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  1. The xrp payment ledger has been reflecting an enormous increase in volume since this last parabolic rise. The article suggests xrapid is already being used which makes sense since ripple announced they will be announcing new xrapid partnerships. Pre- mined coins are under attack right now because their enormous established utility finally coming to light is a direct threat to the entire mined coin ecosystem.
  2. No coin that has the proven superior qualities of xrp goes down 50% right at the moment when it’s finally getting the recognition both by the media and the public that it deserves. Pure manipulation. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=313175562509237&id=232251703934957&notif_t=feedback_reaction_generic&notif_id=1515579482740646&ref=content_filter
  3. It’s the same old mining coin syndicate who stand to lose everything if mining becomes obsolete.
  4. Is there also a new record for the number of tethers just created?
  5. I don’t think you understood my post. The point wasn’t who is more centralized, it was to exemplify that pre-mined centralization is not an excuse why xrp price is so low. Stellar is pre-mined and centralized but that doesn’t seem to bother anyone or affect it’s price.As far as banks not using xrp being the reason why the price is so low how does that reconcile with the 4000% increase in the xrp price earlier this year? Banks were not using xrp then either. Even worse there were just a fraction of banks that were testing it. aye-ep a few posts back explained that they are taking advantage of good news and btc rallies by selling into them and diluting the coins thus keeping volatility in check. Indeed katz has indirectly said as much but this is manipulation of the price and not that far off from what passes as fud.
  6. Someone over at discord said he used to work for bottomline technologies and that they had all the signs of a company transitioning for a buyout by the time he left. He was speculating that it was ripple that was buying them out. Bottom line technologies already have a relationship with ripple so that’s interesting and a pretty large client base. Obviously take it with a grain of salt. What really stands out to me is however is how low the sats on xrp is. I’ve never seen such a disparity between the value of a company and it’s price. Back in May there was speculation of FI’s joining ripple and it shot up. Now you have over 100 banks joined ripple and it can’t even hold 3000 sats. Seems very off to me. Save the “But the banks aren’t using xrp yet” routine. And “People don’t like it cause it’s centralized”. Stellar is more centralized and its more than a third the price of xrp. More and more looks like massive manipulation and what used to be FUD is now looking like something to consider.
  7. Lol they said the same thing about the enormously uesful medicinal plant cannabis in the 1940’s when they started their “refer madness” defamation campaign. “Crypto madness grips the world. Stop it now before its too late!!” Hopefully for us this will take a different course.
  8. A few months ago someone from flash was on here saying they weren’t yet using xrp but here they are referring to it specifically...interesting
  9. By understanding the concept of “walled gardens” you will understand why those analogies don’t apply. Joel Katz has explained this many times on here and reddit.
  10. You basically affirmed in a profound way what many on here “felt” overall about the overall competence of Ripple as a blockchain company going after the fi space. Your post is greatly appreciated.
  11. Looks like SBI buying 11% of ripple was LOTS more risky than they had originally anticipated. Too bad they didn't see your post first.
  12. We may look back in 10 years and realize that we were at the very early stages of the great uncoupling!
  13. "What Does the Heist Mean? Even if the hackers didn't compromise the SWIFT network itself, such that all of SWIFT banks were vulnerable, it's still bad news for the global banking process. By targeting the methods that member banks use to conduct transactions over the SWIFT network, the hackers undermine a system that until now had been viewed as stalwart." https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/2016/05/insane-81m-bangladesh-bank-heist-heres-know/amp
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