more anarchist than libertarian. An objective mind can see no government would ever let that happen. Say, for the sake of argument, that blockchain would destroy banks and the banking system. What would stop a malevolent entity from cornering the market on certain coins and essentially setting up their own banking system? I'm not sure how true this is, but I heard a month or so ago that something like 1000 people own most or a majority of Bitcoin. That almost sounds like an OPEC type of situation to me.
  13. No reply from Brad about coinbase, meh. Ripple and XRP were represented well in this interview.
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